Sport becomes digital

The ISPO, which attracts 85,000 trade visitors from all over the world each year, will be held under the motto of digitization this year. And especially in sports, the digital technological possibilities are developing more and more beyond the top sport and are also in demand by the normal sportsman.

But not only the opportunity to collect data in sports and improve their own performance, is a hot topic at ISPO 2019. Also, the digitization in the production of sporting goods is unstoppable – and therefore top theme and the big motto of ISPO 2019.

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Ski with AI

Much attention will be paid to the intelligent skis by Original + from Austria, which individualize the production of alpine skis. They use AI as the basis for their products: a specially developed artificial intelligence-based software interprets the biometric data of the athlete.


Personal details of the driving style and the desired area of ​​use are then combined with these parameters and all collected information is translated into an individual ski. What we already know from Adidas in shoe production, conquers now also the ski sector.

Ispo Brandnew Overall Winner Original Image Rights Ispo
Photo: ISPO

Drone instead of dog

Digital technologies also make skiing off the slopes safer. If we have experienced countless avalanches and spills this year, then Bluebird Mountain could help – with the drone PowderBee. It should shorten the buried search for an avalanche by a few seconds.

While the compact, 600-gram drone scans the avalanche cone at the touch of a button, the seeker can coordinate the further action in the snow. When PowderBee receives a signal, it forwards a visual and audible indication and the rescue can begin without any loss of time. Currently the guys from Bluebird Mountain on Kitzsteinhorn are doing some nice videos and photos of PowderBee. Incidentally, the prototypes that are photographed come from the 3D printer.

Ispo Powder Bee Image Rights Bluebird Mountain
Photo: Bluebird Mountain

Fresh air via app

But even in the summer, digital technologies bring more security: R Pur from France takes care of runners and shows at ISPO the world’s first respiratory mask against air pollution. The mask filters pollen and other dust particles up to 99 percent from the air. Allergy sufferers can breathe easy.

The mask was specially developed for runners, motorcyclists and cyclists. Every five to twelve weeks, the filter must be replaced. An app calculates when it’s time again.

Ispo R Pur Respiratory Mask Image Rights R Pur
Photo: R Pur

The treadmill becomes social

Anyone who does not quite trust the good air thing stays inside – on the treadmill. But so it is not so lonely, it should be a social treadmill please. Such as the treadmill from the Platinum Club Series by Life Fitness.

It does not just stream Netflix, Spotify, and Co – Life Fitness’s Social Run App turns treadmill training into a digital community event. On the touchscreen you select an international running track and see in real-time which users all over the world are currently active on the same route. As an avatar, you see the other runners next to you and you can interact and communicate with them.

Treadmill Platinum Club Series By Life Fitness Image Rights Life Fitness
Photo: Life Fitness

Virtual trainer meets electrode training

DiPulse from Sweden dopt training with a virtual trainer. Now, virtual coaches are nothing new. However, it becomes exciting when integrated electro-stimulation (EMS) in functional clothing cooperates with the trainer and supports you during muscle training.

In the Swedish concept, handy carbon controls are attached to the clothing – completely without cables and electrodes. Certain muscle areas can then be specifically stimulated during each training phase. The integrated virtual trainer picks up the data in real time and gives the athlete his strong feedback.

Ispo Wearables Di Pulse Image Rights Ispo
Photo: ISPO

For a game on the Balance Board

A Balance Board can also be coupled with technology: Simply place the smartphone in the designated place on the board and work out. The Plankpad combines fitness training with games and workouts on your smartphone or tablet. From now on, there are no more excuses. Because planking is one of the most effective workouts.

A plank workout strengthens the entire body: arms, shoulders, back, stomach, buttocks and legs are trained simultaneously and highly efficiently. And so that you do not give up while training against boredom, the Plankpad lures with a matching app with games and workouts. The app is synchronized with the plankpad. And every movement you perform controls the games and the workouts.

Ispo Plankpad Image Rights Plankpad
Photo: Plankpad

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Under the umbrella of the ISPO Digitize, the subject of eSports will be experienced for the first time. In addition, the ISPO Academy will pick up digitization in its lecture program. From 3 to 6 February 2019 trade visitors can look around on site.

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