TechTäglich: Data Protection Officer prohibits Microsoft Office 365 in schools

Privacy Commissioner bans Microsoft Office 365 at schools

Redesign Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office may no longer be used at Hessian schools (Photo: Microsoft)

Our German Education Minister Anja Karliczek is likely to deny that German students are more likely to look only to Windows because they lack modern computers. Irony over. But many a school should be quite progressive with Microsoft Office 365 on the way. This should soon have done office-ziell: The Landesdatenschutzbeauftrage for Hesse warns, third parties could gain access to the Microsoft cloud. Therefore, schools should no longer use Office 365.

Another reason: The Redmond company has now set its Germany cloud. Therefore, there is a data protection problem, Golem reports: If personal student data from Microsoft would no longer be stored in the European cloud, but on US servers, US authorities would have access to this data. Public institutions in Germany have a special responsibility for data protection.

Also critical: According to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Microsoft also collects thousands of telemetry data via Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365. It is unclear what happens with this data. As long as Microsoft is not clear on this topic, use of Office 365 is not suitable for use in schools. The cloud solutions from Apple and Google displease the BSI.

Off for browser-cult games

Backgammon in the browser
If you are using an older version of Windows, you will have to do without backgammon in the browser in future (Photo: YouTube)

For a sad reason, again Microsoft: The Group has announced that it will stop the service Microsoft Internet popular with Windows users. There you can currently play various games in the browser. However, the support is now gradually turned off for older versions of Windows.

Windows versions XP and ME will not be able to access the service from the end of July. Windows 7 will be retained until January 22, 2020, but will be shut down as well.

Affected are these cult games:

Internet backgammon (XP / ME, 7)

Internet Checkers (XP / ME, 7)

Internet Spades (XP / ME, 7)

Internet Hearts (XP / ME)

Internet Reversi (XP / ME)

MSN Go (7)

Dial-up phone, fax, phone booth – hardly a teenager has heard of it

Telephone With Dial Pixabay Com
No longer a good choice: Dial-up phone (Photo:

Not to fax: Three out of ten German teenagers between the ages of 10 and 18 do not remember what a fax machine is. For 10 to 11-year-olds even 46 percent do not know (anymore). This resulted in a new representative Bitkom survey of 900 young people aged 6 to 18 years.

Legendary technology products, often completely unknown: 32 percent between the ages of 10 and 18 are no longer familiar with dial-up telephones, 38 percent are unaware that there were films for cameras. Only 22 percent still have a clue what a floppy disk is. 24 percent can do something with the Mini Disc, but only 11 percent can imagine anything under a pager.

The other way around: 84 percent of 10- to 18-year-olds know what a tape recorder is, 82 percent can imagine something under a video recorder. 80 percent say telephone booths are still a household name.

Apple Park cost more than $ 4 billion

Apple Park 1 1024X683
Powered by “LaCoste”: the new Apple Park (Photo: Apple)

Apple Park, the new home of Apple employees in Cupertino, was not cheap. We guessed it, right?

With $ 4.17 billion total, the area in California is one of the most expensive buildings in the world. That revealed the authority of the Santa Clara county now on official Apple numbers according to a report of the San Francisco Chronicle.

This amount consists of land value, material value of the building as well as the costs for its equipment (computer, data technology, etc.).

Of course the county is happy about its best tax customer Apple. The Group pays up to $ 40 million in taxes to local authorities.

For comparison, the construction of the One World Trade Center in New York cost $ 3.8 billion. However, against the mosque in Mecca and the Apple Park has been a bargain. The mosque is considered the most valuable building in the world at $ 100 billion.

Shopping delusion: Amazon Prime Deals started

Prime Day Deals Amazon

Shop until the doctor comes – Germany snaps off, as if there is nothing to buy from tomorrow, phew! As of tonight, Amazon has again called the Prime Deals: “Thousands of offers every 5 minutes”. The prime deals will run until tomorrow, Tuesday, 23:59.

There are not only Amazon products such as the echo speaker or the Kindle reader for a special price. Numerous other accessories providers from anchor to eye hook into the action with discounts.

But for all your shopping pleasure is true: Before you hastily click the buy button on a product, you should check with a price search engine like or, whether it is the Amazon price is really the best in Germany ,

The end of LEAD: You do NOT have the hair nice

In the end, it gets hairy: The British company Glamoriser 2018 brought the first Bluetooth hair straightener with associated app on the market – and testers are currently out of hair now!

The security experts at Pen Test Partners have found that the hair straightener can be hacked, according to TechCrunch. The weak point: the digital brush can also be switched off via the app. This feature allows criminals to send commands to the brush while also changing the temperature up to 235 degrees. This ensures a high risk of fire. And a burning question: Why did Glamoriser last updated the app a year ago? So, keep your fingers and hair dry analogously in the air.

I wish you a Vokuhila-free start of the week. See you tomorrow at TechTäglich!

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