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At relatives can plan funerals online from home, inform themselves in peace and exchange ideas with the family. The same applies to funeral provisions, in which “customers” choose early on their wishes everything and thus relieve their relatives.

In the case of a death among friends, the founders Björn Wolff, Peter Kautz and Heiko Reintsch had learned how optimizable the funeral planning processes are. The three founded, the Berlin-based company currently has 20 employees. The digital offerings include paying by bitcoins, digital condolence books or the live streaming of a funeral for mourners who can not travel to the funeral.

What is your company?

The funeral market lacked transparency in terms of prices and information. We use the Internet for full cost transparency, allowing our users to see the total price right from the start and adjust it to their budget. In addition, everyone can inform themselves about questions about death, bereavement and burial. We know that there are many questions about the taboo subject of death that is not talked about. With us you can do that, if necessary anonymous. Our hashtag is #wirüberrueber.


What does the process look like? Do you call directly to you, or do you write an e-mail?

It works both ways, but the idea is that the user can plan everything online even without personal contact and we can do everything for him. But many of our customers also prefer a personal phone call, for which our team of funeral experts is available day and night. In a current death, most customers first need information, which are the next steps. We can do a lot of that, however, if we are commissioned. For this we need first a power of attorney and then take over everything else.

Is there a typical working day?

There is no usual working day for our funeral experts in the team. They are on standby day and night for customers and requests from relatives. In addition, they organize the funerals and make sure that the individual customer requirements are implemented. For the rest of the team, developers, marketing managers, or financial executives, the workday looks like many other startups – you never know exactly what’s going to happen in the morning.

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The founders Peter Kautz, Björn Wolff and Heiko Reintsch (Photo: Mymoria)

How do you deal personally with the difficult topic of death and burial? Is there psychological help if needed for your team members?

We can all keep a certain distance to the fates of our customers. We also have to be able to optimally look after relatives in difficult times. We want to take as much of them as possible to give them the time for a worthy farewell. When we are close to cases, we talk a lot about each other and, of course, offer our employees all the help they need. The most important thing for us is the positive feedback from our customers and the knowledge that they can grieve in peace with our support. This is really a great feeling, because you realize how thankful these people are.

How do your customers come to you?

Our customers have either read about us, we have been recommended, or they find us searching for burial or funeral information online. Fortunately, on average, every 18 years on average, you are in the situation of having to plan a funeral. Since the fewest know what to do and of course Googling first. Here they encounter us very quickly. Our users are very different ages, even the older generation is quite busy online, which is often underestimated. Often, however, the grandchildren also plan burials on to support their parents in the death of one of their parents.

Why is it better to organize a funeral over Mymoria than a local undertaker?

Especially if someone does not live at the place of death, Mymoria is an alternative throughout Germany. In addition, we offer the said cost transparency and are on average 30 percent cheaper than the local Undertaker. However, we do not compare ourselves to local besters, but merely extend the range of possibilities for our customers to plan a funeral. Now just digital. We want to offer our service in other European countries in the future as well.

This article first appeared in sisterMAG N ° 37.

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