Tech Daily: New iPhones on September 10 – The Secrets of the Apple Invitation

New iPhones on September 10 – The Secrets of the Apple Invitation

Apple innovation
New colorful apple apple – compared to the former logo with five instead of six colors (Photo: Apple)

Now it’s official: Apple will present the new iPhones at its headquarters in Cupertino on September 10 (Tuesday) from 19:00 German time – and maybe one or the other “One more thing”. The usual sibylline invitation (great word, btw) under the title “By innovation only” was sent last night and triggered as usual rich speculation. The Auguren speculate that the five colors in the Apple logo shown exactly to the colors of a new iPhone 11R indicate – or that even the expected new top model iPhone Pro is to have in colorful for the first time. Green and purple are the new colors that Apple does not offer.

After the new iPhones have already been certified in the run-up to a certain lack of ideas, Apple seems to emphasize with the reference to “innovation” particularly, how much new is in the devices. It is likely to go to the new triple camera with extra wide-angle, the first time use of pencil pencil and the (but already known from Samsung) possibility, AirPods or even the watch from the back of the iPhone from wireless to load. On September 10, we are smarter, Apple streams live as usual. The new iPhones are expected to be available from September 20th.

Spotify with self-made podcasts

Spotify wants to make podcast listeners podcast producers. The Swedish audio streamers are currently testing the new menu item “Make your own podcast” for some users, which is prominently placed in the podcast section. Software expert and blogger Jane Manchun Wong has discovered the novelty in the source code of the Spotify app. The button links to the offer of the podcast kit Anchor, which Spotify had taken over this year.

Not all experts are convinced that the already overcrowded market still needs more self-made podcasts. “Spotify is testing a button that makes it even easier to produce podcasts with zero listeners,” Gizmodo says. And the New York Times talks about the “Podfade” – podcasts that get set up just as fast as they started.

Anchor has an article on Spotify

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 28, 2019

Jan Böhmermann wants to become party leader – that’s how the SPD rocks the net

You may blame the old aunt SPD for something – but it will not be boring with her. Shortly before the gate closes on Sunday, 6 pm, Jan Böhmermann wants to become party chairman. Because, according to the jester, Godfather Willy Brandt appeared to him in a dream and asked him: “You have to do it, the Olaf (Scholz) is a pipe.” At the desired woman by his side Böhmermann still lacks. On the other hand, there is already a hashtag (# reboot19), a Twitter account (@ewart19) and a website.

The reactions of the SPD celebrities in the net are very amusing and have the potential to keep us entertained until Sunday. After Böhmermann has written about SPD “country representations”, the approval of which he needs, mocks General Secretary Lars Klingbeil: “National Association! @Janboehm, that is national association! You have to learn a lot, comrade!” Juso boss and candidacy denier Kevin Kühnert has handy tips: “Smart Campaign, the CD looks like an average # SPD local club, AWO tablecloth and IG Metall cap are still missing, and then the first subdivisions may be soft Tip: Use more Willy Brandt quotes. “

So? # restart19

– # reboot19 (@ reboot2019) August 29, 2019

The sun smart watch from Garmin

Fitness specialist Garmin is extending the battery life of its new Smartwartch Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar with solar cells on the dial. A “solar charging lens” should ensure that outdoor athletes can use functions such as navigation, sports apps and performance control in remote areas longer than usual.

When using only the basic functions of the clock, the battery life increases according to Garmin from 21 to 24 days. When using GPS, the clock will run for 66 instead of 60 hours. The Solar-Watch is available now. With 950 euros, the adventurer’s watch is twice as expensive as a current Apple Watch, but also offers significantly more professional sports and fitness functions.

Switch Lite – the pros and cons of the new Nintendo console

Is Nintendo’s new Switch Lite, which will be released on September 20 for 230 euros, worth the price? The magazine Gamespot has thrown a first look at the Japanese bonsai console and gives advantages and disadvantages. Top: Because the Switch Lite is designed for mobile use only, it is noticeably smaller, 120 grams lighter and more manageable than the original switch. Especially smaller hands can handle it better. Without the removable controllers, the Lite feels less like a kit, but looks more robust, in the truest sense of the word more of a piece. And the battery runs at least half an hour longer than the original switch.

Disadvantages have also found the game experts. The screen is instead of 6.2 inches only 5.5 inches tall, so games look smaller. A connection for the TV is no longer there – which makes the original idea of ​​the switch as a hybrid console destroyed. Some games like “Super Mario Party” or “Labo” do not work without a TV connection and removable controllers, so they stay out of the way on the Switch Lite. And multiplayer games require extra controllers. According to Engadget the design of the “sweetest console we’ve ever seen” remains the most unbeatable argument for the Christmas wish list.

The end of the LEAD: Post-Apocalypse now up to date

The quasi-coup of Prime Boris Johnson promotes at least the well-known black humor of the British. On this note on the window of a bookstore in Cornwall just enjoys Twitter: “Please note: The area with the post-apocalyptic fiction has been moved to the News section.”

Bookshop in Fowey, Cornwall.

– Nick Garnett (@NickGarnettBBC) August 29, 2019

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