Tech Daily: Google – a face is worth five dollars

Google: A face is worth five dollars

Google goes on with its future smartphone flagship Pixel 4 on the offensive. After seeing the front and back in an official teaser in June, the tech giant has now presented Pixel 4’s face and motion detection features. In a video titled “Do not hold the phone,” Google shows how face recognition works for unlocking or paying. “When the unlock sensors and the algorithm detect you, the phone opens with a single movement as soon as you pick it up,” promises Google. A lifting of the cell phone or even a look into the camera should not be necessary – a friendly note towards the iPhone.

And what Google still promises: The face data should remain on the device, do not land on any server and be associated with any other user information. Also new is the motion detection “Motion Sense”, previously known as “Project Soli”. It should make it possible to use gestures to control the playback of music, set the alarm clock or accept or reject calls. To train facial recognition, Google has addressed and photographed passers-by in numerous US cities. The Face Guinea pigs have been rewarded with 5-dollar coupons for Starbucks and Amazon. ZDNet headlines: “Google has bought the face of my friend for $ 5.”

Heat-free: Sony brings the air conditioning in the undershirt

The hot days are over in Germany for now. The latest invention from Sony sounds promising anyway. The Japanese have developed a mobile mini air conditioner that can be carried in the back pocket of a special undershirt. It should cool the user in the summer and warm in the winter. The device does not blow cold or warm air on the body, but influences the heat transport by an electrical current flow. Experts speak of the Peltier effect.

The temperature can be controlled by smartphone app, possible up to 13 degrees Celsius cooling or 8 degrees heating. So far, the battery lasts only one and a half hours. Sony first plans shirts in three men’s sizes at prices starting at 105 euros. And when wearing the 85 grams of lightweight technology should not be seen. The crowd funding of the climate shirt called Reon Pocket on the Sony platform “First Sight” has now been successfully completed. According to MyModernMet, it should first appear in Japan in 2020, just in time for the Summer Olympics in Brooding Tokyo.

Emojis on the rear window – banned from us

Car Emoji
Thanks for threading – the rear window emojis provide more communication and distraction in traffic (Photo: Mojipic)

From the US comes a new technology trend: “Emoji Car Displays” on the rear window of cars. With mini-screens that can be controlled via app or voice command, motorists can give their backers / backwives the opinion, provide clues (“overtake me!”, “Attention, traffic jam!”) Or tell their current emotional state (“I’m dog-tired “!). Mojipic is one of the manufacturers. He promises more than 1,500 GIFs, emojis and symbols for his approximately 60-euro displays with voice control, including logos from sports clubs, flags or QR codes, which pedestrians can park as an advertisement on the parked car. Also own drawings and graphics are possible.

Before the trend spills over to us and motorists show the digital stinky finger, the car, engine and sport now draw attention to the fact that the “Emoji Car Displays” are banned in Germany. Because, according to the AMS: §49a of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) states that “on motor vehicles and their trailers (…) only the prescribed and approved for the approved lighting equipment may be appropriate.” And lights with emojis are not included. Anyone who still operates such a display on the rear window, risked fine, driving license withdrawal and criminal charges.

Back to the old Twitter design – with this add-on

Lead Twitter
Worth in any design – LEAD’s Twitter account (Photo: LEAD)

Twitter completely redesigned its website in mid-July. Anyone using the service via a browser has since seen a completely new design, with larger fonts, a clearer structure and more color options. Although the redesign has been well received, a lot of Twitter nostalgics want the old look back. You will be helped now. Because a web developer named Zusor has released GoodTwitter, a simple add-on for browsers that brings back the old Twitter design. The good Twitter is available for free download for Firefox and Chrome. The need is obviously enormous: GoodTwitter already has around 175,000 downloads.

New: The first contact lenses with zoom

contact lens
Zoom in by winking – new contact lenses will make it possible in a few years (photo:

In the cinema too close to the screen? Or in the football stadium too far away from the pitch? Such problems could not happen soon. Because scientists from the University of California in San Diego have developed the prototype of a contact lens with zoom function. Carriers can zoom in or out with Blinzel commands. The zoom lens uses stretchy polymer films that respond to the electrical impulses of the eye when winking. Anyone who wants to throw away his glasses, but still has to wait. Because according to Gizmodo, the prototype only works so far, if the user carries a lavish frame with electrodes on his head. It will take a few more years to get ready for series production.

The end of the LEAD: the fanfoto-flop from DHL

DHL has the best chance of landing the social media flop of the summer of 2019. Via Twitter and Facebook, the parcel delivery service has called for the “DHLFanfotos 2019”. However, the Postler have overlooked that their fanbase is quite manageable, and the number of their critics all the greater. Instead of fancy pictures of yellow delivery vans, the replies are mainly about DHL cars parking the bike lanes – or poor underpaid parcel delivery agents. Typical answer: “I’ll become the biggest fan if you pay better for the deliverers.”

#DHLFanfoto 2019 wanted!
Join now and win great prizes. Closing date is Sunday, 25.08.2019. Click here to read the comments #DHLPhoto competition #Guessing

– DHL Package (@ DHL Package) July 25, 2019

– herkules rockafeller (@h_rockafella) July 28, 2019

I’ll become the biggest fan if you pay better for the deliverers. They do more than 30 years ago and should earn more. Give the parcel post more and less to the non-taxable major customers.

– ✒Pot Ink (@potttinte) July 27, 2019

This is my favorite and especially great #noCommandAnDHLPrevious #DHLFanfoto

– vertigoaddict | LE (@vertigoaddict) July 29, 2019

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