Every day: Apple rescues key cloud data from Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Apple saves important cloud data from Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani Air Pods
Rudy Giuliani: New, Exclusive Way to Wear AirPods (Photo: Rick Wilson / Twitter)

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer and a rough man, is technically so ingenuous that recently employees at the Apple Store had to save his data. This is evident from internal Apple documents, which now appeared on the net. Thus, the former mayor of New York had forgotten the access code of his iPhone and typed incorrectly ten times. After that, the iPhone was paralyzed and Giuliani marched into an Apple store in San Francisco for help. The staff at the Genius Bar had to reset the iPhone, but were able to recover Giuliani data from iCloud.

This means that the lawyer and adviser to President Trump apparently stores data such as addresses, appointments and maybe mails and iMessages in the Apple cloud, which is considered relatively safe – but certainly not as safe enough for confidential data from the US environment -Government. Data protection experts were shocked by NBC. “Trump has made Giuliani his cybersecurity advisor,” marveled an Apple employee involved in the “bailout,” “but he did not even know the simplest rules to protect his own device.” With Apple gadgets Rudy Giuliani seems to be at war anyway. He had also been watched, as he has AirPods, well, very willfully attached in his ears.

LG: The new double smartphone for Germany

Lg G8 Xthin Q
Tap down, read the top – it works with the new LG almost like once on the Nokia Communicator (Photo: LG)

How good and useful is the new dual-smart phone from LG – it is the ghosts. “More screens are not always better,” says Engadget. The Verge, on the other hand, is quite pleased: “Better than you would expect.” What the two screens of the LG G8XThinQ Dual Screen really bring – that can convince innovation-friendly German smartphone fans from today. Because the Korean biplane with the bumpy name is available today for around 929 euros in the shops. In contrast to the error-prone Galaxy Fold of archrival Samsung with its bending screen, LG relies on a conventional and robust solution with two separate displays.

The second screen can be clipped on like a smartphone case. For example, it can act as a controller in game apps while the action runs on the other screen. Or: Below keyboard, above text, as formerly on the Nokia Communicator. LG’s ideas from the official press release, on the other hand, sound more like superfluous multitasking stuff that nobody really needs: “Send a text message to a friend while a video is streaming on the second display, or write an e-mail while looking at one important presentation. “

Switch Lite is booming, but PlayStation 4 is booming too

Nintendo Switch Lite
Small but fine sales figures – the new Switch Lite (Photo: Nintendo)

The switch console was already successful – but the new and cheaper Switch Lite now clearly exceeds all expectations. According to Nintendo sold the mobile console without a TV connection since its launch on September 20 already 1.95 million times. That’s another reason why Nintendo doubled its profit in the last quarter to 552 million euros compared to the same period of the previous year. According to CNBC, the Nintendo share jumped 7.5 percent on the Tokyo Stock Exchange after announcing its performance.

Even competitor Sony can celebrate. Because the PlayStation 4 is now the second most successful console of all time – before the original PlayStation from the year 1994. After the sales from the third quarter of 2019 Sony has now sold a total of 102.8 million PS4, more than the 102.5 million, according to TechSpot Copies of the first generation. By far the lead is still the PlayStation 2, from Sony between 2002 and 2012 about 155 million pieces to the man / woman brought. With 41.67 million devices sold since the launch in 2017, this record for the Nintendo Switch may well be within reach.

Early start for Apple TV + – LEAD with the big guide

Apple TV + has made a formidable early start. Officially, the new streaming service today, November 1, 2019, only at 19 clock German time start. But the series like “The Morning Show” or the hoped “Game of Thrones” killer “See” are already available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV and in the browser tv.apple.com in Germany , On the Apple devices, the pre-installed “TV” app is the right place to start. The subscription costs 4.99 euros a month. And now LEAD explains in a big guide everything you need to know about Apple TV +.

Formula 1: The new car for 2021 is here

With a massive social media offensive, the Formula 1 yesterday presented their new cars and the new rules that apply from 2021. In numerous posts, pictures and animations on Instagram, Twitter & Co. rights holder Liberty Media has presented the future of Formula 1, in which three goals apply. The cars should be “sexier”, the races more exciting – and more teams should be able to drive to the podium.

In a blog entry, Formula One even lists ten things that should improve from 2021 – including the cost cap of $ 175 million per year and team. If it works, is still open. Because after the teams have weakened the future rules more and more, it is no longer certain whether the new cars actually simplify overtaking as desired. One thing is certain: No one is in the mood for the transitional year 2020.

The end of the LEAD: The coolest mascot in the world – and the coolest folder

The Houston Astros may have lost the 2019 Baseball World Series on Wednesday in the seventh final game against the Washington Nationals. But with Orbit, the Texans definitely have the coolest mascot – and the coolest folder on top of that. Twitter laughs at this video (which really goes off at second 34). And so LEAD says goodbye to the “half” holiday and wishes a relaxing weekend.

I lost count on how many times I’ve watched this.
It only gets better.

Retweet. pic.twitter.com/mTw6X1hzf7

– Teresa Jane (@ Teresajane201) October 25, 2019

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