TechDaily: Google shows the Pixel 4 – with iPhone hump

Google shows the Pixel 4 – with iPhone hump

Goodbye secrecy: After several leaks have surfaced in recent days to Google’s next top smartphone Pixel 4, the US group has gone surprisingly on the offensive. Google now posted the first official photo of Pixel 4 on Twitter, with the wink: “It seems you’re interested, so let’s go, but wait until you see what it can do. # Pixel4.” The picture confirms the recent rumors that even the next pixel receives a triple camera with a square hump on the back, as it is already expected / feared for the iPhone 11.

“Google and Apple are ushering in an era of ugly square cell phone cameras,” The Verge concludes. Why Google already shows a smartphone, which is expected in October? CNET speculates for three reasons: “Google can show that it has not copied the iPhone 11.” And: “The Pixel 4 may come earlier than in October.” And: “Google knows that secrecy does not work anyway.” Still secret are the other technical details of the Pixel 4 – which can be controlled with a new technique called “solos” allegedly touchless by hand and finger gestures.

Amazon hijacks the Basic Law

With his “Basic Law as a Magazine”, the enterprising Hamburg media entrepreneur Oliver Wurm has landed a coup – and has made a name for himself in the political culture in Germany. The surprise success has now called imitators on the scene. At Amazon is now a cheap version under the identical title “The Basic Law as a magazine” and with the same subheading “The dignity of man is inviolable” in the offer – largely without graphic design, and without the many details such as the photos of Alexander Gerst from the Space, which contributed to the success of the “worm constitution”.

Amazon has printed the idea junk itself (“Printed in Poland by Amazon Fulfillment”) and placed it directly in the environment and as an alternative to the original. On Facebook, an angry Oliver Wurm tells the story of the hijacked constitution. His followers add further details in the comments and know: “In fact, the copy work has been an important part of Amazon for some time.” Whether the US group has initiated the doublet itself or prints the book only on behalf of third parties, is so far unclear , Alone the placement directly in the environment of the original leaves only one conclusion: Is it still, Amazon?

Fortnite company buys social media app Houseparty

Ever since last January talker Ellen DeGeneres and singer Christina Aguilera played live on television with “Houseparty”, the video clip app is considered one of the hottest programs among US teenagers. Now the mix of TikTok, Chatroulette, Snapchat and FaceTime has a new owner: Epic Games, inventor of the dubbing “Fortnite Battle Royale”, has taken over Houseparty. The app allows live video chats for two to eight people, with closed rooms on request to provide security for stalkers and uninvited audiences.

After also with Fortnite the chatting and the common dependency are one of the priorities, the two apps could complement each other perfectly in the future. The Houseparty video chats right in “Fortnite Battle Royale” or a separate Fortnite channel at Houseparty – that would further blur the boundaries between games and social media, speculates Gizmodo. According to Houseparty blog entry, the app should remain independent for the time being. In the long term, but a Fortnite Houseparty Mashup is expected, a sort of “Fortniteparty”.

Above the clouds: Hamburger drone takes off

About Eats
Faster Food: The Uber drones are to reduce the delivery time of burgers and fries to one third (Photo: Uber)

The name “Uber” fits in perfectly with this project: over the heads of its customers, the US taxi hunt intends to deliver fast food with drones. According to Uber the delivery time of his food service “Uber Eats” within a radius of 2.4 kilometers from the current 21 minutes by car or bicycle courier to seven minutes fall – so only more than a third of the waiting time. A first test with newly developed drones from Hamburg, which keep food warm even in flight, is planned this year in San Diego, according to Bloomberg.

Uber assumes that food threats will be so common in ten years that fast food outlets will focus on their entire logistics. The drones are not supposed to deliver the food directly to the customer’s home – McDonald’s, among others – but place it in safe places close to the customer. From there deliverers then take over the last few meters. These safe places could also include the roofs of Uber vehicles – which recognize the drones using QR codes on the roof. The delivery price of currently $ 8.50 in San Diego should remain unchanged even with the new technology.

USB 4 comes in 2020

A connection under this number: USB 4 is approaching (Photo: USB Promoter Group)

The variety of different USB ports continues to increase. After USB 3.2 and USB-C, USB 4 will follow in the end of 2020. This has been announced by the standard USB Promoter Group. According to Anandtech, USB 4 uses the same connector as the current USB-C – but delivers constant transfer rates of 40 gigabits per second. Current USB-C ports, however, usually only 20 Gbit / s, sometimes the speed drops to only 5 to 10 Gbit / s. The new ports will be compatible with USB-C, USB 3.2, Thunderbolt 3 and even with the 2002 introduced USB 2. The final specifications of the future USB standard will be finalized this summer.

The End of LEAD: The Smash Bros. Ultimate Museum

Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” for the console switch is one of the most popular video games in recent years and now enjoys cult status. Graphic artist Jorge Marme has now bothered – and drawn every single character of the game in his very own style. The featured Smash Bros. Museum has opened on Instagram.

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