Morning Netzer (23): Play it again, Harry!

Ils sont rapides, ces Français!

What was that for a first quarterfinal day! The World Cup is now an European Championship, the World Champion is definitely from Europe. For the first time since 1930, neither Brazil nor Germany is in the semifinals. And everyone is looking forward to France’s over-game against Belgium on Tuesday night. And we will be astonished again: Mon dieu, the French are fast! Where: The little fan from Uruguay yesterday was much less enthusiastic about France. Schnüff 😢

Only football? Little Pedro sees things differently. 😢 #URUFRA

– Joerg Heinrich (@Heinrichheute) July 6, 2018

Hot like frit fat

This Belgian fan had more fun in the stadium against Brazil. But do not sweat badly when you’re hot like fry fat on the world title? Anyway: Sensationstor of Kevin De Bruynewho fired a rocket. To Messi and Ronaldo flies now too Neymar home – and we deliver the guaranteed last “Flying Neymar” gag of this World Cup. The superstar himself adopted unusually simple from Russia: “Bye.”

This Belgium fan’s fries costume is the definition of world class. #BRAvBEL # WorldCup2018

– Gateway Gunner (@GatewayGunner) July 6, 2018

That finish from @DeBruyneKev 👌

👀 TV listings 👉
📺 Highlights 👉 #WorldCup

– FIFA World Cup 🏆 (@FIFAWorldCup) July 6, 2018

Brazil are rolling home 👋

– B / R Football (@brfootball) July 6, 2018


– Neymar Jr (@neymarjr) July 5, 2015

THE Game

So to the game today at 16 o’clock. England vs Sweden. And although Ikea jokes are actually over, the Times has a very amusing front page to offer today.

TIMES THE GAME: How to beat Sweden #tomorrowspaperstoday

– Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) July 6, 2018

Play it again, Harry!

Otherwise: All England and half the Internet in the “It’s coming home” noise. We have for you the four most beautiful parodies – from Casablanca, Titanic, Pulp Fiction and Spartacus. Play it again, Harry Kane!


Is he coming home, Alexa?

Whereby: For questions like “Does he actually come home?”, Today is yes Alexa responsible. We ask Amazon’s Livingroom Bug.

Alexa’s response to ‘is football coming home’ is 👌🏻.

– Matt Brian (@ m4tt) July 6, 2018

Ibra vs. Beckham

And then there was the funniest Sweden-England bet of this World Cup. So: if his compatriots win, Sweden-God Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the expense of David Beckham a whole Ikea empty. If England wins (and of course that will happen), Zlatan will have to watch a Three Lions international match in the English jersey and eat fish and chips at halftime. The deal is true – may the big game begin! #LEAD #TeamEngland

The terms of the deal have been set 😂 #SWEENG

– LA Galaxy (@LAGalaxy) July 6, 2018

The LEAD song of the day: Turn to Stone

Today the personal wish of the LEAD author: Let England not petrify! Sing it, Jeff!

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