TechTäglich: Football – for the first time Torjubel live on Instagram

Football: First time goal celebrations live on Instagram

Social media revolution in football: scandal noodle Mario Balotelli has the first time on Sunday evening a celebrity video broadcast as an Instagram video. After his 1-0 win for Olympique Marseille against AS Saint-Etienne, the last forgotten Italian on the sidelines was handed a cell phone – and posted the selfie cheers with his colleagues almost live on his Instagram account. The action was apparently planned in advance, because smartphone and Instagram app were ready a few seconds after Balotelli’s goal. As a “reward” for the new self-production, there were 1.7 million calls within nine hours. If the “jersey pull 2.0” makes school, the referees will react soon with a yellow card.

GOOOOOOAL: @FinallyMario does not neglect his social media duties after firing @OM_English into the lead with an acrobatic finish. #OMASSE

– beIN SPORTS USA (@beINSPORTSUSA) March 3, 2019

YouTube, Gmail, and Twitter are blocking women – because she’s called like a pop star

Meghan Trainor does not have it easy. She has now been suspended for her name from YouTube, Gmail, and Twitter. The spell does not hit the US pop star (“All About That Bass”), but a woman of the same name who has been a successful artist for more than 15 years on the Internet. At that time Pop-Meghan was barely ten years old. The “wrong” Meghan Trainor is 45, and creates her works according to Gizmodo with 3D printers and self-programmed robots. The Internet services have blocked her because she poses as “Meghan Trainor”. So practically as yourself. When the singer had her first hit in 2014, the “copy”, “I was hoping for a one-hit wonder first, I never thought that would have any effect on my professional life.”

Apparently, after complaints from the management of the singer their YouTube, Gmail and Twitter accounts were blocked within 24 hours. “The extent to which this has been done against me, I’m scared,” complains the wrong / genuine Meghan Trainor. By now, she has gotten back her Gmail account, where she handles her assignments, and her accounts on Twitter and YouTube: “I know a lot about the Internet and technology, and I know what I had to do, but what if someone did happens? ” Pointe: A likewise “wrong” Megan Fox wrote in a tweet to her fellow sufferer that Twitter does not verify her account because of the name’s identity with the actress: “This network politics is a big shit, no name is unique in the world.”

New Tesla – Elon Musk presents Model Y

Tesla Y
A black silhouette – more Tesla has not yet shown by the new Model Y (Photo: Tesla)

This time, Tesla guru Elon Musk has announced on Twitter no misleading numbers – but a new car. According to two tweets from last night, Tesla presents the long-awaited new Model Y on March 14 at the LA Design Studio. The new Tesla, says Musk, will be an off-road vehicle that is about ten percent larger than the Model 3, and thus also a good ten percent more expensive. After Tesla has lowered the starting price for the Model 3 just to $ 35,000, the new SUV could therefore start just under $ 40,000. After the oversized Gullwing Model X, the Model Y is the second SUV of the electric car pioneer – and could for example compete with the Audi Q2 or Q3. Experts suggest that Tesla 3 and Y use about 75 percent of the same parts to save costs. At the presentation next Thursday in LA vehicles are already available for test drives. According to The Verge, Tesla also plans to introduce an electric pickup truck this year.

Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3, so cost about 10% more & have a slightly lower range for the same battery

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 3, 2019

German police videos on Amazon servers

Amazon Aws
Amazon’s cloud service AWS – German authorities store data here (Photo: Amazon)

The enthusiasm of privacy advocates keeps within narrow limits. As it has now become known, the Federal Police stores shots of body cameras, the so-called Bodycams, on servers of Amazon Web Services. According to the Federal Police Headquarters, the US company is currently the only company that provides a cloud solution certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for this purpose. Accordingly, the data is stored encrypted on servers in Frankfurt am Main. This is reported by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. The FDP Bundestag member Benjamin Strasser speaks of a “potential security risk” because it is unclear whether US security agencies and intelligence services can access the data. Experts demand that authorities in Germany provide such storage solutions themselves.

New AirPods should load in 15 minutes

Apple Air Power
From 0 to 100 percent battery in a quarter of an hour – AirPower should load iPhone, Watch and AirPods 2 in parallel (Photo: Apple)

According to recent rumors, Apple could present the AirPower wireless charging mat and the second generation of its AirPods earplugs at its next keynote on March 25. They would therefore already on 29 March in the trade. The new charging box for the AirPods 2 enables wireless charging for the first time – among other things via Apple’s charge mat already announced since 2017. However, it is not yet known how fast the AirPods 2 can be charged with it. Apple-Leaker Max Weinbach now believes that this works extremely fast. “15 minutes from completely discharged to fully charged”, so his prognosis. And that applies to the AirPods including loading box. Little downer: The second generation of the box should be a bit voluminous and heavier because of the wireless technology.

So the Apple news. AirPods wireless charging will happen. It’ll be VERY almost (0-100 in 15 minutes.) That’s speed for the AirPods AND the case. It will probably use Qi charging.

There will be a downside though, the case will be bigger in one direction and heavier.

– Max Weinbach (@mweinbachXDA) March 3, 2019

The end of the SONG: LPs and CDs back in iTunes

I Pod advertising
Punched! The iPod is long gone, and even iTunes downloads are steeply downhill (Photo: Apple)

The revolution eats its own children. Apple’s iTunes Store, launched in 2003, once sealed the demise of the CD, which had already almost completely supplanted the vinyl LP. Well, says CultofMac, the “revenge” of the classical sound carrier follows. For the first time in 2018, they provided more revenue than downloads on iTunes and its few remaining competitors, according to new figures from the US music association RIAA. While CDs and LPs were $ 1.15 billion in revenue, purchased downloads slipped to $ 1.04 billion. The main reason for this is the triumph of streaming services, which have replaced iTunes purchases as the main source of digital music. In the shadow of Spotify and Apple Music, however, both physical and purchased downloads in the US in 2018 lost nearly a quarter of their revenue. The CD continues to lose dramatically, while vinyl rose again by 7.9 percent.

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