Crack the code! These are the best coding apps

Swift Playgrounds

Apple’s own coding app has been available for three years, can be used without any prior knowledge – and it is constantly updated.

First, the coding basics are taught. Then it’s time to experiment. Apps can even be built without a keyboard and later also in the App Store (the free loading of Xcode provided) as a “real” application submit.

Until then, the path is not far. The application is almost self-explanatory. And if you really get stuck, you can also book a Today at Apple Session in an Apple Store near you. There, basics are taught live on site and questions are answered.

Important: The app is only available on the iPad, not on the iPhone. A tablet from Apple is thus required for programming-learning. But what makes sense: on the small iPhone screen, the desire to program passes quickly …

Price: free

Download link for iOS


More than 130,000 online courses are already offered via the Udemy app, including many programming courses (Java, Python, iOS, Android, etc.). Here you can also find courses in IT, design or photography.

Udemy is by no means something for in between: The video courses are extremely detailed and require patience. Even online exams are written in some areas. However, the sessions can be completed at your own pace. Anyone who perseveres, but then knows correctly. Recognized experts are your teachers.

Please note: Often there are special prices for courses, wait, if necessary, such an action (from 9.99 euros) from, before you strike. Once you have purchased a course, you get life-long access.

Price: Basic version for browsing through courses for free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Udemy for business

Udemy scores with 130,000 online video courses for all conceivable learning categories (Photo: Udemy)

Coding Kids

Even children can program here: CodingKids places value on simply designed games like AirHockey or a numbers game. For first finger exercises worth a try.

Too bad: In our test, the tutorial was only available in Japanese – and the app (only English localized, not German) has not yet been adapted for the iPhone XS, published in the fall of 2018. And there is currently no Android version.

Price: free

Download for iOS

Coding Kids Pixabay Com
Headphones on – and concentration! Even children can learn to playfully program (Photo:


The counterpart to Swift Playgrounds. Playfully, you learn how to program using a personalized plan – not just apps, but websites as well.

According to the developers, the community now has 5 million members. So in the forum always help, if you just can not get ahead.

Good to know: Free is only one exercise a day. Who wants to code more, accesses in-app purchases. To use a registration via Google, Facebook or by email is required.

Price: free / in-app purchases

Download for iOS / Download for Android


One of the best coding apps, even for beginners. Currently the program is only available in English. If you get in here, you have to answer questions first:

– How long have you been programming?

– Why do you want to use Py?

– And what do you want to create?

– For iOS, Android or another platform?

App, website, server, everything possible. After registration via Google, Facebook or Mail, however, a subscription is required for the use of all Pro features.

Price: Basic version for free / all functions only with subscription (39.99 $)

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

Py App Coding
With the correct code lines, e.g. even the app Py mediates, the programming is fast from the hand (Photo: Py)


The mother of all Apple applications: Xcode enables the development of applications for iPhone, iPad, macOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

With the all-in-one software apps are not only designed but also coded and tested, including debugging.

Xcode can be conveniently combined with Apple’s Swift. Xcode consists of the compiler Xcode IDE, Swift and Objective-C, the instrument analysis tool, simulators and the latest Apple SDKs. Unfortunately, the option of refactoring Swift Code is missing. And now and then Xcode reacts very slowly.

Since Xcode is modular, software can also be used to write programs in Java, Pascal and Co. It is also noteworthy that Apple does not demand a cent for this powerful program.

Price: free

for download

Xcode 11
Anyone who has or wants to develop an app for Apple’s platforms can not avoid Xcode (Photo: Apple)


AnWriter is an HTML editor available in two versions in the Google Play Store, including CSS, JavaScript, and Latex support. In the payment version the autocompletion for PHP and SQL is added. The Pro version also works without annoying banners.

Big advantages: AnWriter can be used without account registration. In addition, no online connection is required for programming – everything is also offline.

Download the free version for Android

Download the Pro version for Android

To Writer


Nova From Panic
The first preview of Nova (Photo: Panic)

Coda. Not cola. The code program of the well-known developer Panic is also refreshing. Unfortunately only a short time.

Panic will soon replace Coda with Nova. Already this year the new version will come out. At least that applies to the first preview version. It was natively developed for macOS for the best possible performance. Also on new features should not be saved.

The website editor was first released in 2007 and received the “Design Award” from Apple for best user experience. With “Coda 2” the term Coda is no longer used. Price information remains Panic still guilty.

to the beta test request for Nova

to download the old version Coda

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