Are not we all a bit retro?


Please a Bittboy! With a screen size of about 6 cm, this retro gadget fits in any pocket. The outer dimensions are extremely handy: 6.8 cm wide, 1.3 cm deep and 9.9 cm high. Practical: ROMs from many popular retro game consoles are compatible. These include NES, GB and GBC.

Price: from 32 dollars (just under 30 euros)

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Nintendo Classic Mini Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Classic Mini
Nintendo also relies on the new desire for retro (Photo: Nintendo)

Interested parties must be fast: Although the Retro console reference has been available since November 2016, it is always out of print. Currently, a delivery date of mid-August is targeted. 30 years old, 30 games in the luggage: Reminiscent of the NES, but has all the modern connections. The best of old and new.

Price: 57 euros

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If you do not want to wait that long, grab the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment. Zelda, Mario Kart and also the specially developed for the new old console game Star Fox 2 provide Street Fighter II or F-Zero for authentic 90s feeling.

Price: 129 euros

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PlayStation Classic

Play Station Classic
The Sony PlayStation Classic is Sony’s shrinking console (Photo: Sony)

GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, that sounded wonderful. But the new edition of the PSOne, the PlayStation Classic, enthusiastic players not today. For initially 99 euros (now the price has fallen) there are two classic PS controllers, HDMI cables and USB cables, but also many technical shortcomings. Only for real fans who want to put the Classic in the closet instead of gambling with it.

Price: 49 euros

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SEGA Mega Drive Mini

Sega Mega Drive Mini Photo Amazon
Mini console with retro drive: SEGA is also involved in the nostalgic business (Photo: Amazon)

40 Mega Drive classics and two extra games are available for the Mega Drive Mini. The console is licensed by SEGA. The game is played with two gamepads with three buttons each. From 19 September the delivery begins.

You can look forward to classics like Altered Beasts, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mega Man, Tetris, Wonderboy in Monster World or World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Price: 73 euros

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Pocket Sprite

Pocket Sprite
Dangling at the keychain: the Pocket Sprite (photo: manufacturer)

It does not get any smaller: the Pocket Sprite is a retro console that hangs from the key ring. Ideal for traveling!

The gadget comes with two emulators, GNUBoy and SMS Plus, and is compatible with Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color, NES, SEGA Master and SEGA Game Gear. Who has ripped through the pre-installed open source games, just upload a new ROM with one click.

Practical: Windows, Linux, Mac or Android do not require drivers or cables.

Price: from $ 70

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Evercade for Arcade: The Nintendo Game Advance Clone will be released later this year (Photo: Evercade)

In the 4th quarter of this year, the Evercade is expected. The mobile console is similar to the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. At the start, there will be 20 games on plug-in cassettes, including various Atari classics.

The Evercade is also equipped for modern games: An external display can be connected via the integrated HDMI connection.

Interested parties can subscribe to the newsletter and then find out immediately when the console goes on sale.

Price: from 67 euros

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Atari Pong Mini Arcade & Atari Mini Arcade

Atari Mini Arcade Photo Techthelead Com
Mini-Arcade with Maxi-Fun: Atari plans two new retro console machines for autumn (Photo:

Atari in the fall makes the German market happy with two reasonably priced retro consoles. Five games each should be included in the Pong Mini Arcade and the Mini-Arcade – for each 29.99 euros.

Thanks to Pong controllers duels of friends are possible. Promised are Pong, Breakout, Circus Atari, Off the Wall and Super Breakout for the Pong Mini Arcade – as well as Centipede, Adventure, Sprint Master, Warlords and Yar’s Revenge for the Mini Arcade.

Price: 29,99 Euro

Atari Retro Handheld

Atari Retro Handheld
Hero for Retro Fans: The Atari Retro Handheld (Photo: Atari)

If you do not want to wait that long, use the already available Atari Retro Handheld. 50 games are included, including the legendary Air-Sea Battle and of course 3D Tic Tac Toe – controlled by three responsive buttons.

Price: about 37 euros

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The C64 Maxi

C64 maxi
C64 fans can already look forward to the perfect Christmas present (Photo: Amazon)

Thinking of Christmas today: The right Christmas present for retro gamers will be launched by Koch Media on 5 December this year. The C64 Maxi has 64 games, including Boulder Dass and Hover Bovver.

The Maxi is the same size as the legendary C64, featuring modern 4-USB ports, HDMI, and three modes, including the option of displaying a modern graphic.

Price: 115 euros

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