The Best Apps of the Week, Part 31

Kick off

Kick off
Tip the kick: Kickoff is the right app (Photo: App Store)

The kickoff for today’s edition starts today with the app kickoff. The soccer-less time has an end again. In Germany, the 2nd Bundesliga, the 3rd league and lower classes have already started again, the Bundesliga begins on 16 August with the duel of German champions FC Bayern against Hertha BSC.

The prediction application Kickoff relies on a second-screen experience, allows typing in groups or in 1 vs 1 duels and thus competes with Platzhirsch Kicktipp, which is much longer at the start, but visually a bit dusty. And few extras deliver. Kickoff relies on fresher design in messenger look and a bigger social media feel.

At Kickoff you do not just compete for the honor with your friends. Even real bets are possible. The app offers u.a. Support for Bundesliga, Premier League, Primera División, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Champions League.

It is quite possible that long-term syndicates will continue to rely on kick tips as a matter of habit. But Kickoff is definitely worth a test to start the new football season. The app is not only more modern than its competitor, but also very intuitive to use.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

This war of mine

My today’s second App recommendation is a tip for those who are spontaneous: Only until August 2, 2019, you can download the powerful strategy game This War of Mine for free on PC or Mac – the multi-award-winning and very authentic anti-war game costs regularly between 19 and 22 euros. For the download is only the Regstrieren an account in the Epic Games Store necessary. This works e.g. also with a Google, Facebook or own mail account.

You do not expect a bloody shooter. The game is played in optical layers that forego the first- and third-person perspective and armed force. It reveals the horrors of war from the point of view of its innocent victims and the civilian population, which is suffering badly from the consequences.

This war of mine was inaugurated by the Bosnian war of the 90s, by the occupation and destruction of Sarajevo. You are leading a group of civilians with one purpose only – to somehow survive and to escape hunger and bombs.

Price: to 2.8. (16:59 clock) for free

Download for PC and Mac

NABU insect world

Summer is coming to an end soon. The app NABU Insects from the German Nature Conservation Union e.V., which incidentally already exists for 120 years, is therefore more relevant than ever. From the 2nd to the 11th of August the NABU counts Germany’s insects again. No simple matter: 33,000 insect species exist in Germany alone, many are not yet recorded – and in times of extinction it is important to keep track.

Numerous celebrities, including the well-known crime biologist Dr. Mark Benecke, godfather of the census, where you can also participate with the insect summer insect. Motto: “Observe, note in the app and report”.

Why this is so important is explained by NABU’s Managing Director Leif Miller: “Nearly 90 percent of all wild and cultivated plants worldwide rely on insect pollination, insects not only pollinate plants, they also feed birds, bats, lizards and frogs . “

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android


Pocket Read It Later
The Pocket Read Later service synchronizes collected content across all major platforms (Photo: Pocket)

Anyone who scrolls through many news and RSS feeds during the day, but hardly has the time to read in detail, of course wants to pick up the best for the end of the day. I’ve been using Pocket as a read-it-later service for years. The service has the advantage that it runs on a single account on all major platforms – iOS, Android, PC, macOS and if need be on Kindle Fire, Kobo, Windows Phone and the Web.

So I hold big texts during the day (first time) off the body and come back later in the evening. Currently, Pocket has added good new features with one of its regular updates:

You can now continue to read where you left off by simply clicking on the new “read aloud” button. In addition, there is now a single overview for tags and favorites. Especially hip content of your own stored content will now be highlighted more conspicuous. All of this helps to bring order to the reading collection. And sometimes something to delete. The other day in Pocket, fabulous 19,982 collected articles had accumulated. To read all of them, I would probably need a few years time …

Price: free / Pro features via in-app purchase

Download for iOS / Download for Android

LEAD shortlist

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

Dato: In the Mac menu bar I use Itsycal for a long time as a mini-calendar to unfold. With Dato, there is now a good alternative that is extremely convenient for those who need to juggle in their job with different time zones.

Price: free

for download – only for macOS

Warning Weather: The reliable app of the German Weather Service has finally added a modern icon, the Alpine weather report and new push functions with the new update.

Price: Basic version for free / Pro version 1.99 Euro

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Minit: Finally, a game tip for fast players. In this retro art game, each level takes a maximum of just one minute. Ideal for lunch in the office or waiting for the bus or the subway.

Price: 5.49 euros

Download for iOS / Download for Android

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