TechDaily: For the better! The first artificially intelligent whiskey

For the benefit! The first artificially intelligent whiskey

Mackmyra whiskey
The first AI whiskey: A cheek for machine learning! (Photo: Mackmyra)

That beats the bottom of the barrel! The well-known Swedish whiskey maker Mackmyra has teamed up with Microsoft and Finnish researchers to distill a whiskey using artificial intelligence for the first time. The distillery hopes that “novel recipes, as they would never have come to people”. The central processes in the production of the whiskey are controlled with the help of the AI ​​- including the selection of ingredients, malting, mashing, fermentation and selection of old barrels for maturation. For this, Mackmyra has distilled all his recipes, procedures and customer preferences into one software. Machine learning should support the distiller and his colleagues. Crucially involved is Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure.

According to Mackmyra, artificial intelligence can create more than 70 million different types of whiskey – and even suggest which recipes sound the most promising. The AI ​​creates recipes and suggestions for the further process, but the production itself is still monitored by human experts. “Our employees keep their jobs and they always have the last decision,” says the Swedish distillery. For the time being, the software only intervenes with one type of whiskey. However, whiskey lovers should not have too much hope for a fine drink. Because Mackmyra invites you to the first tasting this fall. It can not be too far-fetched after only a few months’ maturation – despite the notes of aniseed, ginger, white pepper and citrus that the AI ​​came up with.

Microsoft: Why the emergency patch for Windows XP is so worrying

Windows XP was released in 2001, and five years ago Microsoft officially discontinued operating system support. Since then – actually – no security holes are closed. Already in 2017, however, Microsoft has issued an unplanned XP patch because of the “WannaCry” virus. And now it’s time again. Microsoft has released an update for XP as well as for Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 due to a new serious security vulnerability. The mistake, the US company, is located in the Remote Desktop Services for remote access to computers. The leak ensures that these accesses work without the consent of the user. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) also warns against “possible worm-like attacks” and recommends updating the affected computers.

Even 18 years after its release, many millions of computers worldwide still use XP. Due to the still large spread Microsoft has now decided on the emergency patch. Security experts consider the process disturbing. Because, according to Jean Taggart from Malwarebytes: “Only by mentioning the Remote Desktop Services, attackers now know where to start.” And because Microsoft – understandably – no longer regularly updates the obsolete system, it could lead to further gaps. XP computers would then be more vulnerable than before. Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not affected. Best protection against attacks is thus the update to the two more recent systems.

iOS 13: Please copy it, Apple!

“The Final Concept” – so self-confident, designer and Apple expert Nicholas Ghigo has called his ideas for iOS 13, which he now presents in a spectacular video. The Italian shows in it many new features that many Apple fans want – a completely redesigned Control Center, clearer messages, quick access to key emojis in the keyboard or freely definable buttons in the lock screen. The two and a half minutes are fascinating. And it would be to wish the users that Apple finally ventures such a break in the iOS modern age. Whether it will make at least some of Nicholas Ghigo’s ideas into reality, we learn on June 3 at the WWDC in San José.

Galaxy Fold: These changes Samsung plans

For the first time since the Galaxy Fold disaster in late April, there is information on how Samsung wants to save his folding phone. According to information from the South Korean news agency Yonhap News, the manufacturer plans to put the problematic protective film, which US testers had inadvertently shaken off the screen, under the display. That would protect them from damage. Several openings on the housing, through which foreign objects could get under the screen, should be closed – as well as that is only possible with a movable display. The updated version of the Fold will then be tested first in the Korean mobile network. The official comeback and the launch could according to Yonhap News then in June (2019) pending. But this date, according to Engadget, is far from being set in stone.

The dream of the Gamecube Classic

There are three recent news from Nintendo: In Japan, the Switch console for the first time the PlayStation 4 overhauled – which is there but not as popular as in the rest of the world. Two years after its launch, the switch has surpassed the home market with 8.125 million copies sold the PS4, which needed five years for 8.077 million pieces, according to the game magazine Kotaku.

Also new to Nintendo is the Pokémon app Rumble Rush, which had already been announced in 2017 under the name Pokéland, and now appeared for the first time in the Australian Google Play Store. This should also be in Germany, the start of the game for iOS and Android imminent. Unfortunately not new from Nintendo is the functional Gamecube Classic, which was built by designer Madmorda and now shows in a video. Nintendo fans would almost kill for a downsized version of the 2001 console. Remains the hope that the Japanese still pull out of the hat over the overdue Gamecube Classic at some point.

The end of LEAD: Would Donald Trump be better as President?

The new Snapchat filter, which turns women’s photos into men’s photos – and vice versa – keeps social media in suspense. Many users admit that they have recently reinstalled Snapchat to join the photo joke. One of the favorite victims is Donald Trump. Twitter: “Haha, he looks like Hillary.” Whether the US President as a US President would make a better figure?

Who is this #snapchatfilter @Snapchat #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Gorgeous

– Xandra’s thoughts (@XHollanders) May 14, 2019

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