TechDaily: Ford brings kennel with noise protection

Ford brings kennel with noise control

Ford hut
Run to Ford, instead of running away: The new doghouse provides noise protection for terrified four-legged friends (Photo: Ford)

New Year’s Eve is approaching – and with it the nightmare night for all dogs and their owners. Because the senseless Böllern sets most of the four-legged extremely, many react in a panic. If it goes to Ford, but that could change in a year. Because the automaker has used the technology that dampens noise in its cars, now for the first doghouse with active noise protection. Similar to noise-canceling headphones, microphones register environmental noise – which is masked and suppressed with counter-noise. With a noise control panel, anti-vibration technology and automatic sliding door, the Ford Kennel is so classy that dogs are likely to crawl on January 2 and 3, and for the rest of the year. Currently, there is only one prototype, a series production is quite conceivable, according to Ford.

The roll-up TV will come in 2019

Roll-up TV
Should play a major role in 2019 – the TV novelty of LG (Photo: LG)

Earlier this year, LG showed the prototype of its first roll-up TV at the CES technology show in Las Vegas. In 2019, this technology will play an even bigger role, because the South Koreans are launching the device as a world first on the market. The wafer-thin 65-inch display can be rolled up like paper and retracts at the touch of a button to its base station, which contains all the technology for the TV. On request, so Bloomberg, remain a few inches of the screen visible – as an information display for the latest news from the Internet. The price is still completely open. Currently, LG’s 65-inch OLED televisions are already priced at 1,750 euros, but the roll-up TV is likely to cost many times as much.

The Fast and the Furious: Lin-win situation for Apple

Fast And Furious
Auto-Action for Apple? Silence and meditative content should not be provided by Justin Lin (Photo: Universal Studios)

No day without news from Apple’s TV offensive, which should start in 2019. Now the iKonzern has a contract with one of the most successful directors of Hollywood. Justin Lin, who staged the last four parts of the “The Fast and the Furious” metalforming show, is to deliver exclusive TV content for Apple with his production company “Perfect Storm Entertainment”. What content that is, according to CultofMac is not yet known. Only a few days ago, Apple had secured the rights to a new “Peanuts” comics series. The costs? Despite stock market weakness Peanuts for the iPhone inventor.

Politicians and journalists: Every 30 seconds offended on Twitter

Twitter Abuse
Twitter – especially for women who are mostly anonymously offended by men, often a hideous place (Photo:

Shocking results from a new study by Amnesty International. Verbal abuse and insults appear to be even more prevalent on Twitter than expected. And women are particularly likely to be affected – especially if they are colored. For the study, volunteers analyzed 228,000 tweets received by politicians and journalists in the US and the UK in 2017. Bitter Result: Every 30 seconds, a tweet directed at this group performs verbal violence. According to Amnesty representative Milena Marin, “We now have the data to prove what women have been saying for a long time – that Twitter is a place where racism, misogyny and homophobia can basically flourish unhindered.” She appeals to the social (?) Network to finally act: “Twitter’s failure to address this issue is helping to silence these already weak voices.”

Official keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One

Xbox keyboard
The Taste: New accessories for the Xbox One (Photo: Razer)

Recently, Microsoft’s game console Xbox One can also be controlled via keyboard and mouse. Especially with role and strategy games, this brings significant advantages over the controller, allowing players to react much faster and more accurately. This works with virtually all commercially available input devices. But fancier and more stylish is the first official keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One, which brings game specialist Razer to the market on January 8th. The accessories, so The Verge, was developed in cooperation with Microsoft, prices are not yet known.

The end of LEAD: Paul McCartney and Emma Stone against bullying

Macca Stone
Paul McCartney and Emma Stone join forces against mobbing (Photo: Apple Music)

Paul McCartney and Emma Stone have teamed up for an anti-bullying initiative. The legendary Beatle and the actress have made a video for McCartney’s new single “Who Cares,” in which Paul sings against bullying. The video, in which McCartney and a clown-faced Emma Stone drive in a car through a minimalist hand-drawn landscape, is for the time being exclusively on Apple Music. It’s the prelude to a social media anti-bullying campaign with the hashtag #WhoCaresIDo (“Who cares ?!”).

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