TechTäglich: Tokyo 2020 – Video games are going to be Olympic

Tokyo 2020: Video games become Olympic

Tokyo 2020
Runs at Intel! The Americans plan completely new TV tricks for the Olympics 2020 (Photo: Intel)

Intel has presented its plans for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The US company is technology partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). As part of the collaboration, Intel is also providing a facial recognition system that clearly identifies 300,000 game participants, including athletes. It gives you quicker and easier access to stadiums, halls and other Olympic facilities.

In the television broadcasts, Intel allows completely new digital tricks. For example, colored transitions in track and field athletics show who is fast, who is accelerating or slowing down. The technology called 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT), designed to give TV viewers new insights into the competition, works in real time. TV broadcasters can also use it live. In the run-up to the Games, Intel also organizes an e-sports tournament in Tokyo, where the winners in “Street Fighter V” and “Rocket League” can each earn $ 250,000 in prize money. Gold medals are not available for 2020 (yet). Nevertheless, this is the first time the IOC sanctioned e-sports in the context of Olympics instead.

The best of the iPhone 11 Pro (and the less good one)

The US magazine The Verge took a closer look at the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, and chose the three best and three less good novelties. Top are therefore four to five hours dramatically longer battery life – which can be a real reason for buying iPhone users who are always at the limit of the battery in the evening. Also from the new triple cameras is The Verge impressed. They partially take on parallel and thus enable completely new photo and video tricks that even the lower-priced iPhone 11 with a dual camera can not handle. The third thumbs up is for the new OLED displays, which have continued to increase in terms of contrast and brightness. Apple therefore speaks of “Super Retina XDR” screens – so to speak of the new 6K monitor “Pro Display XDR” in pocket size.

There are also three thumbs down – at first for the somewhat dismal color selection on the Pro with Space Gray, Silver, Gold and the new Nightgreen, which really looks a bit more interesting than the presentation. Some of the fresh colors of the iPhone 11 would have done well for the Pro. Also criticized The Verge, that the new features do not really justify the surname “Pro” – where, for example, does the support of the Apple Pencil stay? The experts are also keeping their fingers crossed for the decision to postpone the switch to a USB-C socket for another year. Because the Lightning connection has long been getting old.

Instagram is planning its own TikTok

Instagram feels the competition of the Chinese video clip app TikTok, which is extremely popular with children and young people. It has now been loaded over a billion times. And Instagram responds. Apparently, Facebook’s hip photo daughter prepares a TikTok competitor called “Clips”, which makes it easy to compile and edit videos (kids) like with TikTok. Programmer and blogger Jane Manchun Wong has discovered the feature in an Instagram beta.

She specializes in “reverse engineering” new and unpublished features in the code of apps to discover. With “clips”, Insta users can therefore combine and cut individual video snippets via a simple editor. They can also change the length and speed of their videos and add music to them. Whether and when Instagram actually releases the novelty is not yet clear.

Instagram is working on “Clips”, a Story Camera feature “inspired” by TikTok

I have a mini surprise on my new blog:

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) September 11, 2019

Huawei folding phone: the first video test

Next Wednesday, Samsung’s (former?) Helpline, the foldable Galaxy Fold, will be released in Germany for 2,100 euros. But the competition is already waiting. Because apparently China giant Huawei has completed the development of its own biplane, the Mate X, after a few delays now also. 9to5Google The Mate X, which is also expected in the fall at a similar price as the Fold, now for the first time in a detailed hands-on test – and is full of praise. “The Mate X is the most elegant foldable device yet,” it says in the test.

Accordingly, the Huawei – much more than the Samsung – feels like a normal smartphone, which offers just a great additional function with the double display. The kink between the two screen halves is hard to see and feel, according to the first test on the Mate X. And the opening and closing mechanism should feel and sound “dreamlike” – much like the click of a pen. Only left-handers are not happy with the folding Huawei, because the operation is very strong optimized for right-handed people. And the question of how far Google software is allowed to run on it hovers anyway as a dark-clouded Damocles sword over the Mate X.

Fortnite in the low – because of 15 years old classic

Twitch streams
Red numbers at Fortnite – that’s hard to see (Photo: StreamElements)

With the release of the current “Season X” the big hype surrounding the action superhit “Fortnite Battle Royale” seems to have eased a bit. This impression is confirmed by new evaluations of the streaming experts of stream Elementswho closely monitor the clicks of Amazon’s game video service Twitch. According to them, “Fortnite” viewership numbers in August, uncharacteristically for the game, fell 1.61 percent from July to still impressive 89 million streamed game hours.

Big winner is the revived legend “World of Warcraft”, which shot up in August thanks to new old Classic version from the year 2004 by 83.79 percent to 67.9 million streaming hours. It’s also fitting that with “Asmongold” the most watched streamer in August was a “World of Warcraft” boxer. He supplanted “Fortnite” star Turner “Tfue” Tenney in second place. And The Verge Watching that many Fortnite fans are currently watching Twitch, their favorite streamer is World of Warcraft. The nostalgic fantasy world with druids, demons and warlocks apparently offers the perfect rest from the crunchy advertising firing on “Fortnite”.

The End of the LEAD: iPhone Camera Phobia?

Lotus Flower – not only in the old hit of the Flippers, but also in Apple? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Triggers the new triple camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Trypophobie – so the fear of many small holes, as they are seen for example in the capsule of a lotus, in air chocolate or bath foam? GizmodoAuthor Jennings Brown and some Twitterers are worried about the many holes on the back of the iPhone. “The iPhone lenses trigger trypophobia with me,” complains Brown. Although his fears are not quite so serious. But Twitter finds: If the number of camera lenses on the iPhone continues to increase, it could eventually be questionable in terms of trypophobia.

Coming soon: #iphone 15 – It’s All Cameras! ™ # AppleEvent

– Amy (@starboots_) September 10, 2019

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