The Morning Netzer (16): What the Monaco Franze says

Football’s coming home

The football comes home – in the living room. After one day of withdrawal, and after the touching farewell scenes at Russian airports, there is finally again World Cup, with France – Argentina at 16 o’clock and the blast Uruguay – Portugal at 20 o’clock. We show you both – the farewells and the way to the title.

My World Cup Knockout Stage Bracket. Photoshop courtesy of @TreyLyle.

– David Cunningham (@therealdcunna) June 29, 2018


For the German World Cup finish, according to Karl Valentin: “It’s all said, just not everyone.” But the opinion of monaco Of course, we are happy to listen to you. Oiso, FranzeHow did the team play in Russia?

#KORGER Who made everything important to the @DFB_Team #WorldCup leaving – Guad night love TL. A legend like Franz Münchinger puts it in a nutshell – My idol – the Monaco Franze

– Christian Ortlepp (@OrtivorOrt) June 27, 2018

Then it made a boom

Three quarters of the World Cup are done, there are only 16 games left. And in the preliminary round, 122 goals have been scored. This video shows them all – and in the cut it even looks pretty fragrant. Two German goals are also there, from Marco Reus and Toni Kroos, But not to miss, you have to look very carefully …

What does Marcel Reif say?

In the middle of all Simons and Schmidt’s and Neumann Germany’s best football commentator of the last three decades is painfully missed (at least by us). What does it say? Marcel Reif to the World Cup? He reveals it in his video column on Yahoo, which apparently still exists. And, without giving too much away: he goes with that Monaco Franze quite d’accord.


“We have the salad, 4 years ago, world champion, it does not get any higher, now out in the preliminary round, it does not get any deeper.”

Our World Cup expert Marcel #Reif with a direct address to @DFB_Team & the 80 million national coach. # KORGER # WM2018 #WorldCup

– Yahoo Sports DE (@YahooSportDE) June 27, 2018

Lenin lost

Tomorrow Russia will play host to Russia for the quarter-finals. But a Russian loser is already clear when looking at the World Cup: That does not look good for comrade Vladimir Ilyich

Coca, Bud, Lenine. 2018.

– Nicolas Georgereau (@ngeorgereau) June 25, 2018

The spirit of Neymar

Brazil is not until Monday, against Mexico (that would have been our game). But the addictive one Neymar ensures good entertainment on the net even on non-play days. Lots of ridicule for the superstar of PSG. But, as a (former?) National coach would say: Scho au earned.

What really happened

– Troll Football (@TrollFootball) June 29, 2018

Neymar at it again

– Troll Football (@TrollFootball) June 29, 2018

Manuel Neuer – how bewitched

Shortly before the end of Saturday Netzer this magic trick. It was as if bewitched for Manuel Neuer at this World Cup. And then he was suddenly gone …

Where did Manuel Neuer go?

(Original video via IG / bochythefrenchie)

– B / R Football (@brfootball) June 27, 2018

The LEAD song of the day

Slowly Germany is berating itself again – and Peter Alexander has the right song for the summer weekend, which hopefully brings good rest and great football. And because we only had Peter last morning in the morning Netzer jumps Hape Kerkeling for him: “Put your worries to the hat!”

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