TechTäglich: You also do it! Alexa apps now for everyone

You also do it! Alexa apps now for everyone

So far, only registered developers could develop skills for Amazon’s language assistant Alexa – that’s what the apps are called there. Since 2016, more than 80,000 skills have come together. Not a bad result, but drastically less than usual from the app stores for iOS and Android. Now Amazon wants to provide for a larger offer. From now on, anyone in the US can offer their own Alexa skill. Motto: You also do it! Target groups include bloggers (for whom there is a WordPress connection), schools and universities, sports clubs or smaller companies. You can, for example, have blog texts, timetables and current offers read out by voice command – or offer quizzes. The technical basis for this is the Alexa Blueprint Tool, introduced in 2018, which can be used to create skills without any programming knowledge. For this, so The Verge, there are now several new templates.

The new super game: Tetris Battle Royale

When surveys are looking for the best video game ever made, “Tetris” always has the best chance of winning first place. Even 35 years after the first version, the brilliant concept of the Russian puzzles is unsurpassed. Currently, however, “Fortnite Battle Royale” is at the top of gamers. And Nintendo had the great idea to mix the two super hits – quasi with “Tetris Battle Royale”. Officially, the new game is called “Tetris 99” – but the number suggests the topic of Battle Royale. In a classic Tetris puzzle, 99 players compete against each other online, stacking blocks until only the winner is left. Just like on Fortnite Island, just peaceful – even if it is possible to throw garbage at each other to disturb each other. “Tetris 99” is now available as a free download for Nintendo’s switch console. To play, so Engadget, however, an online subscription is required, which costs 3.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros a year.

Genial – that’s what iOS 13 should look like

From June 3rd to 7th, the annual developer conference WWDC will take place in San José Apple. There, as usual, there will be a first look at the new operating system iOS 13, which will be released this fall for the iPhone and iPad. What the Apple fans want, now shows an ingenious video from ConceptsiPhone – quasi the big iOS 13-request concert in 125 seconds. More than 40 new functions can be seen in it, from the split view on the iPhone over several user accounts on the iPad to the possibility to protect individual apps by password or face ID. The bad news: Apple will never pack all these great ideas into the next iOS release. The good news: There are still iOS 14 and iOS 15 and iOS 16.

Tesla protects dogs in the car

Electric car guru and Tesla boss Elon Musk has been announcing two new features for his vehicles for quite some time, with “Dog Mode” and “Sentry Mode”. Now the updates for Tesla have been released, which are equipped with autopilot and were built after August 2017. The dog mode is to protect dogs (or children), which are left by their owners for a short time alone in the car. He regulates the temperature to a comfortable level and dazzle for concerned passers by a message on the display in the cockpit: “Everything’s okay, my master / Frauchchen will be back soon.” If the battery level of Tesla drops below 20 percent and the air conditioning soon stops working, the owner receives a warning on his smartphone. Because such a technique is never 100% reliable, children and dogs should never be left alone in warm or hot weather. The “Sentry Mode” monitors the environment of the parked Tesla permanently. If someone gets on the car or gets damaged, the built-in cameras save the scene. On the cockpit screen, a warning appears before the movie is shot. For more serious damage such as a burglary, the Tesla triggers a shrill alarm and plays music at maximum volume. Users will also receive a smartphone alert – including a video of the incident.

Introducing Dog Mode: Do not Need to Worry

– Tesla (@Tesla) February 14, 2019

LG G8 – the smartphone (almost) without speakers

Lg G8
Box stop: In the LG G8, the vibrating screen generates the sound (Photo: LG)

Less is more – according to this motto, LG has developed its smartphone G8 ThinQ. Because the upcoming new flagship of the Koreans, which premieres at the end of February at the MWC mobile fair in Barcelona, ​​renounces (almost) on a classic speaker. Instead, vibrations of the OLED display generate the sound. With this technique called “Crystal Sound OLED” LG is also working on his latest TVs. Only on the back of a speaker is still installed, which is only used when particularly loud sound is required. Together with the Vibrier screen stereo sound should be possible. The G8 is LG’s first smartphone top model with OLED display. As a pretty nostalgia element is still a classic headphone jack on board, according to The Verge.

The end of the LEAD: gloomy trailer for “Ice Queen 2”

On November 22, the sequel to Disney’s animation world hit “Frozen” (German: “The Frozen – Totally blatantly”) comes to the movies. Now there is the first trailer of “Frozen 2” to see the ice queen Elsa and her oblique clan in unusually gloomy environment shows. So far, Disney only reveals so much about the plot of the Frier musical: “Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf venture far into the forest to learn the truth about an ancient secret of their kingdom.”

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