What does a concept designer do for brand experiences?

Job Title: Concept Designer for brand experiences

Name: Phoebe von Zitzewitz

Education: Studies Communication / Graphic Design


What do you do as a concept designer for brand experiences?

I think about brand experiences. Sounds a bit dare and cryptic, but it is not. Ultimately, I think about how a brand – with everything in its DNA – can best be experienced authentically.

These are brands from all areas of FMCG, beauty, health and technology. Including top brands such as Melitta, COTY, AIDA or the technicians.

Whether consumer or corporate event, road show, pop-up store or trade fair, the live marketing of a brand identity must fit seamlessly into the big picture of brand communication and be linked to the overall image of the brand.

At this point, the agency EAST END and thus I come into play. As a brand experience specialist, we ensure that not only the planned event, but also the live marketing measures are perfectly tailored to the brand. We extend the experience with the brand – wherever it is meaningful and expedient – into different channels. This can be the POS but also social media, mobile, TV, PR or internal communication.

Either way, we understand brand experiences as an important platform to not only deliver relevant content emotionally and multi-sensually, but also to produce it. This makes brand experiences so valuable for the marketing mix and makes my work incredibly exciting. As a result, my job is always different and never becomes routine.


How did you come to this task?

I have been making brand communication for over 20 years. First as art director, then as a copywriter. I first worked for classic creative agencies, then as a freelancer and eventually applied in a traditional way, because the event industry has made me curious as a new field.

Two factors particularly aroused my interest: first, of course, the increased attention paid to what I do. Instead of glancing at an advertisement, billboard, or spot in the middle of a block of ads, my concepts and ideas are experienced by the end user over a longer period of time – on-site and beyond extension measures well beyond the promotional period.

The second point is clearly the fact that there is a lot going on in live communication right now. That speaks to my personal pioneering spirit and above all my curiosity – because it’s just fun to be part of this development.

Which feature helps you the most in your everyday life? Why?

A dose of courage coupled with ambition, I would spontaneously say. I’m not afraid to make mistakes and then I do not make the same mistake a second time. Because, as the saying goes, “you always learn the most from your mistakes.” In life and in my job, it is important to me to keep developing myself.

Describe as clearly as possible a project that has particularly impressed you

In the short time of 3 months that I am at EAST END, there was actually no project that did not inspire me – although all projects were fundamentally different.

What appeals to me independently of a single project is the way we collaborate across disciplines at EAST END. In the team everyone brings in his specialization and his expertise. Together, this creates concepts that are not only exciting in terms of content but can also be implemented turnkey as a brand experience.

What is most important to you in your job? What is the most fun?

I enjoy the most – after more than 20 years of advertising – the passion and enthusiasm with which we work on the individual projects. No matter if big or small brand, new or existing customer, in every project the full experience and passion of the whole team flows. Strategic brand experience goes hand in hand with the desire for the unusual and the competence and implementation experience so far unseen to experience.

Your job is indispensable because …

… my job is the link between strategy and implementation. Without my idea, there is no concept to implement. Without an idea description, there are no pictures in your head and without them it is impossible to put ideas on paper.

If you were not Concept Designer for brand experiences, what would you be?

I have no answer to this question, because right now I do exactly what I want. So I do not think about it, what if.

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