LEAD check: Which streaming service is right for you?

The streaming market is booming: the US is the mother of all streaming countries. By 2018, all streaming services worldwide already generated $ 38.2 billion in revenue (approximately € 34 billion). By 2023, it is expected to rise by around 13 percent annually. In Germany, around 38 percent of Germans say that they stream videos at least once a week, with 16 percent of these 38 percent streaming daily. But the business is tough: More and more video streaming providers are entering the market, most recently Apple TV + (LEAD reported). In Germany, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are currently sharing the market with 32 percent coverage each. But with exclusive content, the competition is putting the two German market leaders under constant pressure. Last but not least, Disney + will also be launching in Spring 2020 with many Star Wars and Marvel content in Germany (in the US in 2019). But not every user can afford to subscribe to all services. The selection is always difficult.


LEAD introduces you to the most important players: prices, offers, advantages and disadvantages – which service suits you best?


House Of Money Netflix
The Spanish production “House of the Money”, now available in Season 3, is the current blockbuster of Netflix (Photo: Netflix)

prices: From 7.99 Euro per month (1 device at the same time / SD) up to 15.99 (4 devices at the same time / HD, Ultra-HD).

Offer: Free trial month, cancellable at any time.

Advantages: Many exclusive own productions. No advertising. Depending on the subscription, up to 5 people in the household can create their own account for their preferences.

Disadvantage: Due to the large offer a bit confusing for newcomers in the series jungle. Subscription can not be booked quickly via the iOS app. Not all content available offline.

LEAD rating: The top dog. For serial freaks Netflix is ​​Pflucht.

book: netflix.com/de

Amazon Prime Video

Dortmund Amazon Prime Video Doc
Borussia Dortmund stars and legends show the Amazon Prime video jersey on the occasion of a BVB documentary series (Photo: Amazon)

prices: Included in Amazon Prime (69 euros per year / students 34 euros / year or 7.99 euros / month). But also without Prime bookable: for 7.99 euros per month.

Offer: Free trial month, cancellable at any time.

Advantages: In addition to films and series, the Prime Bundle includes many other services such as parcel delivery within 24 hours or Kindle Unlimited reading service. Exclusive in-house productions, also in sports (Borussia Dortmund documentary etc.).

Disadvantage: User interface could be improved. Booking additional channels like Starz or Eurosport player costs extra.

LEAD rating: The second best offer on the market. If you use Prime anyway, you will not pay.

book: amazon.de/primevideo


Max Dome Db
Maxdome also provides the on-board entertainment program for Deutsche Bahn (photo: inside-bahn.de)

Price: 7.99 euros / month.

Offer: Free trial month, cancellable at any time. Often also longer free action, e.g. by train, see advantages.

Advantages: Maxdome is a partner of the Deutsche Bahn: 3 months Maxdome with Maxdome DB ticket for 60 Euro (includes 1 free train journey / Stecke). DB package for 100 euros brings 6 months Maxdome free and 2 train rides.

Disadvantage: Online a bit awkward to cancel. Selection smaller than Netflix and Amazon Prime. Big exclusive blockbusters and significant in-house productions are missing.

LEAD rating: Maxdome and the track go well together. With Maxdome rather sluggish program, with the course the trains lug often with delay in the station …

book: maxdome.de


4 Sky Go
Sky Go, the Bundesliga and others on the iPad (Photo: Apple / Sky)

prices: as a Sky subscription, various packages. From 19.99 euros / year.

Deals: Sky ticket, no contract, from 9.99 euros / month. Often special promotions at Bundesliga top games (Bayern – Dortmund, etc.).

Advantages: Besides DAZN, shows the best sports events live (Bundesliga, 2. Liga, Champions League, DFB-Pokal). Many blockbusters and feature film channels (action, thriller, comedy and more). Recently also exciting in-house productions.

Disadvantage: Opaque tariff jungle without real unit prices. After the subscription connection, it’s best to quit again. Sky submits to the end of the subscription then usually better prices to persuade you to a Aboverlängerung. In the Champions League, Sky has lost some of the rights to DAZN, but still shows one game per match live plus conference. The app SkyGo on the move is still a technical catastrophe on iOS and Android.

LEAD rating: Every Saturday who wants to see the original Bundesliga conference on the couch with cult moderators like Frank Buschmann, Jörg Dahlmann, Hansi Küpper and Tom Beyer needs a Sky subscription. For films close to the news. The own productions are so far also worth seeing. Sky is going!

book: sky.de

Google Play video

Google Play
The most popular (buy) movies on Google Play at a glance (Screenshot: Gronau)

prices: no subscription, movies (from 3.99 euros) and series are paid individually (from 99 cents) or after seasons from about 10 euros) on call. They can be borrowed or bought.

Deals: Weekly cheap rental films and reduced purchase movies.

Advantages: Again and again offers, even for series bundles or film packages. Many TV series from the USA quickly available in Germany.

Disadvantage: No flatrate. No tidy layout. No Google exclusive own productions.

LEAD rating: For many Android users, Google Play is still the first port of call, akin to Apple’s former iTunes Store, which was phased out under Catalina in its original form. Nevertheless, the store is in need of renovation.

book: play.google.com/store


Magenta Tv Exclusive Series
Also MagentaTV shows more and more exclusive series such as Godfather of Harlem (Photo: Telekom)

Prices: depending on the subscription from 7.95 euros

Advantages: Not a classic streaming service, but mix of linear TV and streaming. Time-shifted television. Videoload connected as a download portal. The streaming portal of Telekom does not require a subscription, films (blockbusters from 3.99 euros) and series (from 99 cents / per episode) are purchased or borrowed. Always special offers. On MagentaTV own series like “The Handmade’s Tale” (exclusive).

Disadvantage: Receiver still quite error-prone, 100,000 line for stability duty. Exclusive sponsor of the 3rd football league, but all games only 6 months free, then 4.95 euros / month extra.

LEAD rating: Great overall package with linear TV, apps and streaming services. The current online package with 45 HD TV channels, Megathek, series and films incl. Netflix standard subscription including receiver for 35 euros (first 6 months) is a low-priced entry (then 58.95 euros plus receiver 4.94 mtl .).

book: telekom.de/tv


The comedy series “Jerks.” with Christian Ullmen (l.) and Fahri Yardim has already achieved cult status (Photo: Jony)

Prices: currently still free. Later 7.99 euros per month

Advantages: Combines live TV, movies and TV shows. Joyn, the cooperation of ProSieben and Discovery, replaces the so far rather tired populated media app 7TV.

Disadvantage: The first own productions fall off against the mighty competitors. Here you can see that the operators for exclusive series do not have big budgets. Exception: the cult series “Jerks.”. Besides, not ad-free.

LEAD rating: The first exclusive in-house productions like “Check. Check” with Klaas Häufer circulation still disappoint. Otherwise u.a. to see: B-celebrities like Kathrin Bauerfeind. If you only want to pay for a single streaming service, Joyn is certainly not your first choice.

Book: joyn.de


Bachelor In Paradise
In the Name of the Rose: TV NOW shows the trash format “Bachelor in Paradise” (Photo: RTL)

Prices: Premium costs 4.99 euros per month.

Deals: 30 days free trial. Many content for free.

Advantages: The platform of the RTL Group is comparable to Joyn. It bundles the linear channels of the RTL group, supplemented by exclusive films and series such as the first gay dating show “Prince Charming”. Various shows, such as “Grill den Henssler” are already available up to seven days before the actual TV broadcast.

Disadvantage: Shows GZSZ, Berlin day and night, Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise (photo), Cologne 50667, all that matters Love Island and Bauer is looking for a woman …

LEAD rating: Not exactly the ARTE among the streaming platforms.

Book: tvnow.de

Apple TV +

Apple TV morning show
Tim Cook at the Apple TV + premiere of the series “The Morning Show” in New York with Jennifer Aniston, l., And Reese Witherspoon (Photo: Apple)

Prices: 1 year free for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac buyers. Then 4.99 euros per month or discounted 44.99 euros, if you want to pay the annual fee at once.

Deals: Regular users can try Apple TV + for the first 7 days for free.

Advantages: Apple promises “quality instead of quantity” and wants to keep the clarity of the content. No purchased content, only exclusive in-house productions – to start with high-profile actors such as Jason Momoa (“See”), Reese Witherspoon (“The Morning Show”). Apple TV box not necessary, app is e.g. Also available on Amazon Prime Video and on smart TVs from Samsung or LG (newer models).

Disadvantage: For the start of many series only the first three episodes available, then it goes on in the weekly rhythm on. ATV + is not available on Android phones and tablets. You should not cancel in advance: According to Apple, customers who cancel during the offer period lose the remaining time of their offer.

LEAD rating: It remains to be seen whether Apple will live up to its own quality standards in the long term.

Book: tv.apple.com/de

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