Hard to believe: These 20 products come from the 3D printer

1. Adidas makes a shoe out of it

Adidas presents with the Futurecraft 3D a special running shoe for athletes: The midsole is customized thanks to 3D printing individually to the personal damping needs. Soon it should be possible to analyze the running behavior in Adidas stores on the treadmill, then the custom-made shoe is simply printed.

1 Adidas Futurecraft Cr Adidas
The Adidas Futurecraft 3D (Image: Adidas)

2nd style nest: good finger (tip) feeling

The German company Stilnest relies on 3D printing to realize jewelery from the sketch to the launch within a few days. It is the world’s first publishing house for 3D designer jewelry. Fine materials such as fine polyamide and 925 silver in yellow or rose gold are processed.

2 Stilnest Cr style nest
Stilnest makes jewelry from the 3D printer (Image: Stilnest)

3. By Flow: art to eat

With its tasty idea, the Dutch company By Flow is targeting companies and event companies in particular: From logos to individual shapes, customers can have their own printed desserts and dishes. The 3D printer processes everything from avocado to chocolate to the customer’s menu.

3 By Flow Cr By Flow
The Dutch company By Flow prints desserts (Image: By Flow)

4th ZHAW: hands for the world

Conventional hand prostheses are very expensive. ZHAW students have therefore developed prosthetic modules that are also affordable for children in developing countries. They work without high tech and the parts come from the 3D printer. According to researchers from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the prototypes have proved themselves in initial tests.


4 Zhaw Cr Zhaw
The prototypes of the hand prosthesis have been proven in initial tests (Image: ZHAW)

5. Airbus: journey into the future

Airbus has introduced the world’s first motorcycle prototype from the 3D printer. In thousands of thin layers, the frame is printed layer by layer of metal powder. At 35 kilograms, the Light Rider is probably the lightest motorcycle in the world.

5 Light Rider Cr Airbus
The Light Rider weighs just 35 kilograms (Image: Airbus)

6. 3i-Print: Oldtimer meets future technology

In the development project 3i-Print, various companies have joined forces to print the front end structure of an old VW Caddy. The implementation of design, calculation and construction to construction took only nine months. The successful print of the functionally integrated structure demonstrates the potential of 3D printing in the automotive industry.

06 3I Print Vw Caddy Cr Apworks
Nine months has taken the development for the front end structure of the VW Caddy (Image: Apworks)

7. Youlittle: Take me for a ride, please

In a small cabin, 60 cameras take a 3D scan of their customers within seconds. A 3D printer forms a real object made of polymer gypsum layer by layer from this template. The figure is automatically dyed, hardened and subsequently treated with infiltrate during the process.

07 You Little Cr Youlittle
60 cameras are needed to print a figure (Image: Youlittle)

8. Youmawo: Extremely far-sighted

The eyewear by Youmawo are perfectly adapted to the nose of the customer. First, the face topography is measured using a 3D scanner, then the individual model comes out of the printer. A special polyamide fabric is processed, which is 30 percent lighter than conventional acetate and still a lot more resilient.

09 Youmawo Cr Youmawo
30 percent lighter than conventional acetate and still more resilient, the glasses from Youmawo (Image: Youmawo)

9. Chanel Perfumes Beauté: the trend in view

Eleven years ago, Chanel filed the patent for a 3D printed mascara brush – around 100 prototypes later, the time has finally come: In September 2018, the mascara Le Révolution Volume will be launched on the market. In addition to the manufacturing process, the innovation should also be in the micro cavities, which are supposed to dose the ink perfectly.

08 Chanel Cr Chanel Perfumes Beaute
After 100 prototypes, the mascara from the 3D printer will hit the market in September of this year (Image: Chanel Parfums Beauté)

10. BMW Motorrad: The slightly different spare parts warehouse

BMW Motorrad will equip more than 250 distribution partners with a permanently installed 3D printing system by 2019. This means that spare parts do not have to be requested, but can be printed directly on the spot. As the company says, the production of large components should be just as easily possible as complex details.

10 Bmw Motorcycle Cr Bmw Motorcycle
More than 250 sales partners have been equipped by BMW Motorrad with a 3D printing system (Image: BMW Motorrad)

11. Hans Boodt: No more time pressure

The Dutch company counts renowned fashion labels like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger or Lacoste among its customers. They all do not buy fabrics from Hans Boodt, but their mannequins. And they are now being produced in record time with the help of a 3D printer: the time frame from the idea to the prototype is one week – with the new technology, 90 percent of the production costs are saved.

11 Hans Boodt Cr Hans Boodt
From the idea to the prototype in just one week (Image: Hans Boodt)

12. Pixsweet: Everyone can have a bullet!

Individual ice cream prints the company Pixsweets. A promising business model? All! Among the customers of the Finns are big companies like Disney, H & M, Amazon and Google, who like to hand in branded snacks at events.

12 Pixsweet Cr Pixsweet
There is an individual ice cream from Pixsweet (Image: Pixsweet)

13. Areva: Well in motion

The Californian company has made the first 3D bicycle made of carbon fiber. Arevo wants to show the potential of the process by bicycle. 3D printing will be used for lightweight components with superior stability where designers would like to use carbon fibers but shy away from the high costs.

13 Arevo Cr Arevo
The first 3D carbon fiber bike (Image: Areva)

14. UC3M: Revolution of Emergency Medicine?

For the first time, scientists at the Carlos III University in Madrid (UC3M) have succeeded in printing functional, multi-layered, human skin. European authorities are currently reviewing the bioprinter so that it may be able to help patients with burns or other skin diseases in the future.

14 Uc3 M Cr Uc3M
The first functional multi-layered human skin was developed in Madrid (Image: UC3M)

15. Little Planet Factory: A Journey through the Galaxy

From Earth to Venus, astronomy fans can have their favorite planets printed in miniature at the London start-up Little Planet Factory. The company promises the most detailed implementation possible – from 200 to 10 millimeters.

15 Little Planet Factory Cr Little Planet Factory
Favorite planets in miniature format? The prints Little Planet Factory (Image: Little Planet Factory)

16. Synchronos: ahead of time

Synchronos is a young Californian start-up dedicated to making custom watches from the 3D printer. The technology makes it possible to make an accessory out of digitized data that is completely adapted to the customer.

16 Synchronos Alpha Cr Synchronos
Synchronos really makes individual watches (Image: Synchronos)

17. Local Motors: First autonomous bus

The bus “Olli” from Local Motors comes from the 3D printer and is currently being put through its paces by the Deutsche Bahn in Berlin. The minibus makes its rounds between two office complexes. According to Local Motors, 3D printing can reduce tool costs for the shuttle by 50 percent and reduce overall production time by up to 90 percent.

17 Olli Cr Local Motors
The minibus “Olli” cost 50 percent less thanks to 3D printing (Image: Local Motors)

18. Icon: Against worldwide housing shortage

The American start-up icon prints complete houses in just 24 hours. According to the company, the material and labor costs are below $ 4,000, which translates into less than € 3,400. Together with the non-profit organization “New Story”, Icon intends to print more than 100 houses in 2019 for the residents of El Salvador.

18 Icon Cr icon
In 24 hours the houses of the US start-up Icon (Image: Icon)

19. MX3D: A nice connection

The company MX3D has completed the first bridge from the 3D printer. The pedestrian bridge, 12.5 meters long and 4,500 kilograms, was built in six months. It will connect with each other via the two canal banks “De Wallen” in Amsterdam and will become the safest bridge in the city.

19 Mx3 D Cr Mx3D
The company MX3D prints the safest bridge in the city (image: MX3D)

20. Norsk Titanium: 3D printing takes off

The US aviation company Boeing built in its 787 Dreamliner aircraft in future components that are built with the 3D printer. The titanium parts are manufactured by the Norwegian company Norsk Titanium. According to Boeing, these are the first 3D-printed components that can withstand the airborne loads of the airframe.

20 Norsk Titanium Cr Titanium
Parts of the 3D printer can also be found in the Boeing 787 (Image: Titanium)
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