Personnel search: Really good experts can do without buzzwords

Whenever our agency is looking for vacancies, I am in a kind of gold digger mood. Finding the right people for rapidly changing tasks is anything but easy. It is all the more worthwhile to invest time in the search for personnel.

In the end, you have to take the trouble to look behind the scenes to discover a special potential. What use is an impressive curriculum vitae for me as an employer, but that says nothing about skills such as self-reflection, daring or the ability to purposeful marginal thinking? What if the applicant has been doing something different in a thematic way, but the sum of the skills she brings is exactly what we need?

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Only the gap in her CV had made me even curious

One of our great fortunes in Programmatic Consulting, for example, was an unorthodox young woman, very pragmatic, straightforward, with no false modesty who had just made her own way to Australia.


Seen around the corner, these are precisely the characteristics that make up data-driven thinking! Because it lives on the fact that you process real-time perceptions immediately and use them as efficiently as possible. It also requires open thinking in all directions, which can not be limited by previous approaches.

Only the gap in her CV had made me curious, I asked questions and invited them immediately. Other companies might have sifted it out from the start – it was perfect for us.

Another employee previously managed the introduction of shelf planning tools, examined the purchasing behavior of customer groups and analyzed the resulting data. Experience in Online Marketing Zero! Nevertheless, and precisely because of that, it fits in with us like the proverbial fist on the eye.

As a branch specialist in a team, he understands the challenges of our customers from the field. Today, his background knowledge contributes significantly to the optimal exploitation of all data-driven opportunities for the advertiser. In short, in a field as dynamic as programmatic advertising, the old measures and recruitment programs are almost useless.

“In short, in a field as dynamic as programmatic advertising, the old measures and recruitment programs are almost useless.”

Of course, the main conditions should still be right. Thus, for example, one can read off expertise and willingness to perform well in training and time spent in previous companies. But what makes a person the perfect key to my currently unlocked lock is often between jobs, between the lines of the submitted work certificates and certificates. You have to learn to read that, and first take off the blinders.

Really good experts can do without buzzwords

Anyone who sticks too rigidly to the usual applicant factors escapes the brilliant lateral thinkers, the strong personalities, the authentic motivational drivers. Really good experts can do without buzzwords, do not cling to paradigms and do not stumble after any hype.

Rather, they put their in-depth know-how into action, do not shy away from uncomfortable demands and, to put it bluntly, are really into their job. On the other hand, letting oneself be blinded by the usual consultant clones, whose industry gossip sometimes swarms hard on the edge of their lack of content, risks money shortage, time and nerves. After all, it’s about big budgets!

The problem is that especially HR companies and recruiters are still fishing exclusively in known waters because they feel safer there. To speak in sporty pictures: They are barely able to recognize new players with potential. Instead, they focus on features that are specifically irrelevant to innovative careers. One could almost speak of an artificial living attitude of backward-looking features.

Unfortunately, these are too subtle to allow a tangible statement about the suitability of a person. Back to sport: Who compares football players alone on their running speed, will be those who are slower, but shoot incredibly accurate goal, never recognize as a performer.

Warning signals for the so-called Trash Tsunami

Viewed from afar, this almost gives the impression of a reflection of our society. You climb the rungs – and always according to the motto, whoever shouts the loudest is right. In the economy as well as in politics. That makes me foxy.

No-brainer are emerging as experts in innovation, yesterday in programmatic advertising, tomorrow in terms of AI and autonomous driving. I do not want to go there any more, it bores me beyond measure. I do not want to have mere imitators and babblers in my team.

Who knows the warning signals for the so-called Trash Tsunami, can pull the emergency brake in time. Pay attention to people who are constantly making superfluous calls, arranging jour fixes and meetings, and thus saving their hordes of teammates’ valuable time.

Also welcome in Casa Fatale: Employees who constantly complain about mistakes and problems, without even adding the slightest idea to their solution. This is not a good job and certainly not a job. The only thing that grows and thrives on this is an unhealthy error culture where everyone is trying to bring their own sheep to a dry land.

No one who is so knitted will ever take a risk, even if it is calculable. This will cost opportunities that will never come back, and of course, plenty of time for true innovation. “Is there already a case?” Is therefore also a question in which the alarm bells should ring. In no case, be the first to try something – too dangerous, it could be uncomfortable and in the worst case, your own position is at stake!


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Invite unusual candidates and listen to them

Where are they, the adventurers, the courageous ricochets, the Humboldts and Curies whose potential is not expressed in key figures and can not be expressed in university grades? Who still stands by his principles today, even if there is a headwind, who tries something new in difficult circumstances, because he senses the big deal behind it, even if it could go wrong?

Only those who, as employers, have the courage to break new ground in recruitment will ultimately benefit from what these people bring with them.

It is even better, of course, to avoid personnel mistakes from the outset. Encourage therefore in your personal ads to the fact that applicants should also announce themselves, who are confident in the task for whatever reason! And then she invites and listens to them.

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About the author: Siamac Alexander Rahnavard is Managing Partner and co-founder of “Real Love”. Headquartered in Cologne, he is responsible for strategic consulting, process and system analysis, data intelligence, controlling key accounting and human resources development. In addition, Siamac is Deputy Chairman of the Focus Group Programmatic Advertising in the BVDW, where he has been instrumental in shaping the Code of Conduct Programmatic Advertising.

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