Tech daily: Amazon video games should keep workers on their toes

Amazon: Video games should keep workers on their toes

Amazon warehouse game
Like Tetris, only with real boxes – these are the motivational games for Amazon workers (Photo: Washington Post)

With its not completely enjoyable working conditions, Amazon regularly provides negative headlines. Now, the retail giant wants to break new ground – with a mix of fun, motivation and further flogging. At five sales centers in the US and UK, Amazon has set up video games at the workstations. Self-produced games like “MissionRacer”, “PicksInSpace”, “DragonDuel” and “CastleCrafter” accompany the warehouse workers in their job. For example, as they pack packages in baskets, the video game displays their progress and speed.

Only those who work fast enough can manage the levels. According to Washington Post, playing “at Tetris with real boxes” is voluntary. If you do not feel like it, you will not be punished – but you will not have the chance to earn bonus points called “Swag Bucks” for rewards. Amazon is supposed to let individual employees, teams and departments play / work against each other in order to stimulate them to further peak performance. Noteworthy: Washington Post owner, who has now brought the story to light, is Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

Google Duplex: Artificial Unintelligence

Google is expanding the public test of its new language service Duplex more and more. The artificial intelligence should relieve their users in everyday life and, for example, arrange a hair appointment by phone or order a table in the restaurant. So far Duplex but apparently only by artificial unintelligence on. Because compared to the New York Times, Google had to admit that so far 15 to 25 percent of the call orders are performed by real people, or that during the talks human intervention is necessary.

In the test of the newspaper, this rate was even higher with 75 percent. Disadvantages of the system for the users: If you hire Duplex with a call, you must reveal to Google once more various personal information. And what speaks against calling in the same time even at the barber and clarify all questions clearly from person to person, is so far unclear.

Mario Kart Tour: Great app, annoying additional purchases

“Mario Kart Tour,” the most anticipated game app of the year, has now arrived in the US as a beta test. The magazine Kotaku praises the fun, which comes despite automatic acceleration as a simplified version of the real “Mario Kart” – but complains like many other beta testers the annoying in-app purchases, with which Nintendo harassed the players. “Mario Kart Tour is packed with all the microtransactions and lottery mechanics for which mobile games are notorious,” say the game experts. The green diamonds, the main currency of the app for new karts or bonus items, can apparently also earn, but this goes very tough.

The Verge explains why Nintendo opted for this – among many game fans very unpopular – way. Their first app “Super Mario Run”, which the Japanese have sold for a flat rate of 9.99 euros, has apparently not recorded enough money. “Fire Emblem Heroes” later, on the other hand, provided $ 500 million in in-app purchases in two years. The old trick, the players only with a free app to attract, and then pull out all the more money out of the bag, should work on “Mario Kart Tour” for iOS and Android from next summer.

WhatsApp: That’s what advertising looks like starting in 2020

WhatsApp will show advertisements in its status area starting in 2020. This was announced by the Facebook subsidiary at the “Facebook Marketing Summit” in Rotterdam. Originally, observers had already expected the launch of the WhatsApp ads this year. The participants, according to BGR, could take a first look at the design of the advertising in the status messages of the users. The advertisement will be displayed full screen. In the chats themselves, according to WhatsApp, there will still be no advertising. WhatsApp founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum have always opposed advertising in the Messenger and the associated collection of user data. Not least because of that, the duo had 2017 and 2018 Facebook billions leave.

WhatsApp wants to bring Stories Ads into its status product in 2020. # FMS19

– Olivier Ponteville (@Olivier_Ptv) May 21, 2019

Playdate: Here comes the mini-mini-Gameboy

Playdate – the fun with the crank appears in 2020 (Photo: Panic)

Nintendo’s switch console has shown that, despite smartphone dominance, there is still a market for other mobile gaming platforms. The game company Panic from Oregon in the United States sees this as an opportunity and wants to release the playdate in 2020 – a kind of mini-mini-game boy with games that can be downloaded from the net. With classic buttons and D-pad, the playdate should allow a much better control of games than the touchscreen of smartphones. The hinged crank on the right side, which provides new possibilities for playing, also contributes to this.

The Verge feels reminiscent of an enlarged iPod nano at the sight of the charming little yellow console with 2.7-inch screen. The games, which run on the high-resolution black-and-white display, Panic wants to offer as “Seasons” or “squadrons”. The purchase includes a season in which a game specially produced for the playdate appears every month for one year. With such mini-games, the US company knows, among other things, the indie hit “Firewatch” published. The playdate should appear in early 2020 for $ 149.

The end of the LEAD: Böhmermann fags fans

Nice new feint by Jan Böhmermann. Yesterday, the ÖSI shock on the website let down a countdown for hours until 20:15 clock. After the nebulous hints of Böhmermann in Strache-Video, and after the word “Ibiza” had been hidden in the source code, the curiosity was so great that the site promptly crashed in the evening. Apparently Böhmermann had been busy server hosting. When the video was then seen, the disappointment was great: no revelations in terms of HC Strache, but “only” one – always honorable and amusing – video by Böhmermann and European satire colleagues on the EU election, which has begun today in the UK , Motto: “Comedians for Worldpeace”.

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