“Storm on Area 51”: So funny are the reactions in the network

When Matty Roberts called for a storm on the conspiracy-stronghold Area 51, that was meant as a joke. But in the end, the whole thing hit big waves, the US Air Force warned against entering the restricted area, before finally a festival took place. Both the event and the visitors provided plenty of material to enjoy the net.

At the end of June, student Matty Roberts called on Facebook to storm Area 51 on September 20th. To uncover secret activities and “see aliens,” as he wrote. What else? After all, for decades the Nevada military restricted area has provided plenty of material for conspiracy theorists and ufologists. They believe the US military holds the remains of a 1947 crashed Roswell in New Mexico UFO – including the aliens. In fact, Roberts had meant his call as a joke and might even have been the most surprised that in the end 2.1 million Facebook users promised.

Area 51: Enter dangerous!

Even the US Air Force felt compelled to warn people against entering the restricted military area. There fighters would be tested, so entering is not only illegal but dangerous as well. So Roberts planned and called now the “Official Alienstock Tour”, which took place from 20 to 22 September in the small town Rachel at the gates of Area 51. A music festival that attracted a few thousand visitors, a few of whom actually entered the detention area and were arrested.


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The Naruto Runner was quite tall

For most of them, however, it was fun at this rather unusual event. And of course he spilled over to the net. Fans of anime films are familiar with the so-called Naruto Run, in which the characters bend their torso forward during the race and stretch their arms backwards to be faster. And this is exactly what a visitor did in the background of a reporter switch, as shown by the following tweet, among others.

The Userin triumphantly wrote: “Guys, we have our first Naruto Runner”:

Another visitor posted a video of himself to which he wrote:

“Me, as I pack my stuff to get to Area 51 quickly, where there are already many people and I want to get an alien.”

# LiveFromTheArea51Raid: the aliens’ reactions when they realized that it was all a joke, and no one is actually going to save them pic.twitter.com/3LTRoTg6nM

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Others, however, were far more optimistic, assuming that the aliens could finally escape. “Looking at all the aliens leaving Earth after the successful storm on the Area 51 in their spaceships,” wrote this user for a cat video.

Raid # LiveFromTheArea51Raid pic.twitter.com/ukmgHKxHKu. Raiding the aliens in their spacecraft after the successful Area51 raid

– Jimmy (@jimmy_koski) September 20, 2019

Finally, the many tweets for the hashtag # LiveFromTheArea51Raid were also targeted. For this video, a user wrote: “Me, while I try to encourage people to go to Area 51 from Europe”:

me hyping people about going to area 51 while I watch from Europe # LiveFromTheArea51Raid pic.twitter.com/2tGXcWY7Tc

– `π’ˆπ’‚π’π’‚π’™π’šπ’ˆπ’ˆπ’–π’Œ’🌌 (@jungooinblack) September 20, 2019

This user wrote: “Only the story can decide which folder I open.” In addition a picture with two folders on a desktop. One is called “Memes in case we find aliens”, the other is called “Memes in case the army shoots everyone”.

Only history can be found which folder I open. # area51 # area51raid # LiveFromTheArea51Raid pic.twitter.com/6LfASdA51E

– danny (@ Dubfor15) September 20, 2019

The excitement was not completely understandable, as this user clarified with various photos by US director Quentin Tarantino:

everybody waiting for the area 51 results # Area51storm pic.twitter.com/syKTPcwugd

– swaggerbunny69 (@ swaggerbunny69) September 20, 2019

After all, you would have something to show your grandchildren when they ask you one day which things our generation did so.

So this is what we’re gonna show our grandchildren when they ask about our generation # Area51storm pic.twitter.com/p2ymia6AiJ

– & πŸ‘€πŸ™Š (@ ee_kk9) September 20, 2019

Another could not see enough of the pathos in the action: “These are the brave souls on the front of the # Area51storm, stamp on their faces and cherish the sacrifices they make for alien loot & freedom!”

These are the brave souls on the frontline of the # Area51storm. Alien Booty & Freedom! # StormingArea51 pic.twitter.com/3944Un5n78

– OldDirtyBrett (@ OldDirtyBrett) September 20, 2019

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