The best new Kickstarter projects – Edition Fall 2019


An espresso is quickly drunk, an espresso display is quick to assemble and ready for use: the productive and portable display-to-go, an additional portable screen, comes from Sydney and will later be sold for $ 300. Anyone donating to Kickstarter for the production is worth about 180 euros. It will be available as of February 2020 and will be compatible with all popular laptops and desktops – from Windows to Apple’s MacBook. Espresso sees itself as a lifestyle product for “digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs and everyone else who works on the go.” The makers have apparently hit a nerve: Although only about 9100 euros were needed for the production, the goal has already been extremely exceeded. Espresso is currently scratching at the 90,000 euro mark. There is still time to co-finance until November 23rd.

Wren M1K

Only 23 grams weighs the wren M1K, the world’s first mouse made of carbon fiber, which finances the German startup wren on Kickstarter until 25 October. Although the M1K costs 169 euros (later in regular sales even 249 euros), the donors have plunged on the fine accessories: 10,000 euros were needed, about 32,000 euros have already become. The hand-crafted M1K should particularly appeal to those gamers who want to quickly maneuver through games with nimble fingers. On a mouse wheel or special function keys buyers have to do without. The developers promise, however, that the keys provide virtually no delay only for minimal latencies. Special sliding feet and special flexible cables complete the wren. Who strikes, exclusivity guaranteed: The M1K is produced only 333 times.

Qi Lamp

The world’s first lamp that can be charged wirelessly on any standard Qi charging mat, but also with a power bank, is currently one of Kickstarter’s bestsellers. The makers of Qi Lamp have already exceeded their funding target by three times. Thanks to different color options, the field of application of the 360-degree radiating lamp extends from the office to the bedroom or next summer to the terrace. The device is controlled via Touch Control, has a fast USB-C port, a side-mounted touch button for dimming and offers 275 lumens of brightness. The battery lasts up to 40 hours, in continuous use at maximum brightness level 3.5 hours. If you do not have your own Qi charging pad, you can also buy the lamp and pad as a bundle (about 62 Euro). A single Qi lamp without pad costs around 42 euros. Already in January 2020, the delivery is planned for Kickstarterbesteller.


Everything will be smart, now even cutting boards for kitchen use. Chopbox looks like a normal board and is made of organic bamboo. Only when you take a closer look are you able to see the finer points: an LED display that can be used to set timers, a digital scale for weighing the food, a knife sharpener for immediate sharpening and disinfection of the cutting tools – and above all a pull-out board under the board, if the top is already dirty. To make sure that everything works, the smart cutting board is quickly charged via an integrated fast-charging battery. From December, the Chopbox will be delivered by “The Yes Company” for around 90 euros. It can already be ordered here. The crowd was so large that 13,015 supporters donated almost the equivalent of 1.7 million euros.


Vinyl recording itself: With the Phonocut recorder, it works quite simply and effectively (photo: manufacturer)

This is what most record owners have long dreamed: Phonocut is a vinyl recorder, with its own virtual playlists or mixed tapes on vinyl ban. Or small bands press their sounds on vinyl. Even concert recordings can be made in a small edition. The maximum recording time is 15 minutes per disc. The recording is not a problem for laymen: A vinyl blank (five are included) is placed on the plate divider. Then Phonocut is connected to the audio source of your choice via an adapter, then the start button is pressed. To stop the recording, the start button is pressed again – done! Although funding expires in mid-November, the required amount of 199,999 euros has already been far exceeded. At the beginning of the 4th week of October, the donations totaled around 330,000 euros. It is not a bargain Phonocut: The Limited Edition costs on Kickstarter 1499 euros. In the trade Phonocut will cost later 1999 euro.

Bonus tip: Reigns The Council

From analog to digital? It’s the other way around: The creators of the successful iOS and Android game app Reigns have on Kickstarter for an analog version of their digital successful game Reigns – The Council, a board game for three to six players collected. The role-playing game with strategic elements for all friends of digital games (4 million downloads!) Will be delivered in May 2020. Of the 2,923 supporters, nearly 124,000 euros were donated to the development of the board game. The box features 24 secret destination cards, 236 action cards and point coins. Reigns – The Council can be played in German language, the bonus content only in English.

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