TechDaily: Adobe software bug destroys MacBook speakers

Adobe: Software bug destroys MacBook speakers

Mac Book Pro
And suddenly everything is quiet: Adobe Premiere can destroy MacBook Pro speakers (Photo: Apple)

Software bugs are – unfortunately – the daily bread of developers and users. But a bug with such serious consequences for the hardware has so far rarely surfaced: A mistake in Adobe’s film editing program Premiere may seem to destroy the speakers of Apple’s MacBook Pro. Several users report this problem in Adobe’s forums. According to iTopnews, a loud and screeching sound is suddenly heard even when the volume is not fully turned on. After that, the loudspeakers do not emit any sound even after a restart and other measures. The cause is a feedback conceivable that occurs in certain situations. Adobe advises users of Premiere for the time being to deactivate the integrated microphone of the MacBook Pro at work. Whether the program alone is responsible for the defects remains unclear for the time being. Even Premiere plugins that the affected users had installed could lead to the problem. The repair costs according to user reports after the expiry of the guarantee about 600 euros.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos blackmailed by Schmuddelmagazin

Bezo's blackmail
“No thanks, Mr. Pecker.” With this post, Jeff Bezos turns to the Enquire publisher (Photo:

Compared to the US junk magazine National Enquirer our rainbow sheets are considered harmless. Now the infamous Illustrated is the focus of a scandal involving Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. He accuses the Enquirer of extorting him with allegedly embarrassing information and photos. To protect himself, Bezos has now brought the blackmail attempt on itself to the public and published threatening mails of the gossip. Accordingly, the Enquirer has acquired nine partially very private photos and selfies by Jeff Bezos. Among other things, the Amazon boss speaks of a “pick pick”. Even actress Lauren Sanchez, with whom Bezos allegedly maintains a relationship, should be seen in the photos. Bezos accuses the Enquirer-Verlag AMI, which is considered the mouthpiece of President Trump, a political motivation for blackmail – not least because the Amazon boss is also the owner of the Trump-critical newspaper Washington Post. Originally from Bezos in “According to AMI, the images are relevant as news because they are meant to show the Amazon shareholders that my entrepreneurial judgment is terrible.”

Microsoft warns: Internet Explorer is not a browser

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer – the mother of all problem software (Photo: Microsoft)

That Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which has been discredited for years, is in fact not a browser, but a software crash, experts had long suspected. Now comes the official confirmation from Microsoft. The Explorer is not a browser, but a “compatibility solution,” writes Microsoft’s security chief Chris Jackson in a blog post entitled “The dangers of using Internet Explorer as the default browser”. Accordingly, the IE should only be used to test the functionality of certain websites. Many millions of users around the world use the Explorer, which is as uncomfortable as it is safety-critical, but still for surfing. A specific recommendation for an Explorer replacement does not Jackson, he mentions neither the in-house successor Edge, Firefox or Chrome. “I’m not here to impose a browser on anyone, Windows gives you the choice, and you should choose the browser that best suits your needs,” he writes in the comments.

Fortnite players can merge accounts

Fortnite Br
Ending the clutter of accounts at Fortnite Battle Royale (Photo: Epic Games)

Players from Fortnite Battle Royale with multiple accounts can now merge their accounts. This was announced by developer Epic Games. Purchased items and credits in V-Bucks are transferred to the main account and the second account is closed. Epic provides its own “Account Merge” page. The background is the refusal of Sony from last summer, on the PlayStation 4 online games against users of Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to enable. Many gamers then created a second account to play Fortnite on multiple consoles. After Sony finally allowed cross-platform gaming, these players can now pool their accounts.

This is what a menstrual emoji should look like

Menstrual emoji
Better than just a drop of blood: suggestions for a menstrual emoji (Photo: Plan International)

One of the 230 new emojis presented by the Unicode consortium this week is a drop of blood symbolizing female menses. Since his introduction, the symbol is highly controversial. The magazine Slate speculates on what the new Emoji will primarily be used for: “For blood donations, nosebleeds and kitchen accidents, but not for the period.” According to Slate, the women’s rights organization Plan International has already suggested to Unicode executives in 2017 far more suitable designs for a menstrual emoji, including a drop with a drop of blood or a tampon. The symbols, according to Plan International, may deprive girls and women of the shame of talking about this perfectly normal topic. Unicode refused the slip, which had won in an Internet survey, and opted for the common blood drop – which hardly works without explanatory text. Background, says Slate: Apparently, the consortium prefers emojis, which can be used for a variety of purposes and statements.

The end of LEAD: Dog 2.0 meets Dog 1.0

What happens when Sony’s robot dog Aibo meets Henri, a real and living Shih Tzu Maltese, almost a dog 1.0? This very amusing video shows it.

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