The best apps for climate protection

Did you know? The Internet alone accounts for two percent of global CO2 emissions. So has the network activity Joanna Minor determines: 23 trees would need to be planted to make up for ONE second of search queries worldwide.

What we just like to forget while surfing: In order to obtain data, for example from a search engine, global corporations such as Google operate huge energy-hungry server farms and sometimes also use fossil fuels. A lot of energy is consumed because, for example, millions of kilometers of cables, thousands of routers and switches are needed – so that all of us the Internet works smoothly.

Using technology is therefore not environmentally friendly, even though corporations such as Apple have now converted their server farms to 100 percent renewable energy and even received an environmental award for this from the United Nations. The climate change deniers do not want to admit it: each of us can contribute to a better climate.


How to do it, also inform many practical apps. In today’s app column LEAD presents an app special: The best apps for climate protection.

Fridays For Future
Everyday is like friday: “Fridays for future” has established itself worldwide as a protest movement (Photo:


Power comes out of the socket, ready! That’s what people thought about for years. The effort to find out what power mix comes from their outlet, most have not made. Good to know: In Germany there is a power mish-mash of fossil or renewable energy sources and uranium (nuclear power).

The app CO2Watch knows the current flow at your place in Germany, Austria and many other countries and offers a prognosis over 24 hours, at which times electricity is produced with lower CO2 emissions. Who uses these time windows, e.g. To start the washing machine or to charge the eBike, it protects the environment and washes / charges with water power, solar power and wind energy. Owners of HomeKit sockets do not even have to manually trigger a test: there, the power identification runs automatically.

Price: 99 cents

to download for iOS

Co2 Watch
CO2Watch shows when electricity is produced with lower CO2 emissions (Photo: andraeweb)


To do good and to be rewarded: This is the principle pursued by the GreenApes community, which seeks to shed light on the jungle of ways in which you can protect the environment: “You are not alone in the jungle” – this is the motto used by a community to exchange ideas Ideas out. Those who implement them in everyday life, will be rewarded with so-called “BankoNuts”, a kind of points system that can be used again for example in Car2Go.

Those who do not get into their (own) car will be rewarded with BankoNuts for cycling. Apple Health and Google Fit connect to GreenApes, which has been certified by scientists.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Glass restaurant

This helpful application was developed from the funding program of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety at the Protestant Kirchentag. “Gläsernes Restaurant” provides information on daily shopping – for a sustainable and seasonal cuisine based on regional and organic food.

What started out as a pop-up restaurant at the Kirchentag 2019 in Dortmund, everyone can implement at home in the kitchen: Recipes are sorted according to season, ingredients, courses and keyword on the home page. Goal: “Eco-friendly food”. Because our daily diet accounts for an enormous 15 percent of our individual greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are heading for October, you will be served a list of seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and salads. By clicking on the arrow, the recipes become visible. Corn salad with pumpkin and oranges, beetroot carpaccio on lamb’s lettuce, pumpkin wedges with coconut flakes or fine lentil salad are currently available for the fall salad. In the case of vegetables, spinach is just the season, there are tasty recipe templates such as Greek spinach strudel, Florentine spinach lasagna or the carrot terrine on spinach leaves with raisins and pine nuts.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Alternative or supplement: the app green time

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Glaesernes restaurant
Seasonal recipe ideas for eco-friendly meals – “Gläsernes Restaurant” solves this claim (Screenshot: Gronau)


Climate collection – this is reminiscent of the bell bag, in which may be donated in the church after the end of a mass. In fact, the Klima-Kollekte application is a program of Christian churches to which numerous companies and individuals have joined. That is how the idea of ​​the CO2 compensation fund came into being. The fund not only supports climate protection, it also wants to fight poverty.

If you want to go on a journey, the CO2 emissions calculator in the app will show you the pressures on the environment (airplane vs. car vs. bus etc.) and list alternatives for compensation to make travel more climate friendly in general. If an emissions burden is inevitable, the climate collection will start:

“Emissions that can not be avoided are offset by climate protection projects implemented by Klima-Kollekte shareholders’ houses and their local partner organizations.”

In addition to the transparency – there are brief information on all projects – is also weekly a special climatological tip, which can be implemented by each individual, sent via push message. All in all, Klima-Kollekte is exactly the right application for environmentally conscious travel, reflection, avoidance and compensation.

Price: free

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Climate collection
The climate collection is designed by, among others, Caritas, the Evangelical Church and MISEREOR (photo / screenshot: Gronau)

LEAD shortlist

Other interesting climate apps, mentioned briefly.

What the sun can do: The young people take to the streets, but even among the younger ones, environmental awareness can be sharpened early on – for example, with this Pixi app book from the renowned Carlsen publishing house. Playfully, renewable energy is explained here.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Ecosia: The search engine will plant a tree for every query you make. Motto: “We are interested in trees, not in your data.” All searches are heavily encrypted, unlike Google – not tracked.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

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