On the second attempt: Podcasts on the triumph

With its wide variety of different series and formats, Netflix has succeeded in capturing the young target group, which is feeling less and less addressed by the usual TV program. On the platform, they can watch exactly the movie, series or documentary they want right now, without having to wait for the main movie at 8:15 pm. In addition, series for binge-watching – turn off lacks display. The same phenomenon that has helped Netflix to its great success, now also provides for the big podcast boom, which has swum over from the US to Germany.

Dead people live longer

Although the format is still young, it is not really new. Podcasts have been around since 2004, and even then they were predicted to have a rosy future. In fact, at first everything looked very much like it. Most radio and some TV shows had a podcast function. Suddenly, however, the development stagnated, so that the podcasts in 2008 attested a speedy end. But with the growing penetration of our lives through smartphones, the tide turned. Since 2012, podcasts are experiencing an impressive renaissance. Critical to their rebirth is that users no longer need an additional device to listen to them.


You take your time for the podcast

Who can set it up in time, marks the date of the favored podcast red in the calendar and streams it to the airtime. However, most podcast providers also offer their content for download. This has the great advantage that content can be heard at any time, in any place and even offline. According to a survey on the usage situation of podcasts, a majority of users (66 percent) listen to the stories primarily at home or on the train or on long trips (37 percent).

In contrast to the linear radio, which runs primarily by the side and is preferably consumed because of the music, people listen to the contributions quite purposefully. They take the 15 to 30 minutes and get informed about their favorite topic. An ideal opportunity for a break in the fast-paced world, where topics are increasingly communicated in short sequences. This podcasts offer the possibility of diving from everyday life with the immersion in a specific topic.

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Personality goes into your ear

The range of podcast-related topics is as broad as the range of people’s interests – there is a podcast for every taste. However, it can be summarized that comedy, news and politics as well as TV and film (all each 33 percent) on the popularity scale ranked very high among the listeners. Of course, the content is a criterion for the success of a podcast, but this format also depends on the how.

While the classic radio addresses a large user base due to its established frontal sonication, it does not succeed in establishing a closeness to the listeners. That’s what podcast listeners are all about. They demand a clear positioning and discussion of a topic. Opinions and roles must be predictable and assessable. It’s not just about superficial skirmishes, but about the depth that makes the stories attractive to the audience. It creates an emotional bond that awakens the need to keep listening.

Podcasts are the next big thing

This more intimate way of storytelling is especially popular with young, educated people. They have naturally grown into the on-demand use of media offerings such as Netflix & Co., and consider it to be absolutely logical, if such media usage options also exist in the auditive field. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that especially classical media and publishers, who are less and less able to reach the young target group with radio, TV and print, see podcasts as the perfect opportunity to get them back on board.

In addition, more and more bloggers and influencers find taste in the format. The fact that it will not stay with a short-term trend this time, but podcasts will develop into the “Next Big Thing”, can be seen in the huge commitment of the Internet sizes in this area. Amazon and Spotify are becoming more and more active in the podcast segment, Apple is collecting listener data via podcast analytics, and Google is in the process of launching its own search category for podcasts only.

Advertising that is worthwhile

Of course, the technical advancements of smartphones and language assistants will continue to have a positive effect on the popularity of auditory content. While many advertisers are not currently viewing podcasts as a relevant component of the marketing mix, it is only a matter of time before the content for the ear has taken its place. For the US, about $ 694 million in advertising sales are projected for the year 2021, and a rapid increase in advertising revenue is also evident for the German market. In the next few years there will be no way around podcasts.

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Alexander Noack is an online marketer, a trained expert in online communication and an expert in content marketing at the Center for Innovative Marketing Berlin / Brandenburg, ZIM-BB. In addition, co-founder of the online marketing agency CLICKHERO GmbH and the Audiostruct GmbH from Eberswalde near Berlin.

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