Joyn & Co. – The Best Tips To Watch TV Without A TV

Zattoo, and MagentaTV have been offering this service for a while. And a few days ago, Joyn, the new streaming service from ProSiebenSat.1 and from Eurosport parent company Discovery, is also broadcasting. LEAD reveals how television works without a TV, what it can do and what it costs.

A Touch of Netflix: With this interface Joyn greets its users (Photo: Joyn)

That’s Joyn: The new offer, in German in about “Join in!” is meant to be a mix of live television, media library and own content à la Netflix. Joyn replaces 7TV, the previous streaming service of the transmitter from Unterföhring. That’s why 7TV on most smartphones and tablets is also automatically replaced by the Joyn app. At the start, Joyn is currently free. At the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020, a paid premium version will be added. The price is still unclear, but should be like the competition between five and ten euros a month.

That’s what Joyn offers on live TV: The new service advertises 55 live channels. After deducting the many regional channels of the third from “WDR Wuppertal” to “NDR Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” still remain 37 “real” channels left – from ARD and ZDF on ProSieben, Sat.1 and Kabel1 to exotic such as Comedy Central or MTV. Competitor RTL with the sister stations such as VOX or Nitro is missing, as expected. Nevertheless, according to CEO Katja Hofem Joyn “67 percent of the German TV offer to see”.


Joko Klaas
“Joko and Klaas vs ProSieben” – such in-house shows can be made up in Joyn’s media library (Photo: Joyn)

That’s what Joyn offers on call: In the media libraries there are in-house programs from “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben” to “The Last Bull”. But the offer is far from complete, for example “Schlag den Star” is missing. And to own production Joyn offers the start of the third season of the wonderful Fremdschäm comedy “Jerks” with Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim, the elementary comedy “Die Läusemutter” with Pina Kühr and Michael Kessler or “Single Diaries” with Raul Richter, in which it is about love in the single capital Munich.

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So Joyn is already at the start of a quite exciting TV mix – with a disadvantage: Because only the public-law can be seen in HD, the image quality in normal SD resolution manageable. Thus, until the start of Joyn’s premium service, there is currently no possibility to watch programs by ProSieben or Sat.1 in a HD media library.

The fastest foreign shame in the world: For “Jerks” & Co. Joyn does not yet need a registration (Photo: Joyn)

How Joyn works: Currently, the usage is still extremely easy and comfortable. Per App or in the browser on no registration or registration is necessary. “Jerks” & Co. start after a few seconds – and after the obligatory commercial. Joyn runs on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, PC and Mac as well as on Amazon Fire TV and soon on smart TVs Samsung from 2017. More Internet TVs are to follow, as well as an app for Apple TV.

So Joyn comes to the TV: Fire TV and Samsung’s smart TVs are the easiest way to use Joyn on the big TV. But it works differently. iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac or PC running Joyn can be connected to the TV via HDMI cable, for example. From iOS devices or the Mac, the transmission of Joyn to the TV also works wirelessly via Apple TV. But beware: The SD image quality of most of Joyn’s content (except the public) makes even less fun on large televisions than on a smartphone or tablet.

Mrs. Jordan
“Ms. Jordan presents the same” – the Joyn series with Katrin Bauerfeind will start next winter (Photo: Joyn)

That’s what Joyn plans: The paid premium version will in the future offer more HD television as well as the content of Maxdome and the Eurosport Player. Then you can also see the Bundesliga games from Eurosport on Joyn. Further in-house productions are announced for the end of 2019: “Check Check” with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf plays on a dreary provincial airport. And in “Ms. Jordan represents the same” Katrin Bauerfeind plays an equal opportunities officer who has it not easy.

These are the alternatives to Joyn

The Swiss invented it: Zattoo has been streaming since 2006 (Photo: Zattoo)

Zattoo: The Swiss streaming service is by far the oldest provider in this field. Zattoo has been broadcasting since 2006. With the free “Free” package ARD and ZDF can be seen there with their offshoots – but also smaller stations from “Welt der Wunder” to “EuroNews”. In the “Premium” tariff for 9.99 euros per month run the private people of RTL to ProSieben then even in HD. The “Ultimate” package for 19.99 euros a month offers an even greater choice of HD channels – and 100 hours of recording in the cloud recorder, while it is “Premium” only 30 hours.

Exemplary Zattoo is in the number of platforms that are supported. On the list, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox One are just about all the relevant hardware. If you want to see all the important private people in HD, Zattoo is currently offering the cheapest TV streaming in Germany for € 9.99 a month.

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Only at Waipu is gewaipt. The program can be pushed from smartphone or tablet to the TV (photo: Compared to other Internet broadcasters, the Munich provider wants to stand out above all by greater comfort. Specialty is the “Waipen”. This allows the TV picture at Waipu from the smartphone or tablet by a swipe forward almost slide on the TV set. Then use your phone or tablet as a remote control. The “Free” package is free and offers 40 channels, most of them public.

With the option “Comfort” for 4.99 euros per month, the number of stations increases to 87, including in SD image resolution all the important private. A virtual video recorder can also record 25 hours of program. The all-inclusive “Perfect” package for 9.99 euros a month is the only option with HD images. There are over 100 programs available, and you can record 100 hours of TV. However, RTL and VOX are basically not seen in HD at Waipu. In addition, mobile usage costs an additional five euros per month. Without this option, users are only allowed to change their Wi-Fi network once a day.

Waipu also runs on most Internet-enabled platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV or smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips or Sharp. The comfort is exemplary, the prices can not quite keep up with the SD pictures of the RTL Group and the antiquated mobile surcharge with Zattoo.

Magenta Tv
MagentaTV – telecom streaming not only for telecom customers (Photo: Telekom)

MagentaTV: The streaming offer of the Telekom is called since October 2018 no longer EntertainTV, but MagentaTV. With the renaming, it was opened for the first time for non-Telekom customers. Who already has a landline connection of the Telekom, pays for the basic offer 4.95 euro additionally in the month. For all others, it is 7.95 euros. There are all major channels to see, including the RTL group – the private but only in SD image resolution. If you want to watch RTL, VOX, ProSieben, Sat.1 & Co. in HD, pay for MagentaTV Plus another five euros a month extra. With 4.95 euros and 7.95 euros for public-law and private prices at MagentaTV are favorable – apart from the five-euro HD surcharge.

The magenta streaming works in the browser on as well as apps for iOS, Android, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. Practical functions are the recording in the cloud, the restart of already started programs and the “Megathek” of ARD and ZDF – including more than 200 crime scene episodes. Other packages like Magenta Sport can be ordered from 4.95 Euro per month.

From 9.95 euros, there is the Sky package with the conferences from the Bundesliga and Champions League – but only for fixed or mobile Telekom customers. And with the StreamOn offer of the Telekom Zattoo, Waipu, MagentaTV and probably soon Joyn can stream, without burdening the data flatrate.

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