Best Apps of the Week – Part 22


Endel modes
Three modes in “Endel” should provide for relaxed Feelings after a hard Office day (Photo: App Store)

At Apple’s WWDC 2019, the world’s largest developer conference (June 3-6, 2019 in San Jose), Endel’s developers are also present. The Berlin start-up, founded in 2018, celebrated its premiere in the app stores with the children’s app BUBL. Meanwhile, the focus is on the fitness and health app Endel.

“Focus, Sleep, Relax”: With the help of sound tapestries to reduce the stress of the user and increase daily productivity. Doping for the ears: Endel makes use of this – in collaboration with neuroscientists – a special audio technology. The sounds are personalized using criteria such as location, time zone, weather and heartbeat of the user.

The app can initially be tested for free. If you like the basic version can be converted into a subscription that starts at 5.99 euros. 15,000 subscriptions have already been completed – a high quota for 300,000 iOS downloads alone.

Just the application has received an update again. A subscription can now be used on multiple devices. CEO and co-founder Oleg Stavitsky sees the iOS version as the “most important source of revenue”. No wonder, Apple “Endel” yet in 138 countries around the world the “App of the day”.

So if you want to leave the office after a hard day and come down, you can try out, if it works with “Endel” end (e) lich.

Price: Basic version for free / in-app purchases

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

Layer Up

We also stay relaxed with our next app: Layer Up is a puzzle, in which images must be put together like a mosaic. The whole thing takes place on up to five levels, which are still confused at the beginning of a level. Smart move is needed to find the solution.

The nice thing is that once you pay, you will be spared the entire game by advertising banners and in-app purchases. It’s just a pity that clever gamers have gone through the 40 levels in two to three hours. Let’s hope that the developers will submit more bonus levels by update in the future.

Price: 2.29 Euro for iOS / 2.09 Euro for Android

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

Official heroes

Official heroes scene
The official heroes playfully try to lower the unemployment rate (Photo: BfA)

The next app will take us to Posemuckel, previously unknown as the epicenter of digitization. The Federal Employment Agency enters “new territory” and surprises with a successful game for young people looking for work, who might like to be trained by the Federal Agency soon.

The sought help from the Berlin-based developer Mad about Pandas and for both iOS and Android, as well as for PC and macOS the simulation game “Official Heroes” tinkered, which should arouse the interest of young people. Why the kids do not pick up where they are sitting all day anyway: staring at the computer or on the smartphone.

The game as “part of a big job application campaign” makes you the manager or manager of a fictitious employment agency – there we have it – in Posemuckel.

Gamer learning to recruit and recruit jobs. If the job seekers are satisfied, there are many points. The goal, as in real life: satisfied customers and a falling number of unemployed.

It is official: The fact that the Federal Employment Agency is pursuing modern paths deserves applause. So authorities are Hero instead of Zero.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download Link for Android

for PC download / macOS download


Ulysses Split View I Pad
The new Ulysses update enables the two-part writing view on the iPad (Photo: App Store)

For years, I use Ulysses, a multi-award winning writer, on iPhone, iPad and Mac. The developers were exposed shortly after the introduction of their subscription model (instead of one-time purchase) numerous complaints and 1-star ratings in the App Store. The excitement has settled down again. Most users have realized: It can not be done without Ulysses if you are one of the prolific writers.

This week, the makers have again presented a good update. Bloggers can now also publish directly on the Ghost platform. The most important innovation, however: on the iPad, the split view is now possible. This allows two texts to be edited directly next to each other on the screen. This can be very helpful for translations, for example. The split simplifies navigation and scrolling. It is also possible to display a preview in one of the two app windows. So you get an immediate impression of what the exported text looks like.

For existing customers, the update is free.

Price: Basic version for free / subscription required

Download link for iOS / Download link for macOS


Riser App
Find like-minded people, plan routes: RISER is a modern community for bikers (Photo: App Store)

June 21st is the beginning of summer. So why not on the bike? Already the weather is perfect for excursions. The creators of RISER have integrated numerous useful functions into their community app for bikers:

Thus, the “Pack Ride” feature not only optimizes the group feel, but also allows the group to stay together as much as possible. If this is not the case, RISER informs its users about a notification. The feature can be tested for 30 minutes for free, only then a subscription fee is due.

The 360-degree motorcycle app also offers route planning, a personal driver’s log, a newsfeed and excursion tips from experts (“ambassadors”).

Price: Basic version for free / subscription for 1 month or 12 months (cheaper) bookable.

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

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