The Best Apps 2019 – Part 8

radio Player

Radio player False driver function Photo 2
Photo: Radio Player

Not so easy to find the right radio app for smartphone and tablet. The selection in the stores is large and therefore quite confusing. TuneIn Radio and are among the best-known applications in Germany. The application Receiver (also available for Android) has also proven itself on iOS, she can still deal with Siri shortcuts and start on the HomePod favorite channel via a shortcut. Practical, because Apple itself provides only the voice control of the in-house station Beats1. In addition to these three popular apps also Radio Player deserves attention.

The app is called under Android “Radio Player – Free Radio App”. Under iOS it is called “Radio Player – Radio for all”. The program has been around for four years, it was created from the joint collaboration of public-service and private broadcasters and in addition to hundreds of radio stations also offer many podcasts. Telecom customers, the use is not counted on the consumption of data volume, because the radio player also participates in “StreamOn”.

That’s why the app has landed on our radar in recent days, because the fresh update brings an interesting additional function: Radio Player integrates technology from Bosch and now warns against wrong-way drivers. 140,000 German motorway junctions have already been integrated into this project, so you are safe on the road and in good time can evade Ghost drivers. The only criticism: There are still some popular stations, such as the Berlin-based, but nationwide popular indie radio FluxFM. Ever something for the next update …

Free for iOS and Android

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Photo scanner from Photomyne

Photo: Photomyne

The title is program. With Photomyne, your old and yellowed photos can be digitally saved and optimized. Many know it: in the drawers are photos from holidays, family celebrations and other events. On the smartphone or tablet, we look at the treasures of the past faster and easier. The actual scanning is very easy. Slideshows can be generated with Photomyne.

In our tests, the scanning of several images was fast. The cutting was done in no time. In addition to metadata, photo filters can also be used. Through in-app purchase, the range of functions can be expanded again in the form of a subscription, which includes, among other things, a cloud service. The developers are also on the ball with updates on the ball: iOS were recently added the slideshows. With Android, it’s even possible to colorize old black and white photos while subscribing.

Free for iOS and Android

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Stress mentor
Photo: Stress Mentor

When the day’s work is too long and too exhausting, symptoms such as back pain occur – or there may be some sleep and possibly even anxiety disorders. The new app Stress-Mentor shows you how to reduce the stress and relax more. It was developed by scientists of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has supported the creation of the application. The application shows relaxation exercises and meditations, which are to be installed especially during the day in the (working) everyday life. Stress triggers can be recorded in a journal. With quizzes you confirm what you have learned.

Free for Android and the Amazon App Store

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Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast
Photo: Angry Birds

It must be a bit of fun – also in this column – to distract yourself a bit from the work routine every now and then. In almost every episode, we also recommend an entertaining casual game for in between. Today it will be Angry Birds Dream Blast.

Angry Birds? There was something, years ago. Exactly! In the early days of mobile smartphone and tablet games, half the world played Angry Birds. In 2009 it was – and the Finnish developer Rovio raked millions with the cult game for birds and pigs. The first games in the series were still convincing, but then the crash of Rovio began. The users quickly realized that the developers wanted to squeeze their original game concept ever further: here is a franchise, there is a franchise. 2018 was again a financially weak year for Rovio.

2019 it is according to analysts forecasts back up. This could be due to the game “Angry Birds Dream Blast”, a Match 3 and Match 4 game with the familiar characters from the franchise. Although Rovio is again on a freemium concept with in-app purchases. But whoever, like the author of these lines, brings some patience, does not have to buy any (99-cent to cheeky 99-euro) game coins in the in-app store. I have done it without any additional purchases currently up to level 74. Good for match 3 friends, but of course bad for Rovio’s earnings.

Free for iOS and Android

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