Apple Arcade: These are the biggest highlights of the new gaming flat rate

Let the games begin! Since September 19, Apple Arcade, the new flatrate for mobile gaming, officially launched.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Sky, GEZ and much more – month after month, the subscription costs already add up to our account. And now there’s a new subscription available with Apple Arcade. The offer sounds, especially for gamers, tempting: Unlimited playing for a monthly fee – but is Apple Arcade really worth it?

LEAD has already extensively tested the games flat rate from Cupertino. Setup, offerings, value for money – the great guide to Apple Arcade gives you a comprehensive overview of the new game streaming service.

What exactly is Apple Arcade?

In Apple Arcade Apple brings together over 100 exclusive new games of known and independent developers. The service is bookable for a monthly subscription fee. The games are online and offline unlimited and available at any time, all ad-free and they include no in-app purchases.

How high are the costs?

For Arcade estimated Apple every four weeks 4.99 euros. In the first month, the gaming flat rate can be tried for free. If you like the service, the subscription will be extended by one more month. If not satisfied, the service can be terminated before the end of the trial month. Further costs will not be incurred. If the subscription is terminated, none of the game can be gambled.


Apple Apple Arcade Launches On App Store Sept 19 091619
Soon, more than 100 games will be mobile in Apple Arcade (Photo: Apple)

On which devices can I play?

Apple Arcade can only be gambled on Apple devices: These are iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. You can switch between the devices. For example, it is possible to start a game on the iPhone on the go and seamlessly continue playing it on the Mac or iPad at home.

As an Android or PC user, you have no option to book Apple Arcade.

Who can play?

The price of 4.99 euros per month applies to up to five family members.

How do I set up Apple Arcade?

On the iPhone and iPad, Apple Arcade is in the App Store App in the lower menu bar as a separate sub-item. Clicking on it leads to the start page of Apple Arcade. For the iPad and Apple TV Apple has preferred the launch date of 30 to 24 September. On the iPhone, Apple Arcade on iOS 13 is now available. On Mac, Arcade released with the release of macOS Catalina. The exact release date for Catalina has not yet been determined, but it will take place in the next few days.

Apple Apple Arcade Ballistic Baseball 091019
Fans of sports games get their money’s worth at Ballistic Baseball (Photo: Apple)

Are all around 100 games already available at the start?

No, but the offer is being expanded almost daily. Currently about two-thirds of the more than 100 promised titles are ready.

Does it stay with the approximately 100 titles?

No! Apple is constantly working with developers to build the games library. So, if you really gamble all the available titles extensively, there is no danger of boredom for the following months.

Can Apple Arcade addict children?

Not if parents make the right settings for Apple Arcade. Apple offers on the one hand a child safety device, with which the zock behavior of the kids can be restricted. On the other hand, Apple Arcade is compatible with the “screen time” feature. Here you can always see how long you have played and when it’s time to put the device aside.

Apple Apple Arcade Family Devices 091019
Apple Arcade games continue seamlessly on other devices (Photo: Apple)

How is the LEAD first impression?

For users of the iOS 13 Beta, Apple had already released the arcade service a little earlier. Therefore, LEAD was able to gamble on Arcade in detail.

Even the start offer is considerable. Apple builds the arcade store as clearly as users are used to it from the original App Store. Individual games are highlighted, the search for categories such as “Adventure”, “For newcomers”, “Multiplayer” or “Here it gets wild” makes it easier to find your own favorites. Arcade offers gaming tips and tricks on selected games under “We’re here to help”.

Conspicuous: This is the bank’s new exclusive games or sequels for games already developed especially for Arcade (for example, “Impossible Road” becomes “Super Impossible Road”), which are thus not available from other providers.

Nevertheless, “new” is not always really new: Apple Arcade serves primarily classical genres such as role-playing, adventure games, action or puzzle. Many a new game is reminiscent of other already gambled games. Motto: “I know that or something similar from other games.” But it is clear: Apple can stomp not entirely new genres from the ground.

Although Arcade has just started with iOS 13, the system and games are already running smoothly. In my tests, there has not been a single crash within a game so far – notable at this point.

Still in need of improvement: Under “All Games” there is the complete overview of all available games, unfortunately, so far there is no alphabetical listing. Sorted here only by month of publication. Let’s start with V like “Various Daylife”, followed by S like “Shinsekai into the depths” followed by M like Mutazione. Something confused. But that will for sure. After all, the inclusion of sometimes elaborate videos makes it easier to find games that are to your own taste.

Apple Apple Arcade Patterned Gameplay 1 091619
In Patterned Puzzle fans get their money’s worth (Photo: Apple)

If I do not want to try everything out: Which games are the most worthwhile in the beginning?

Rayman Mini: Ubisoft has scaled down Rayman to the size of an ant. The game mechanics are as they were known from the original: you use insects, mushrooms and plants to run through the colorful world as fast as possible in the hunt for the highscore.

PAC-MAN PARTY ROYALE: Bandai Namco contributes real arcade feeling including four-player Battlemodus. Here only the last PAC-MAN wins.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe by SEGA: Finally a sequel to the Dreamcast puzzle ChuChu Rocket! A cat and mouse game with around 100 3D puzzles, boss fights and fast games for up to four gamers.

Sonic Racing from SEGA: The follow-up to the console hit team Sonic Racing scores with AI control on 15 tracks in 5 zones with 15-man strong teams and many power-ups and daily rewards.

Hexaflip: A graphically unpretentious, but addictive puzzle in which responsiveness and dedication is required.

Oceanhorn 2: The continuation of the visually stunning first part of Oceanhorn is only playable on Apple Arcade. An adventure highlight with opulent graphics and hours of fun.

Earth Night: Dragons have taken over the earth. Two young students, Stanley and Sidney, must rescue what is still possible. The hand drawn game comes with extra retro soundtrack.

Projection: First Light: A mythological adventure that turns Greta (no, not DIE Greta) out of the shadow puppet world into reality – thanks to legendary heroes from ancient cultures.

Beyond a Steel Sky: Another exclusive sequel, this time from Revolution Software, based in the dystopian Union City. Your task: Hack the AI ​​system!

LEGO Brawls: In the new multiplayer game from the LEGO universe, you control your own figures and machines. With teambuilding you win the victory.

Is Apple Arcade really unrivaled?

Google is not slaving and will launch “Stadia” in November. Difference: The cloud gaming platform is not locally based on your devices, it is hosted on Google’s servers and played in Chrome. Gamer stream the games and get the rights of use alone. Only individual games are free. Most must be purchased at full price. The Founder’s Edition (129 Euro with Controller and Chromecast) is already sold out.

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