TechTäglich: Car thing – this is the first hardware from Spotify

Car Thing: This is the first hardware from Spotify

Spotify car thing
There is the thing! Spotify shows its first own hardware (Photo: Spotify)

Free ride on Spotify’s first own hardware! The Audiostreaming service unveiled the car thing at the weekend, a smart assistant with voice control for listening to music and podcasts in the car. The device is plugged into the 12-volt socket, which the older still know as a cigarette lighter. Not only the user should profit from the audio stream, but also Spotify himself. Because the “Car Thing” conveys to the Swedish company information on how motorists use music and podcasts.

“Americans spend 70 billion hours behind the wheel every year,” the announcement said. “That’s why it’s so important what people listen to to survive those long hours.” With the command “Hey, Spotify” and the mention of titles, albums or playlists, the hardware transmits the desired content via Bluetooth to the car speakers. The “Car Thing” will start in the coming weeks as a beta test initially only in the US. Spotify turns itself to customers who want to give it a device to try out. The fact that the car accessories ever comes on the market, so far is unlikely. Spotify, however, seems to have bigger plans for assistants. Because in addition to “Car Thing”, the Swedes have also protected the brands “Home Thing” and “Voice Thing”.

Google announces Huawei the Android license

Huawei was just celebrated for the excellent camera of his new smartphone flagship P30 Pro. But now CNBC already sees the “end of global smartphone ambitions” of the Chinese manufacturer pull up. And Bloomberg writes of the beginning of the “Cold War of Technology”. Reason: Due to the massive trade conflicts between the US and China, Google Huawei has withdrawn the license to use its Android operating system. This would prevent Huawei smartphones from receiving Android updates and apps like Gmail or YouTube in the future. According to a tweet of the official Android account, services like Google Play will continue to work on existing Huawei devices for the time being. Whether smartphones like the P30 Pro will receive Android updates in the future, but is questionable.

The US government put Huawei on a blacklist of Chinese companies last Friday, with which US companies can no longer maintain business relations without government approval. Companies like Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom have already joined the Huawei delivery stop. The conflict could delay the launch of 5G networks worldwide, for which Huawei is one of the main suppliers. In terms of smartphones, the company had announced weeks ago that it has developed in the event of an Android boycott its own operating system.

Lady Gaga sings for Steve Jobs

Apple has officially inaugurated its “Apple Park” campus – with a private concert by Lady Gaga on the new rainbow stage inside the “spaceship,” and with rainbow-colored decorations all over the site. The show was an internal event for Apple employees, previously announced on the intranet. At the same time the event should honor Apple founder Steve Jobs, the spiritual father and initiator of “Apple Park”. His successor Tim Cook wrote on Twitter: “We gathered in the house you dreamed up for us today and celebrated your spirit, we love you, Steve.” The staff hailed the concert as “Applechella”, based on the legendary “Coachella” festival.

VIDEO: Lady Gaga performing “The Edge Of Glory” at Apple Park.

– Lady Gaga News (@TomyKMonster) May 18, 2019

We came together today, in the home of you imagined for us and your spirit. We love you, Steve.

– Tim Cook (@tim_cook) May 18, 2019

Conciliation for Game of Thrones

That’s it then! Last night, “Game of Thrones” in the US ended with the sixth episode of Season Eight, “The Iron Throne.” Another 82 minutes of drama and battle for the iron throne in the 73rd episode of the saga. And after the worldwide disapproval rallies in recent weeks, most fans are conciliatory after the last episode. “Will you be satisfied with the end of the series? Ask us again in ten years”, says the rating portal Rotten Tomatoes. Technique journalist legend Walt Mossberg tweeted: “The finale was not flawless but satisfying, a win for House Stark, and a bow to Season 1. Peace, and decent fates for the main characters. Much better pace, dialogue, and action as in recent episodes, but the transformation of Dany is still too abrupt. ” HBO, meanwhile, has announced a two-hour documentary entitled “Game of Thrones: The Last Watch” for the upcoming season, for which there is now a trailer on YouTube.

#Game of Thrones
Nice graduation!

– Oliver (@ der711er) May 20, 2019

Google peeks purchases from Gmail users

Who uses Gmail, must know what he does. Now there are new data protection problems (Photo:

Not good news for Gmail users: Google appears to be storing purchases from users of its mail service. That happens, according to CNBC, even if the purchases were made via no Google service. The US group apparently uses it for order operations, which end up in the mailboxes. Once again, Google collects detailed information about the habits and consumer behavior of its users. The information Google has stored about their purchases can be found here by Gmail users.

Google does not use the information for advertising, nor does it sell it to third parties. Why they are then collected and stored at all – this question remains open. Gmail customers can stop saving. However, this is only possible if users generally restrict Google’s web and app activities, and thus no longer receive search suggestions. Google has pledged to CNBC to make the corresponding option more readily available in the privacy settings.

The end of the LEAD: China with facial recognition for pandas

Clearly recognized: This is not a Fiat Panda (Photo: Wikipedia)

China relies heavily on facial recognition – and not only in humans, but also in animals. Chinese experts have developed an app that allows them to recognize and distinguish pandas. Based on 120,000 images and 10,000 videos of giant pandas, the animals should now be clearly identified. The facial recognition should not serve the spying of dissident pandas, but promote the protection of species. Because with the app, the researchers can better analyze life conditions and behavior of the animals than before, explains the magazine Quartz.

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