Tech Daily: Fortnite – Three Million Dollars for the World Champion 2019

Fortnite: Three Million Dollars for the World Champion 2019

Fortnite gambling becomes a lucrative sport: producer Epic Games is spending $ 100 million (€ 88.3 million) in worldwide tournaments this year. Alone $ 30 million will go to the participants in the first Fortnite World Championship, which takes place from 26 to 28 July in New York. Each of the 200 qualified people receives at least $ 50,000. And history’s first Fortnite World Champion returns home with a $ 3 million win prize. Participants include the world’s 50 best single players and the 50 best two-person teams, the qualification takes place in mid-April. Epic Games can easily afford the huge prize money. Fortnite earns around $ 300 million a month in in-app purchases. And despite the new competitor Apex Legends, the hype continues unabated. On February 16, Fortnite set a worldwide record of 7.6 million players worldwide.

Facebook learns when its users have their days

Facebook rule
Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker – the app that transfers menstrual data to Facebook has 25 million users (photo: WSJ)

Facebook’s latest data scandal makes one more breathless – and shows how much the network is out of control. According to a Wall Street Journal report, many apps that their users often entrust with intimate information share this data with Facebook. The users of the apps are informed about this insufficiently or not at all. Out of more than 70 apps the Wall Street Journal has tested, at least eleven potentially sensitive data are being shared with Facebook. Among them is the “Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker,” which posts to Facebook when users have their days or are trying to get pregnant. The health app “Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor” reports pulse and heart data to Facebook. And the real estate app “Realtor” reveals to the Zuckerberg network which real estate their users are interested in.

In this way, Facebook can play the appropriate advertisement – for example, for tampons and pads. A Facebook spokesperson told CNBC, “Mobile advertising works by sharing information across apps, which is a common practice.” However, it would be problematic if the users of apps are not informed about this. In addition, Facebook does not allow “sensitive data” to be shared. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a first response, called for Facebook to investigate the “massive invasion of privacy”: “New Yorkers need to know that their personal information is secure.”

Galaxy Buds: Cheaper than AirPods – and for wireless charging

Granted, they look a bit like hearing aids. But they sound – hopefully – better. Samsung has now unveiled its Galaxy Buds wireless Bluetooth earphones to compete with Apple’s AirPods. From the chic white box to simply connecting the earphones by opening the lid of the box, Samsung has once again come up with some of Apple’s best ideas. Outstanding feature of the Galaxy Buds is the completely wireless charging. While the box in which the AirPods are plugged in still needs to be charged via the Lightning cable, the Samsung box charges wirelessly. For example, it can be placed on the back of the new Galaxy S10, and then draws power from there. Another argument for Samsung: The Galaxy Buds are, according to The Verge in Europe from 29 March for 149 euros to have – 30 euros cheaper than the AirPods. Buyers of Samsung’s Faltphone Galaxy Fold and pre-orderers of S10 and S10 + get the buds for free.

Swiss Guard: New helmets from the 3D printer

Swiss guard
No more Stahlhelmer: The Swiss Guard gets new helmets from the 3D printer (Photo: Wikipedia)

The Vatican discovers the modern technology: The new helmets of the Swiss Guard come from a 3D printer from HP. So far, the helmet called “Morion” was made of metal. The new headgear of the papal guard should be cheaper and lighter than the traditional helmets that have been used with little change for hundreds of years. The previous models have heated up so much in the sun that the soldiers suffered some burns on the head. This should not happen with the new PVC material. The 3D printing of a single helmet takes 14 hours, according to The Verge, the old models were forged in 130 hours. The 98 first new helmets are already delivered. For printing a original helmet from the 16th century was scanned. Weight comparison: Old two kilos, new 570 grams.

Android runs on the switch – a bit

Nintendo’s switch console, with its powerful hardware and excellent controllers, would be a perfect gaming tablet for Android apps – if only Android were running on it. There have been many attempts in this direction. Now tinkerers announce their first progress: The German developer Max Keller and his colleague Billy Laws have managed to bring a pre-release version of Android Q (Android 10) on the switch to work. Bluetooth, WiFi and the Joy-Con controllers already work. The biggest problem: The graphics card can not yet address, but also work on the two Nintendo hackers, according to Engadget. Anyone willing to sacrifice their warranty could soon be using Android apps, surfing, or checking e-mail on the switch.

(͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) #NintendoSwitch #Android

– Max Keller (@langer_hans) February 23, 2019

The end of the LEAD: party – until mom comes

Cool young people party and raps into the surveillance camera of the house. But when the feisty mother comes home, the fun is over. “I want to fuckin ‘kill ya”, Mom threatens, and the party-crazed ones take flight. Twitter is laughing at this video with over three million views.

My little sister was at a party’s house last night and they caught this on camera

– Joey Brack (@ Joey_Brack) February 24, 2019

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