The Best Apps of the Week, Part 42

360 by Deezer

The music streaming service Deezer is always in the shadow of market leader Spotify and second-placed competitor Apple Music. Deezer always comes up with something new: that’s also true for the new Compagnion app 360 by Deezer. The application allows streaming music in Sony’s 360-reality audio format. Motto: “As real as if you were live at a concert or in the studio”. The 360 ​​subscription can be tested for 30 days for free. Then 19.99 euros per month for the use due. The advantage of the HiFi subscription is a significantly improved sound quality. A handful of 360-by-Deezer-optimized albums are already available to launch: including an “Experience 360” playlist with 24 sample titles, including: by Marvin Gaye, Britney Spears, Santana and Aerosmith. In addition, the new format includes nine “essential albums” selected by Deezer, including the eponymous “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. Important to know: No Sony headphones are needed for playback. The effects, which sound surprisingly good, can be easily reproduced on a headphone of your choice.

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Trello boards
The new Trello templates are introduced for 50 million registered users (Graphic: Trello)

The project management app Trello has been around for seven years. The influx remains enormous: it was in March 2019 still 35 million users, Trello has recently reached the record of 50 million users. On this occasion, the business accounts are upgraded with new templates, for example for product planning. Normal users are given templates for the standardization of the boards. Trello will also integrate the new Butler automation tool into paid and free boards. In addition, there are design corrections to improve the clarity and ease of use even further. The company also relies on machine learing. In the future, new actions will be proposed for the board. The AI ​​learns and becomes, according to Trello, over time smarter and more relevant. Already in the spring, Trello, which can integrate apps like Google Drive, Dropbox or Slack via its API, had significantly upgraded Trello Enterprise, among others. with new visibility settings and compliance certifications. New since October: Trello co-operates with Post-it from 3M. In the Trello board you can transform up to 200 sticky notes into individual cards.

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Nike Run Club

If you work a lot, you need a balance: I, for example, jog several times a week. From now on, my rounds are recorded in even more detail: Nike has the running app Nike Run Club in connection with the release of watchOS 6.1 donated a standalone Apple Watch App. That was overdue. Because now the fitness program can be used without the iPhone on the clock. After the install, the app is initially personalized. Questions are asked about the activity and the state of health. Once you’ve granted access to the location data, you’re ready to go. Nike Run Club enables GPS tracking or audio-guided runs with Nike experts and Nike athletes. In addition to coaching plans and achievements, which you receive for successful completed runs, there are also rankings. All data can be shared with friends.

Price: free

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Almost touching, Feral Interactive takes care of its classic game Tropico, the city-building hit that gamers around the world have loved for years – even on their desktops. The mobile versions are also getting upgraded – since 2018 there is also a version for smartphones, not just for tablets. The fresh update deserves a mention once again: With the “Absolute Power” expansion, ten new missions will be added on ten of its own islands, with no additional costs for existing customers, and the gameplay will be extended for free Presidente you raise unknown resources, use your power and create a terrific future for the inhabitants of an underdeveloped Caribbean island Political, entertaining, debauchery – that’s why this economic simulation is recommended to any gamer, even on older devices like the iPhone SE can be gambled.

Price: 12,99 Euro

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LEAD shortlist

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

Spotify Kids: The market leader in music streaming continues to specify itself. For the time being only in Ireland Spotify has now brought “Spotify Kids” in the App Store. All 6000 music content has been manually curated by experts. An expansion into other European countries after the most successful test phase is the goal.

Norman’s Night In: Ideal for fans of physics jigsaw puzzles! In the mobile port of the award-winning game you shoot the protagonist like a slingshot.

Price: 2.29 euros

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Paste by WeTransfer: The app can be used to make chic presentations. You can add photos, videos and more to the slides. The application takes care of formatting on its own.

Price: Free basic / in-app subscription ($ 8 / month) with unlimited decks and custom colors and fonts.

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