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When it comes to influencer marketing, many people think of Instagram first. There are social media for different channels that every company and every brand should take a close look at. Whether YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat: The possible advertising platforms next to Instagram offer all the advantages for marketing measures.

But there is more, Björn Wenzel, CEO of Lucky Shareman, is sure. The founder of the Influencer Marketing Agency explains where the trends in influencer marketing are moving.

LEAD: Where are the trends in influencer marketing going?

Björn Wenzel: In my opinion, the most important trends channels for influencer marketing in 2019 are live streaming and messenger marketing.

“Influencers can reach their followers via WhatsApp very personally.”

Live streaming à la Instagram live videos?

Also. Instagram has already significantly improved its technology, here we see the beginnings of the new trend. But also streaming platforms such as Twitch are developing rapidly. Twitch currently has 15 million active users in Germany and addresses a target audience between the ages of 15 and 35 – and, contrary to many expectations, both men and women. Twitch is no longer just for streaming games, but also for do-it-yourself (DIY) topics. Here we will soon see exciting new formats. The decisive factor is that a company sensibly links its own product with the corresponding livestream topic.


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Björn Wenzel, founder and managing director of the influencer marketing agency Lucky Shareman

But you also believe in messenger marketing?

Absolutely. The second major topic will be Messenger Marketing in 2019. Everyone uses a messenger today, from young to old. The focus is mainly WhatsApp, which now use about 80 percent of Germans – and 95 percent of 12 to 19-year-olds. This is confirmed by the current D21 Digital Index 2018/2019 of Initiative D21.

How can such a messenger marketing look via WhatsApp?

Influencers can reach their followers via WhatsApp very personally. The channel is suitable for texts, photos, videos and documents, as well as for location or voice notes. There is a lot of potential for brands that want to reach their target groups directly and receive honest and fast feedback.

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And that works?

WhatsApp is still the underdog of social media channels. But we know that with WhatsApp, CTR is often higher than other social media channels. This trend will intensify in 2019. Because with WhatsApp and in the Facebook Messenger is still no advertising, content is the advertising format. For customer service and customer loyalty, it makes sense to use the status messages, especially in the WhatsApp stories. Here are videos very eye-catching.

For whom is messenger marketing suitable?

Messenger marketing is suitable for all industries that want to publish target group-specific information. Influencers can embody themes very well because of their popularity. They can help remonetize marketing with explanatory videos, backstage info, product promotions, pictures and surveys.

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When we talk about trends, what do you say about the trend of micro-influencers?

We at Lucky Shareman think: The mix makes it. It’s best to mix micro, mid and macro influencers. The influencers of the three categories perform different tasks. The micro-influencers stand for a high commitment and a strong community as well as high interaction rates. The micro-influencer is usually very intense on the interactions of his fans. The mid-influencers have more professional videos and are at the same time approachable, while the macro-influencers bring a long range, highly professional videos and especially cool content. Their engagement rate in relation to the number of followers is often lower than for the micros and mids, because as a personal brand they are stronger, while nischigere influencers often enjoy a higher topic authority.

Reach alone does not count in 2019?

Not in a long time. A campaign should never just focus on reach. The target group fit, the quality of the posts and the interaction with the followers are just as important in achieving the desired media performance. So if a brand wants to achieve both a high reach and a good engagement with the target group, it should combine micro, mid and macro influencers. Of course, it is equally important to select the influencers within those categories who really fit the brand – as do their followers.

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