The morning Netzer (26): Asterix at the Belgians

Astérix chez les Belges

At Teutates, that was clear! Lots “Asterix at the Belgians’ comparison before the French semifinal today against their neighbors Motto: “Who is the bravest? Let’s have a duel! “And if this duel is only half as entertaining as the great Asterix band from 1979 (the first after the death of René Goscinny), we have a lot of fun.

Manneken Didier

At any rate, both sides are ready to fight – the Belgians as well as the French, their coach Didier Deschamps ever to Manneken Pis do. Can he shine this evening?

#BELFRA #FRABEL #bel vs # fra @ BelRedDevils vs @equipedefrance #WorldCup # RUSSIA_2018 # Russia2018WorldCup #Redtogether vs #LesBleus @FIFAWorldCup @fifaworldcup_fr
#tousensemble #Belgique #Belgium

– Regard Philosophique (@Fidelite_Action) July 9, 2018

Je ne sais pas pour vous, corn moi, je suis prêt. # CroisonsLes #FRABEL

– GuillaumeTC (@GuillaumeTC) July 8, 2018

France – Belgium: The tactic

France, Belgium, England or Croatia – one of these four countries will be Football World Champion 2018. And the YouTube video will show you off France – Belgium how wonderful football tactics can be explained. Imitation, German TV!

Team Spirit
Midfield talent

But which of the #WorldCup semi-finalists have been attributed to? Find out below

– FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) July 9, 2018

Who wants to grab this trophy? #worldcup

– (@ 8bitfootball) July 9, 2018

The Cannstatter Boys Choir

Anyway, the guys from VfB Stuttgart are pushing their French buddy today Benjamin Pavard fingers crossed – and want to sing him into the final. The stupid thing is that the better Benji plays, the greater the likelihood that they will not even see him anymore, because he lands right after the World Cup at Bayern.


The Cannstatter Sängerknaben feat. la tricolore present: “On a Benjamin #Pavard!” #VfB #stuttgartgehtab

– VfB Stuttgart (@VfB) July 6, 2018

A bouquet of vegetables

Goalkeepers now have a handier, more rustic and practical approach to World Cup host Russia than in other countries Igor Akinfeev Experienced. For him, as a consolation after the quarter-final against Croatia was a bunch – tomatoes!

Оригинальный букет из помидоров для Игоря Акинфеева. Подарили болельщики на встрече 😀

– Сборная России (@TeamRussia) July 8, 2018

He is back

He is back – Neymar, our so often fallen hero! He met with a legendary fellow actor. And Twitter finds, see video below, that Neymar should finally play like a girl: intrepid, combative, and unable to get off her feet.

One of the best actors of all time and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

– Mike Sanz (@ mikesanz19) July 9, 2018

Play like a girl, not like Neymar!

¡Juega como mujer, no como Neymar! #PlayLikeaGirl

– Jorge A. Macías (@FearEconomist) July 6, 2018

A true word, Mr. Laschet!

The final word is left to NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet, who got so much Twitter approval for his conclusion to the DFB tragedy as long as no German politician.

– Julia Schramm (@_juliaschramm) July 9, 2018

The LEAD song of the day: Musique

After the Belgians yesterday, of course, the French are off. And what could be more French than France Gall in this outstanding video from 1977? Hopefully in the game tonight is also “Musique” in it.

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