TechTäglich: What happens when the Internet suddenly turns off?

What happens when the internet suddenly turns off?

Internet Off
Plug pulled, Internet offline – and what happens then? (Photo: Gizmodo)

How dependent are we all on the internet? And what would happen if the global network suddenly turns off in one go? In its section “Giz Asks”, the magazine Gizmodo interviewed renowned experts. And the answers and thoughts on the offline apocalypse make the perfect stuff for a catastrophe movie. The French researcher Francesca Musiani prophesies in her future scenario that autonomous cars stop in one fell swoop, that toll systems collapse and cause gigantic traffic jams. In shops, people who are no longer used to cash could no longer pay. In many regions, the power goes out, the industry has to stop production worldwide – and much more …

US geography professor Matthew Zook expects that most people will not be able to work as usual – “but they would not be able to get to work because of the collapsed traffic anyway”. Communication would only be possible in personal talks or by snail mail. The money and fuel supply would also collapse. Oxford Professor Mark Graham foresees a complete stoppage of the global economy. Even down-to-earth jobs like Bauer or Fischer would not work anymore – because the logistics of their customers failed. Only IT professor Alessandro Acquisti of Carnegie Mellon University sees things as relaxed: “In the short term, we would have chaos, but in the long term, everything would return to normal, we would have more free time and hopefully be friendlier again.”

Disney +: 4K and quad for half the Netflix price

Disney Plus
Disney + could make the much more expensive Netflix for a big minus (Photo: Disney)

Disney has announced further details of its Disney + streaming service at its D23 home show in Anaheim, California, starting on November 12 in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. And the news is likely to upset the Netflix and Apple TV + executives. For in the already favorable monthly subscription of $ 6.99 for Disney + are 4K playback, the currently best picture quality Dolby Vision HDR and four parallel streams for family use already included.

By comparison, Netflix charges $ 15.99 in the US for 4K and for its four-way subscription – more than double. And even the unattractive Netflix Sparabo without HD and with just one stream is more expensive than Disney + at $ 8.99. Apple can not look into the cards so far. What image quality and how many streams Apple TV + for the (alleged) price of $ 9.99 per month, is not yet known. Forbes already sees a “hit on Apple and Netflix” by the discounted price for Disney + and predicts, “If Disney + shows much of its content in 4K and HDR, Netflix prizes will be harder to justify.”

$ 15.6 million for e-sports world champions

“Fortnite Battle Royale” knows (almost) everyone. The first Fortnite world champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf received three million dollars in prize money at the World Championships in New York at the end of July. But the action super hit by Epic Games is not even the most lucrative e-sports game in the world. US rival Valve has now cashed $ 34.3 million in prize money at the world championship of his real-time strategy game “Dota 2” in Shanghai – the highest premium in the history of e-sports.

The lion’s share secured the team world champion OG. Sponsored by a Salzburg soda company, the European team won the World Cup for the second year in a row, clearing the record $ 15.6 million prize. Each of the five players was thus $ 3.12 million (2.8 million euros) richer. For comparison, so Engadget: The Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep earned in 2019 “only” in each case 2.9 million dollars. Comfort for the tennis players: For them there are many more tournaments with millions of prize money. And their careers are significantly longer than in e-sports professionals, where the reflexes often so from 25 years so subside, that they can no longer compete in the world class.

Apple 2020: Soundproof AirPods and cheaper HomePod

Air pods
Noises please stay outside! These are Apple’s plans for the next AirPods be (Photo: Apple)

Presumably, on September 10, Apple presents its next generation iPhone. Also new iPads, the Watch 5 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro could be pending this fall. The new Mac Pro and the spectacular 32-inch display XDR Pro Apple has already shown in June anyway. Bloomberg, however, is already looking ahead and expects news for music fans by 2020 – the first AirPods with active noise cancellation and a more affordable HomePod.

The anti-noise AirPods should therefore be even more expensive than the current generation, which costs depending on the charging box between 179 and 229 euros. They should be waterproof for the first time – especially for athletes an interesting innovation. After the 329 euro expensive wired Siri loudspeaker HomePod, which works only in Apple systems and only over WLAN, is allegedly not too much in demand, next year a stripped down and substantially cheaper variant as alternative to the successful Sonos One appear. For the price of 200 € would be installed in the “HomePod mini” therefore no longer seven speakers, but only two.

Microsoft answers Xbox fan mail from 2002

In 2002, little Xbox fan Mitchell Riley hand-written and painted a letter to Microsoft – revealing how much he loves the action game “Halo”. Now, 17 years later, Seamus Blackley, one of the first Xbox’s fathers, found the children’s letter in a desk drawer.

Blackley wrote on Twitter: “To my horror, I have obviously never responded to this heartbreaking, enchanting letter and left the obviously wonderful little Mitchell Riley hanging for 17 years … This week I’ve asked all of you on Twitter to help me find him AND … “Thanks to the Twitterers’ detective work, Seamus Blackley and Microsoft found the mid-twenties – who, thank God, is still a Halo fan, and who met Steve Downes and Jen Taylor at a convention in Houston, the voices of Halo heroes Master Chief and Cortana.

… HERE HE IS as an adult – and I could never make it up – hanging out with Master Chief (@ SteveDownes117) and Cortana (@jentaylortown)!

– Seamus Blackley (@SeamusBlackley) August 23, 2019

The end of the LEAD: The Greenland sales ashtray

Twitter laughs about that on Monday morning. With a huge public ashtray in Copenhagen, Danes can vote to sell Greenland to Donald Trump. The result is not on the tip, but is clear.

A cigarette butt receptacle in Copenhagan. This is my favorite thing today.

– Duke (@Maxonsdad) 25th August 2019

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