TechDaily: Squad – is this the next hype app?

Squad – is this the next hype app?

Sharing your screen is easier than ever – Squad relies on this simple recipe (Photo: Olabot)

Every few months, an app appears, suddenly talking about the whole network, and at which (at least for a few weeks) there is no way around. Now it could be that time again. Squad is the name of a new screen sharing app especially for kids and teens TechCrunch is convinced: “This is the new app everyone will copy.” The most important feature of the app that appeared last week does not sound so exciting: it allows up to six users to share their smartphone screens at the same time – to shop, play, demean, memes, or watch YouTube together , At the touch of a button, this “social screen sharing” works so easy as never before. Behind the app is the US startup Olabot with CEO Esther Crawford, which has collected $ 2.2 million from investors before the start. So far Squad for iOS is available, an Android version will follow soon.

Shutdown affects US government websites

Shutdown websites
The US government is no longer trustworthy in the browser (Photo: TechCrunch)

The ongoing shutdown in the US not only prevents the approval and market launch of innovations in the technology fair CES – it also affects the websites of US authorities. Because address certificates are currently not being renewed, more and more sites are reporting that their address can not be verified. These websites are then only displayed with a – not very trustworthy – error message or not at all. According to the Washington Post, the number of websites affected alone rose from 80 to 130 last week. For many Americans, it is increasingly difficult to use online services provided by public authorities.

Netflix calls viewership numbers

Netflix has to name its total number of customers on a regular basis in its quarterly reports, and currently has 139 million worldwide. By contrast, the number of viewers watching single series and films has shown the streaming service to be very buttoned up. Here, Netflix has never mentioned details. That changes now. The latest quarterly report contains figures for individual content for the first time. According to this, an astonishing 80 million customers have already seen the horror thriller “Bird Box” starring Sandra Bullock, who appeared shortly before Christmas. The thriller “You” and the series “Sex Education”, both intended for young adults, each have already reached 40 million viewers. According to Recode, Netflix considers content to be “viewed” when a viewer has seen at least 70 percent of it.

Spotify player for the car

Spotify Player
Spotify makes mobile: So – or something similar – the music player for the car could look like (Photo: Spotify)

The first rumors about a Spotify music player for the car come from the spring of 2018, but now it is apparently serious. According to the Financial Times and The Verge, Spotify’s first hardware release later this year. The device is intended to stream Spotify music via Bluetooth to the car speakers and thereby bypass services such as Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android car. The most important advantage over Spotify music from the smartphone: The operation is – also thanks to voice control – much easier (and therefore safer) than to finger on the phone for playlists. The price is likely to be $ 100 / € Bundles with new Spotify subscriptions are conceivable.

Facebook brings LOL app

Facebook Lol
To laugh? Facebook’s new teen app LOL is said not to inspire the target group (Photo: Facebook)

Facebook wants to deliver with a new app called “LOL” no laughing stock, but finally become interesting again for kids and teens. The app bundles everything the young clientele likes to see on the net, from gifs to funny videos to memes – divided into rubrics like “animals”, “Fails” or “Pranks”. According to TechCrunch Facebook has been screwing for several months at the clip parade, which is currently being tested in the US in a private beta with only about 100 participants. The young guinea pigs had to sign standstill agreements in consultation with their parents. Nevertheless, it has leaked out that the content should be partially weeks old, and that it is the old Aunt Facebook with “LOL” difficult to look young and hip.

The end of the LEAD: New York Times from 1900 to 2018

118 years New York Times – and this graph by data journalist Zoe Meers shows over which foreign states since the year 1900 the most headlines have appeared. The fact that Germany is strongly represented in the first half of the 20th century, but that it is much rarer after that, can only be good.

Fascinating graphic: countries appearing most frequently in @nytimes headlines every month from 1900-2018. ping @zoe_meers

– Freya Zemek (@fzemek) January 14, 2019

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