Connected world

Besides the big social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there are countless others. People talk in forums, ask questions in communities, look at role models on YouTube, or write blogs about cooking recipes. But where is the authenticity? How real is that?

For some time now, tools and communities have become increasingly popular that translate digital communication into real life. Users exchange virtual views to meet in real life. Virtuality meets reality – this creates completely new levels of communication. Here are some examples.

1. Meetup

The platform meetup is one of the best-known networks. In various groups, users can exchange views on various topics via the integrated forums. But the focus here is clearly on the interaction in reality. For example, regular meetings, the so-called Meetups, take place in the active groups. The spectrum ranges from the classic topics such as “photography”, “Java programming” or “WordPress” and go to special topics such as “English Book Readers”, “play board games” or “Immersive learning with virtual and augmented Reality “.


In addition to existing groups, new ones can be added and added.
This creates a network with opportunities for exchange on almost every imaginable topic in most major cities in Germany. The platform is now so large that even official meetings of well-known projects are organized and supported there. For example, the WordPress Meetups are supported by the WordPress organization itself.

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Not quite fresh but still relatively new to the market is the community next door. should strengthen the contact with the direct neighbors, because especially in big cities one often knows little about them.
Here, services can be searched for, tools can be lent, or joint cooking evenings organized. It is exciting, who wants to specify his exact address when registering, can list all registered neighbors through different levels and thus see who, for example, from the same house, the same street or the same district is already a member. In addition, there are groups that offer opportunities for exchange on the various topics.

Especially if you have moved to a new apartment or a new one in the city, you will find practical ways to establish your first contacts.

3rd congress

The networking platform Congreet takes a completely new creative approach. According to operator actually since 2013 active, but fell asleep and since 2017 under new leadership back online. Organizers of congresses as well as their visitors can register here. For the participants of the respective conference this is free, on the part of the organizer the price depends on the desired range of functions and the expected number of participants.

The users can now, as usual, create a profile. In addition to photos, contact details, links to the website, XING and LinkedIn, users can write a few sentences about themselves and categorize themselves by using the keywords and “search” and “bid” fields provided by the organizer.
As a result, the other participants in the overview are sorted by matches and so potentially interesting visitors are displayed. These can then be written directly to make out, for example, a meeting place.


Bumble reminds at first glance of a dating portal such as Tinder. In fact, besides the business function, a dating function is also integrated. Of course, friendships can also be found and found here.
Bumble offers three functions with different emphases in one app.

All functions are controlled via the app and after login, a kind of “standard profile” with photo and some basic information can be created.
In the following, the user decides whether he is looking for “dating”, “friends” or “business contacts”. In all three areas the standard profile can be used and adapted in each case. Now everywhere can be wiped to the left or right using a known “swipe” principle. Swipe both to the right, a chat can be set up to then meet. So far, so well known. The interesting difference here: At any time the user can switch between the three levels “friendship”, “dating”, “business” back and forth.

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