Every day: Estonia wants to have robot judges speak judgments

Estonia wants to have robotic judges pronounce judgments

Makes the judge in Switzerland: Swatch may keep ticking (Photo: pixabay)

Estonia is an advanced country committed to using the latest technologies and artificial intelligence. Ott Velsberg, Chief Data Officer in the Baltic State, is launching his latest AI project as a test this year. In the future, robotic judges should decide on smaller claims of less than € 7,000, like the magazine Wired reported. Advantage: This would relieve judges and court officials, because in Estonia there is also a large backlog of unprocessed cases. The AI ​​judges will first be tested in a contract dispute as part of a pilot project. To this end, plaintiffs and defendants must upload all court-relevant documents. The AI ​​analyzes them and makes a decision. In the last resort, however, a human judge may object to this verdict.

Foldable Samsung Fold from May 3 in the trade

5 Samsung Galaxy Fold
Bearded bearers get problems using the Galaxy Fold (Photo: Samsung)

At the MWC 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, one of the first folding smartphones, celebrated its world premiere. Now the launch dates are fixed: From April 26, the fold can be ordered, on May 3, it will be delivered to all first time buyers. With prices around around 2000 euros, the run should be kept within limits and only be interesting for early adopters who are not worried about a first-generation model. The Fold is then available in Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue. Buyers get the new Samsung In-Ears Galaxy Bud, a kind of AirPods for free.

Facebook and Google cheated by 122 million dollars

Facebook and Google fell for a cybercriminal (Photo: pixabay)

Nine years, the Lithuanian Evaldas R. presumably in jail, he is also to pay $ 300,000 penalty. The man has betrayed Facebook and Google for a total of 122 million US dollars. By means of false bank accounts and mail addresses, the Lithuanian had surrendered to Facebook and Google as the Taiwanese company Quanta Computers and made fake bills the large amount of fraud. As The Register reports, the criminal eventually stumbled upon his greed. He continued the fraud, although he had already earned millions. So he flew up to the FBI. The final verdict will be in July.

Mars is in Canada

So how is life on Mars? David Bowie sang it in 1971 on his legendary album “Hunky Dory”. Meanwhile, we know a little more about life on the red planet. And we know that even on Earth there is a place that is very close to Mars with its weather data and geographic formations: Devon Island, an uninhabited island in the Canadian Arctic. If you want to see what life would be like on Mars or on Devon Island, you can now start Google Street View. Google has recently presented street-level images of Devon Island, FoxNews discovered. Mars makes you mobile. But not at work, sports and games – these definitely fall out on both Mars and Devon Island …

Spoilsport Samsung

While Apple asked on Monday evening for “Showtime” to Cupertino, Samsung tried to annoy the eternal competitors with a public relations stunt. As we know, the Apple campaign “Shot on iPhone” has been going on for months. The South Koreans countered and bought themselves at the largest late night US show “Fallon Tonight”. The Monday edition was completely “Shot on Samsung Galaxy S10 +”.

Be sure to tune in on Monday March 25th for an entire show captured #withGalaxy S10 + in partnership with @SamsungMobileUS! Jimmy’s filming all over the city might just go to a bar with @TheNotoriousMMA

– Fallon Tonight (@FallonTonight) March 20, 2019

The end of the LEAD: Totally off-hook

Is it a bird? Is it a dinosaur? Or the drone of the future? MetaFly is currently one of the hottest new projects on Kickstarter. The creators of this UFO, this incredible flying object, would have only needed 30,000 euros for financing. Although there are still 36 days to go, the Marseille team around the developer Edwin Van Ruymbeke has already recorded more than 320,000 euros for MetaFly. Totally off the beaten track: Kickstarter’s high-flyer – donations of 70 euros or more are yours.

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