TikTok: Lisa and Lena away, FC Bayern there

An unmistakable sign of its growing importance: within a few days, Germany’s football giants have also started their TikTok channels with FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund. And the marketing of the app should now pick up speed in Germany. LEAD reveals the latest in TikTok.

Bayern is here

Fcb Tik Tok
Mia san mia, mia san at TikTok: The official FC Bayern side (Photo: TikTok)

FC Bayern, Germany’s social media champion with 80 million followers worldwide, has launched its twelfth social media channel TikTok. The Munich announced on Friday. As mini-clips can already be seen the goals from 5: 0 against Borussia Dortmund – or Serge Gnabry and David Alaba at the Torjubel with salt shaker and pepper mill as the most successful clip with over 62,000 calls. “For me, TikTok is one of the most exciting platforms since Vine,” says Felix Loesner, social media chief of FCB, and enthuses about the “great potential for creativity, trends and community”.

This time the Bavarians were not first. Because Borussia Dortmund started shortly before. And the second division 1. FC Cologne and Hamburger SV are at least in terms of TikTok already again Erstligareif.


Lisa and Lena are gone

The twins from Stuttgart have been Germany’s figureheads with TikTok and their predecessor Musical.ly since 2015 with their music clips. At the tender age of 16 Lisa and Lena have finished their TikTok “career” and deleted their channel. With more than three million followers, it is time for funeral work in the nursery.

“We are now focused on acting, because that has always been our dream,” revealed Zwilling Lisa about the TikTok farewell. Anger because of the inadequate child and youth protection in the China app should also have played along. In addition, Instagram is currently the more lucrative and PR-effective platform for the two with 14.4 million followers. Succession is taken care of: The new German TikTok twins are called “Lesotwins”. Leonie and Sophie already have 1.5 million followers.

As a reminder – this is TikTok

Tik Tok
“Real Short Videos” – TikTok describes its secret of success so succinctly (Photo: TikTok)

Under the motto “Every Second counts”, TikTok users share their 15-second clips with each other. With countless filters, sounds, graphics and text elements, the smartphone videos can be creatively whitewashed. There are the usual social media tools with hashtags for finding content, hearts for liking, and commenting clips. Above all, however, TikTok is fast-paced and fits in perfectly with the smartphone lifestyle of young users. Boredom turns out, because by wiping up the next video appears immediately. Another plus point: anyone who just wants to watch, but does not post himself, does not even have to sign up.

So successful is TikTok

Tik Tok 2018
In 2018 TikTok was the fourth most loaded app in the world, meanwhile it went up one more place (Photo: SensorTower)

In the App Store for iOS, TikTok was already the world’s most popular app in 2018, while in the Android Play Store, only WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Facebook were more successful. 500 million monthly active users are more than Twitter (321 million) and Snapchat, which is over 300 million – and at least half as much as Instagram.

By the way, compared to Instagram, TikTok benefits from the fact that Facebook’s photo subsidiary is banned in China. An important indicator of the success of TikTok is also that Facebook has already tried a 1: 1 copy – but the video app “Lasso” has crashed so far crashing.

This company is behind TikTok

Byte dance
The epicenter of TikTok fever: Headquarters of manufacturer ByteDance in Beijing (Photo: CNN)

At the end of 2017, the Chinese technology group ByteDance acquired the video app Musical.ly for 700 million Euros and merged them with its own program TikTok. Core elements of TikTok, which is called “DouYin” in China, still come from Musical.ly, a kind of mini-playback show for music videos that many dedicated users still regret until today.

Actually ByteDance, despite its name, is not a specialist for entertainment apps, but for artificial intelligence. The clever selection of videos that users get to see is also based on AI. TikTok is so clever that it almost perfectly meets the taste of the user. “They solve the puzzle that Twitter wanted to solve, and everyone wanted to solve it: How do I keep the users in the app?”, Marvels Ankur Thakkar, former editor-in-chief of Twitters video daughter Vine.

So much fun is TikTok

“TikTok brings the fun back to social media,” writes The New York Times. And for the US technology magazine The Verge, TikTok is “the perfect waste of time”. On average, users spend 46 minutes per day with video snacks, competitions in lip-synch singing, virtual duets, silly attempts to deliberately go wrong (wrestling) or challenges (such as dancing on stairs). “The result,” says the New York Times, “is an endless series of videos that would never be posted to the most young users on other platforms, which can be hard to look at sometimes, or charming, or very funny.”

In TikTok, nobody has to search long for “friends” because there’s entertainment on every corner. TikTok influencer Billy Mann puts it this way: “It’s a kind of escape, it’s a safe haven for people who see the world go up in flames, and they say I just need something crazy.” For the New York Times, TikTok has so well met the zeitgeist that she writes, “TikTok is changing the way social media works – even when you’re not using it.”

TikTok is so problematic

Tik Tok Mobile secure
Such videos have found the experts of “mobile security” at TikTok. The more bare skin, the more hearts of other users there are (Photo: Mobile safe)

As with any platform that primarily targets children and adolescents, abuse is a key issue. Already the predecessor Musical.ly have accompanied such allegations. In India, one of its key markets, TikTok has just deleted six million videos that did not meet the “group standards”. Current allegation of the BBC: Users who post problematic content or abuse the app are not even blocked by TikTok, only their videos are deleted. Meanwhile, TikTok has introduced filters for hate posts and unauthorized keywords in comments, and wants to delete problematic content within 24 hours. But that does not work as desired.

The “Mobile Security” data protection portal promoted by the Federal Ministry of Justice speaks of an “eerie parallel world in the nursery” and warns against TikTok, whose age limit of 13 can not be controlled: “Like the predecessor Musical.ly, there are countless videos of very young girls in provocative poses and a network of users who appeal to them and want to see more skin, effective countermeasures of the provider are still missing. ” The tip of the experts: “We can only advise parents to accompany their children with the use of TikTok attentively and to agree exactly under which conditions the service may be used.”

That’s what TikTok is planning

500 million active users per month should also lead to corresponding revenues in the medium term. According to SensorTower app analysts, ByteDance has so far received only about $ 75 million in in-app purchases. The offer includes coins for virtual gifts, which the users feast each other. 100 coins cost 1.09 Euro, 10,000 coins are available for 109.99 Euro. This business wants to expand ByteDance drastically. In addition, the marketing of the app as an advertising platform in Germany has just started. One of the first companies to advertise in TikTok in this country is McDonald’s.

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