Google lets the pixels rain

Next round in the duel of the giants: a few weeks ago Apple has introduced the new iPhone generation, now moves to Google with new hardware. The Pixel 4 and its big brother 4 XL were of course the protagonists of the # madebygoogle show, but the Mountain View equipment park now has a lot more to offer. But part of the hardware will not make it into the German market this time either. Google has finally evolved from a search engine and software giant to a full-service provider. However, the origin can definitely be seen as an advantage, as it is precisely the pixel devices that score in comparison to the strong competition through clever integration of software solutions.

“Delievering help”, at least that’s how Google’s hardware boss Rick Osterloh describes the idea of ​​the devices and their intelligent connection. Technology as a working system – a system in the Google world when it comes to Osterloh. The offer makes it at least possible. Google is not the only answer for the smartphones. With the new Pixel Buds, for example, Apple and the AirPods want to be ranked. So much can already say: At least in terms of design, this has succeeded. However, the headphones will not be available until next year.


Before the actual device presentation, which was broadcast live from New York, Osterloh made a commitment to privacy. The software is designed to enable users to easily protect their own data. Not to be missed was also a comprehensive statement in terms of sustainability. According to Google, the use of renewable energy sources plays just as big a role as the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

The game platform Stadia is a very good example of economical use of resources. You do not need more than the cloud-based controller and a monitor. Clear challenge to the manufacturers of gaming consoles.

New in the program is Pixelbook Go, which will come along with some design features such as ribbed surface for better grip and also score with a very quiet keyboard. As of today, the chances of availability in Germany are rather low.

  • Pixel 4 Duo Front Back Just Black
    Photo: Google LLC
  • Pixel Madebygoogle 1 Copyright Markus Mielek Google Llc
    Pixel4 #Madebygoogle Photo: Markus Mielek Google Llc
  • Pixel #Madebygoogle Photo: Markus Mielek Google LLC
    Pixel 4 #Madebygoogle Photo: Markus Mielek Google Llc

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL

Radar alarm in the pixel phones: Generation 4 will be able to be operated thanks to Motion Sense even without touching by gestures. Also new, according to Google “extra secure face unlock function”: The data from Face Unlock and other passwords leave it, it is said, never the smartphone. The information is therefore stored on the specially developed Titan M security chip and thus protected against possible attacks.

Central command office of the telephones becomes at the same time more and more the Google Assistant, which is to be found on the Pixel 4 in new version. Not surprisingly, many of the features pay for a comprehensive voice integration. Voice commands and text can also be processed offline.

Of course, the supreme discipline of smartphones remains photography. Here Google continues – and stronger than its competitors – on the power of the in-house software. The Pixel 4 is a “hybrid of optical and digital zoom”, the promise is a barely noticeable loss of quality. The camera app itself comes with a whole handful of additional features, including a significant improvement in portrait mode.

The Google Phone is available in Germany from 749 euros and from 24 October available in stores.

Smart Home

Google is obviously more and more important to the topic of smart home in all variations. Here, too, the networking of the individual devices and the smoothest possible transition to use play an important role. Thanks to the Google Assistant, the new smart speakers should not only be able to take over the complete control of the domestic device landscape, but also be usable as telephone stations. The new Speaker Nest Mini will be available from October 22 for 59 euros.

Communication needs good connection. Google also has something new to offer here and from December to the next generation of Google WIFI and routers. All this by the way under the new branding Google Nest. Wieland Holfelder, Vice President Engineering, responsible for Google’s security architecture in Munich, pointed out at the German presentation in Berlin that all Nest devices are now also linked to the Google Account. For Holfelder also important: the additional security features in Android.

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