TechTäglich: Apple completely rebuilds its MacBook series

Apple is completely rebuilding its MacBook series

MacBook Air
Apple has also given the MacBook Air the true-tone technology (Photo: Apple)

Even without its own event, Apple is very active this summer in the product refresher: The Group has the 12-inch MacBook currently abolished. In addition, there is no longer a MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar: it has been withdrawn from circulation.

Specifically: The new MacBook Air model receives the true-tone technology in the retina display for eye-friendly work. In addition, the price for the Air was reduced from 1349 to 1249 euros. The 13 “MacBook Pro has also been updated with the latest generation of quad-core processors. According to Apple, the Pro is thus “twice as powerful” as its predecessor. In addition to the touch bar, this entry-level model also includes True Tone and the T2 security chip. Students receive special prices on both products.

However, this may not be the only “silent update” this year: While the fall event – in September – should be reserved for the new iPhones and possibly the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple also has a 16-inch MacBook Pro in the pipeline. Mass production is expected to start soon after reports from the Asian supply chain. Even with a new 10.2-inch entry-level iPad, which should replace the current entry-level model, is expected. Maybe soon. Mass production is expected to start this month, reports Japanese portal macotakara.

Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android with early start

Dr Mario World app
Dr. Mario World: Take the fight against viruses with the pills of the plumber (Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo has launched its new mobile games Mario World for iOS a few hours ahead. The game, which mixes Match 3 and Tetris elements, can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

The game mechanics is explained quickly: Mario’s pills need to be cleverly moved on the field to stop the viruses. Formed vertical or horizontal rows. The number of capsules is limited. Even friends can be challenged to a duel in Versus mode.

Everything was great? Nearly! Free is not really free. In-app purchases are essential if you want to get on the course with hundreds of levels …

Download link for Android / Download link for iOS

Amazon pushes on the you tube

Fire Tv You Tube1
Finally, the YouTube app is back on Fire TV (Photo: Amazon)

Good news for owners of an Amazon Fire TV: Long awaited, the new YouTube app for Fire TV. Let’s start with Fire TV Stick of the second generation and Fire TV 4K. Apps for Fire TV 1 to 3 or the first generation Fire TV stick are to follow “in the coming months”, just like the YouTube Kids App for Fire TV.

Small addition from Amazon: The Amazon Prime Video app is now also available on Chromecast and devices with built-Chromecast technology and Android TV devices.

Spotify becomes a lightweight

Spotify Lite
Lite my fire: Spotify has slimmed down its app in certain countries (Photo: Spotify)

Spotify is on a diet. The company has released a new lite version of its Android app. Especially for Android smartphones, there is a wide range of devices. Not all are equipped with fast high-end hardware. Spotify now wants to serve the low-end market.

Many smartphones come in developing countries only with small memory and weak processor on the market. Spotify Lite has been optimized to consume as few resources and bandwidth as possible.

The app is only 10 MB in size and throws some features of the main app overboard. The important functionalities remain however. The app has been launched in 36 countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. For Germany, no start date is known yet. It is also unclear whether there will be an iOS Lite version. Incidentally, the same applies to the app Spotify Stations, which offers personalized radio stations, but so far only in the US and Australia was launched.

Danger on Android: How to trick developers at site permissions

Android Marshmallow
Many users would not like that: Android triggers site corrections (Photo: pixabay)

A recent US Federal Food Commission (FTC) study on Android apps shows how developers circumvent authorization systems. Before an app can access your location, it must first ask for permission. But even if this is not granted, developers have found ways to get to location data.

One of the applications examined, a photo app, had simply analyzed the images on the user’s device. In the metadata of the photos are recorded the GPS coordinates under which the image was shot.

Another way around the limitations: App A has the rights to read the data, and App B does not own it. App B can communicate with App A to get the data.

Frightening: Out of 88,000 apps surveyed, 1325 bypassed the authorization system with this or similar technologies.

The end of the LEAD: the woman they called the horse

The movie “The Man They Called Horse” became world famous. Now “The Woman Who Called You Horse” gallops on your screen. Then (p) the network is just starting:

The Norwegian Ayla Kirstine has learned for years how to run like a horse. And she even jumps over obstacles like a horse. On the net, she is currently a viral superstar with her arts.


Absolutely nobody:

Horse girl:

– Cherno (@yChernno) May 14, 2019

And with that we have horse for today at TechTäglich. I wish an animal Wednesday. See you tomorrow at TechTäglich!

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