TechDaily: Samsung dares to restart Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold restarts in September

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Comeback in September: Samsung brings an improved Galaxy Fold in the trade (Photo: CNBC)

Actually, the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold should appear in late April in the US. But then the first test equipment proved to be problematic: Broken displays, wobbly hinges – the launch date had to be postponed.

Samsung has reworked. In September, the new version will launch “in selected markets,” the group said.

The necessary changes to the folding mechanism are done. The South Koreans have added extra safety caps on the edges. Other metal layers also reinforce the fracture-prone elements of the middle edge. Even apps should now be better optimized for the display.

About the price Samsung did not provide information. Originally the company had demanded around 2000 euros.

The Galaxy Fold will compete with the foldable Huawei Mate X in September. Also Huawei had to postpone the market launch of its first foldable smartphone in April in the short term.

Twitter developer regrets retweet feature: “Like a loaded weapon for a 4-year-old”

Twitter Retweet Photo Pixabay Com
The retweet and the consequences: The inventor regrets his idea (Photo:

Chris Wetherell developed the retweet button with his team for Twitter in 2009 – and today he is extremely unhappy, as he is currently in an exciting interview with buzzfeed “We could have given a 4-year-old maybe a loaded weapon, I think we actually did.”

The retweet made the “internet mob” possible. It was time to fix this error. Social media was “broken” – and the retweet contributed to it, although he had developed it with the best of intentions. The idea of ​​giving unknown Twitterern a bigger voice did not work out.

Wetherell’s Conclusion: “When copying and pasting, people looked at what they shared, and at least thought about it for a moment. When the retweet button debuted, impulses repressed the least amount of thoughtfulness. Before the retweet, Twitter was largely a sociable place. Then hell broke loose – and spread. ”

Fast-disseminated quotes, said Jason Goldman of the Wetherell team, are a major Twitter issue today. And a reason for increased fake news. That’s another reason why Twitter founder Jack Dorsey warns that a retweet should give you a good idea of ​​the consequences of the action before sending it.

New Kindle with adjustable color temperature and waterproof

Kindle Oasis 2019
Also cool by the pool – and also in the pool: the new Kindle Oasis (Photo: Amazon)

A few weeks ago, the latest Kindle could be pre-ordered, Amazon now delivers the eBook reader. The fresh generation of the Kindle Oasis, quasi the luxury version of the Kindle series, does not abandon the known features, e.g. the eInk display and long battery life. Thanks to IPX8 certification, the new Oasis can even be used in the pool; it is waterproof.

The most important new gimmick, however: The color temperature can now be adjusted for an eye-pleasing reading pleasure. And who wants to enjoy audiobooks about the Oasis, is pleased about Bluetooth support. This makes it easy to connect headphones. WLAN is integrated, 4G optional.

So Amazon has not saved on features, but not on price: The new Kindle Oasis generation starts at 229.99 euros and goes up to 319.99 euros (depending on the equipment). So even the basic version is at least as expensive as ten “real” books.

First 16 “notebook: Huawei comes before Apple

Honor Magic Book Pro Photo Vmall
Looks like a MacBook Pro from Apple, but it’s a MagicBook Pro from Huawei’s daughter Honor (Photo: Gronau)

Ironically, Huawei! The Chinese group was faster than Apple: While Apple’s first 16 “MacBook Pro is expected for the fall (about $ 3,000 is the starting price), the Huawei subsidiary Honor has presented the first 16.1 notebook in the world Edge-to-edge display launched in China.

The “Honor MagicBook Pro” takes the same name bonds on the MacBook Pro. The MagicBook also looks a bit like a MacBook: silver aluminum case, black buttons and touchpad are likely to be familiar to Apple users.

For the Specs, the MagicBook is at the level of a current entry-level MacBook Pro model from 2018. However, the SSD memory offers a good 512 GB. The MagicBook is 130 grams lighter than the current 15 “MacBook Pro and weighs just 1.7 pounds.

The price is about to start sales in China at around 700 euros. There are only half a MacBook in this country …

Amazon launches its own book charts

Amazon charts
Harry Potter, then Harry Potter and finally Harry Potter: The Rowling bestseller dominates the first Amazon book charts (Photo: Amazon / Screenshot: Gronau)

Amazon now lists weekly the most frequently read, heard, borrowed and sold books. The charts are based on the average number of daily users.

Amazon explains how the charts come about:

What is read: The Amazon Top 20 charts are the first list weekly to evaluate the average number of daily Kindle readers and Audible listeners of available titles, giving an overview of which books are actually being read or heard.

What is bought or borrowed: The Amazon charts top 20 list titles according to the number of copies purchased and pre-ordered from and This includes books borrowed through the Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading membership programs. “

The end of the LEAD: Historic video from the first public call with an iPhone popped up

Blogger Dave Mark from The Loop rummaged through YouTube and found a historical clip. The video shows “how it all began”: the first and thus historical call from an iPhone, with which Steve Jobs reached in 2007 Apple’s ex-chief designer Jony Ive and also Phil Schiller.

You should pay particular attention to the Video Ives cell phone, as he sits in the audience, gets up and pulls the part – a real flip phone. Just twelve years ago and from today’s perspective something of old school.

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