TechDaily: The best bosses in the world

These are the best bosses in the world

Boss boss office
Who is the boss? And how did he beat himself? The Glassdoor study 2019 reveals it (Photo: pixabay)

“How do the employees rate their boss?” The Glassdoor Top 100 provides information about this every year. The CEOs hope to be at the forefront. In the new US ranking, Pat Gelsinger from VMWare is ahead with 99 percent approval. An outstanding value. Charles C. Butt (HEB), Lynsi Snyder (in-n-out burger) and John Legere (T-Mobile) also account for 99 percent.

Prominent names are ranked 8th with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and 69th with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The latter is far away from its record in 2016, when it reached the top in 2016. At the time, it landed in 8th place with 96 percent approval.

And in Germany? These are the top 10:

1. Severin Schwan, Roche (99 percent)

2. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler (98 percent)

3. Bill McDermott, SAP (97 percent)

4. Volkmar Denner, Robert Bosch (96 percent)

5. Ralf Hofmann, MHP – A Porsche Company (95 percent)

6. Peter Westerbarkey, Westaflex (94 percent)

7. Brian Halligan, HubSpot (94 percent)

8. Elmar Degenhart, Continental (94 percent)

9. Stefan Oschmann, Merck KGaA (93 percent)

10. Manny Maceda, Bain & Company (93 percent)

Xiaomi: Thief against the notch

While Huawei is still returning the shards of the US ban – the bosses expect up to 30 billion dollars turnover less than planned by the end of the year – Xiaomi is in attack mode. For the market launch of the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9T in Germany (380 euros), the Chinese are rough against the notch, against Apple’s Notch in the iPhone X, XS and XS Max.

The Notch, which does not exist on the Mi 9T, scourges three commercials. That the Chinese are good advertising strategists and have a lot of humor, you see in the following three Mi-9T advertising clips under the motto “Not with Notch”.

The gods must be crazy

Yesflix instead of Netflix: With divine assistance, the television world remains clean and pure (Photo: Yesflix)

Feels like a new streaming service comes on the market every day. New studies show that the market continues to boom. Only in 50+ people is the linear television in this country more popular than streaming. On Tuesday, Joyn launched the streaming successor to 7TV. But in order to prevail, ProSieben-Sat.1 requires divine assistance. Because now comes competition from above:

Yesflix is ​​here, the streaming service of Bibel TV. Motto: “See the good”, for 7.99 euros per month. Only productions that contain neither violence nor sex and that are based on Christian values ​​are shown. These are titles like “Love will find you”, “The compass of God” or “Apostle Peter and the Last Supper”.

For heaven’s sake…

Bond, my driver name is James Bond

Aston Martin James Bond
James, please bring me some tea – oh, and an Aston Martin (Photo: Sothebys)

A cool guy in hot pursuit: James Bond, on behalf of Her Majesty on the way, put on the legendary Aston Martin DB5 as a company car. The original, one of four modified vehicles from 1965, is now available for sale in an auction. Bond drove the car into “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”.

Once, how a real secret agent curves through the city? Who has the necessary change and offers, could make it. The car was completely restored in 2012. And all 13 action features from the Bond films are still functional today.

With one exception: The button for the sling seat is available, but has been disabled. Is not synonymous spin price, to which you can bid on this Bond car.

Watch out! The Apple Watch is becoming more independent

Apple Watch Series 4 Four Digits
The new version of the operating system watchOS 6 will be released in fall for all users – with new dials (Photo: Apple)

It’s like teenagers who are slowly getting off their parents: The Apple Watch has been fledging since Series 3, which brought eSim and mobile connectivity. But now she is becoming even more independent of the iPhone, which can safely stay at home when the Apple Watch dangles on her wrist. In the newly released developer beta 2 of watchOS 6, available to all users in the fall, the cut-off of the iPhone is even clearer: Software updates can now be initiated directly on the clock and done.

You can find the new feature under Settings -> General -> Software Update. Until now, users needed the Apple Watch app for software updates. There you will find the possibility to update in the current version under General -> Software Update.

Small hook: The terms of use of the update beta users must continue to do on the iPhone. But until the autumn, there are still more Betas. So it can be assumed that Apple in one of the next betas and the terms of use will play directly on the clock and there accept.

The end of LEAD: The Fish Whisperer

Horse whisperers are out. “The Fish Whisperer” is the latest hot shit: He shows on his YouTube channel a turtle, which goes with a belted GoPro action camera on dive trip.

The animal submarine gets impressive shots. Very cool, especially in this heat, in which the LEAD colleague Jörg Heinrich will refresh you with TechTäglich tomorrow. And me? Dive at this point (once) again. Greetings from the holiday.

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