Palm is back – as a second smartphone

Most of today’s tech users have never heard of the names Jeff Hawkins, Ed Colligan and Donna Dubinsky. The trio of these days could be mentioned in the same breath as the legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. If everything had gone well …

In 1992, the three developers founded their software company Palm. The trio programmed digital calendars and address books for a clunky device called Zoomer, which Casio sold. The business model was actually promising, but the pocket computer, designed especially for business use, flopped: it was too big and sluggish.

The founders believed in their idea and continue experimenting, wanting to get a smaller version up and running but lacking the financial background. The rest of the story has tragic features: the trio was taken over in 1995 by the US modem maker U.S.Robotics, which in turn merged in 1997 with network equipment provider 3Com. In this constellation, the new Palm operators were less and less interested in the prototypes of Hawkins, Colligan and Dubinsky.


They finally got out and founded “Handspring”, a new company for the development of handhelds. A big mistake, as the new owners are using the power of the Palm brand to bring the Palm Palm, the first real PDA, a personal digital assistant, to market. Probably the most prominent forerunner of the iPhone in addition to the BlackBerry, whose model “Curve” 2009 was sold even more often in the US than the 2007 launched iPhone.

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The iPhone became the new Palm

The Palm, comparable to Apple’s Flop Newton, dominated the PDA market without its founders until well into the year 2000. A cash cow that was even floated in 2000. The subsequent stock market crash led to the decline of Palm, which had long since become a cult brand as today the iPhone, a.

From 2002, the downward trend should be stopped with a newly developed own operating system, Palm OS. But even the integration of a phone into the Palm PDAs did not stop the crash. The iPhone became the new Palm in 2007.

Even the takeover by HP (2010 for around 900 million euros) could not breathe new life, because the Palm was not considered as a separate product. HP did not even sell a smartphone – for private users and business customers it was better (unsuccessfully) to offer the iPaq Internet mobile phone with Windows Mobile, an operating system that could never prevail.

The Palm 2018 wants to be a second smartphone

But those who are said to be dead live longer in this case too. Eight years later Palm reappears surprisingly – the TCL group of companies, since 2015 in the possession of the Palm trademark rights, had recently sold this trademark right to a new startup based in San Francisco, behind which two former Samsung employees, Howard Nuk and Dennis Miloseki.

“Palm – Palm Mobile”, so the name, now takes a new start. With an interesting concept that has yet to prove to be sustainable: In the coming month, first appearing in the US, the first Palm smartphone after a long time. It does not have an exact model name, but already specs, prices and a vision.

The Palm 2018 wants to be a second smartphone for smartphone owners. One that is designed to make you leave your home smartphone at home more often, just to have a mini device on the way. Keyword Digital Detox.

This Palm 2018 is a weird mix of smartwatch and, well, iPhone SE. The Palm 2018 has a just 3.3-inch touchscreen display. You can smile about that. But remember: The very first iPhone had only a 3.5 “touch screen, and the Palm Pre wanted to score with only 3.1 inches in the market.

Palm 2018 Photo 2 Photo Palm Mobile Linkedin
The new Palm 2018 (Photo: Palm Mobile)

As operating system comes on the Palm 2018 Android 8.1 Oreo used (the latest version would be 9 Pie). The Biggest Asset: Palm 2018 data can be exchanged not only with an Android smartphone, but also with a new generation iPhone. This way, apps can be operated on the mini device while on the go. Full access to all files is also possible.

The digital detox also fires the so-called “Life Mode”, which prevents the unit from delivering push messages that keep you constantly on the go. From the latest iPhones the face recognition is taken over.

Cameras with 8 MP (front) and 12 MP (back) are on board, 3 GB of RAM are neat, the flash memory offers at least 32 GB, not comparable to the meanwhile 512 GB of a new iPhone, but the Palm 2018 is also at the end probably a Lite smartphone that appeals to more users, the Pushnachrichten stress on iPhone and Android smartphones on the proverbial palm and thus brings from the working mode.

With prices around $ 350 to start in the US (Germany date and price still open), the Palm 2018 moves approximately in the range of an iPhone SE, which is now also already get for less than 300 euros.

You should also pay attention to these new smartphones

This fall, there is still a lot of competition: In addition to the new iPhone models XS and XS Max (LEAD reported) Apple will launch the October 26th iPhone XR on the market. Although the “secret star of the Apple Keynote” does not offer a high-resolution OLED display, it relies on the conventional LCD display, but in the devices from 849 Euro is the latest technology. It is available in the six color options, including the much-requested Product (RED). Pre-orders are possible from 19 October.

Google just got the premium devices Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL presented (LEAD reported).

Currently the new one Huawei Mate 20Per, which was officially presented only on October 16, heavily hyped. First testers compare it to the new iPhones. With 6.39 inches OLED screen with the latest Android 9 Pie, it is lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S9. In the camera area, there is a triple system with 40-MP wide-angle, 8-MP telephoto and 20-MP ultra-wide-angle lens.

Huawei Mate20 Pro
The new Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Photo: Huawei)

Clever bonus of the high-end device: It can also charge other smartphones, even the iPhone, by using the Mate20 Pro itself as a charging station, on which other devices can be placed to be powered wirelessly. Sales start will be the end of October, the entry-level model should be 999 euros.

Even without Germany launch date is the new LG top model LG V40 ThinQ, The US price starts depending on the equipment at the equivalent of 785 euros. The premium phone integrates five cameras, so it is primarily aimed at frequent photographers.

Lg V40 Thin Q
The new LG top model LG V40 ThinQ (Photo: LG)

In addition to the 5- and 8-megapixel front camera, there is a triple camera on the back: 12 megapixels (78-degree angle), 16 megapixels with 107-degree angle and a 12 megapixel telephoto camera. At 6.4 inches, the size of the OLED display approaches that of the iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches).

The OnePlus 6T will officially be presented on October 30th and is the successor of the mid-2018 published OnePlus 6. The smartphone from China integrates the fingerprint sensor in the display, the predecessor, he was still on the back. The price should also be a big selling point. Speculated about 550 dollars (just under 480 euros).

Cheaper it is with these new models from the middle class range: The Nokia 7.1 with 5.8-inch screen and dual camera for high-contrast HDR recordings will be sold already from this month – from small 319 euros. And the new Honor 6X gets a 6.5-inch screen. From 249 Euro it will start here.

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