What does a sales transformation leader actually do?

Name: Orhan Dayioglu

Age: 48

Position: Sales Transformation Leader

Education: Mechanical Engineering (Diploma)

Company: Showpad

What do you do?

I have a lot of experience in closing the sometimes small, sometimes big gap between marketing and sales. I already did that 20 years ago, so to speak, already “offline”. Today, as a Sales Transformation Leader, I help companies identify this ditch and create added value with the strategic discipline of sales enablement and new digital opportunities.

As a collaborative tool, Sales Enablement brings people and resources together to provide content, training and coaching to sales representatives in customer contact in a way that is aligned with the customer journey. For example, when it comes to helping marketing colleagues to make their communication activities successful in sales as well. Or more concretely with the increase of the productivity in the sales work, if the preparation for customer meetings can be optimized or if the conversion rate is to be increased after a customer discussion.

The result is always a quantum leap in the joint sales performance of marketing and sales.

How did you come to this task?

I implemented a sales enablement project on the customer side of my old employer ZEISS and discovered that, in addition to a good digital tool, change management is what counts most. Digitization in sales also always means changing traditional ways of behavior in a sustainable way.


Which feature helps you the most in your everyday life? Why?

With my digitization and management experience, I act as an intermediary for the digital transformation and a customer-centered customer journey. Because in order for transformation to be understood and accepted as an opportunity, there is still an enormous need for mediation skills.

Describe as clearly as possible a project that has particularly impressed you

This was our first German project in 2015, because Showpad is originally from Belgium. My former partner and I had reported the managing director of Gottwald Hydraulik from Bremen to Sales Enablement. He thought it was so good that he wanted to become our first customer.

In a very short time, Gottwald not only introduced our sales enablement platform, but for the first time ever used tablets successfully in sales. Quite a lot of change at once. Even today, four years later, Gottwald is a showcase customer who, as a trader, places many major brands such as Henkel or Bosch Rexroth in the market for the future.

What is most important to you about your job? What is the most fun?

We are breaking new ground together with most of our customers. Is sales enablement accepted? Convince the content? How do the customers react? What does the top management say? This is a challenging path, which is also a risk for decision-makers on the customer side. I find the moment very nice when we look together with the customers for a started project and get the signal that it was a good decision to go this way together.

My job is indispensable because …

… the customer has completely changed the game rules of distribution thanks to the possibilities of the Internet over the last ten years. In the past, the seller was often on the longer lever, today, the power ratio has turned completely. Customers are much more demanding and informed, and often have a variety of choices for the same product or service.

The content available to the product, the shopping experience, and the sales representative who gains confidence through market insights are more important than ever to keep customer dialogue on par and keep that power structure in balance. Sales transformation and sales enablement create the right conditions for successful sales in the digital age.

If you were not a Sales Transformation Leader, what would you be?

Hmmm, maybe architect. I am excited to see a project from many different angles together with many stakeholders. My aim is to recognize deeper needs, sometimes even to unite initially seemingly contradictory wishes and ultimately to translate these expectations into a tangible overall project.

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