Why podcasts need to become more digital

Among other things, in my last column I called for podcast formats to evolve. And apart from talk, reportage, radio play, feature and documentation.

I “demanded” the formats already known from radio nicht mix again, reassemble and then bring the result as a podcast at the start. The goal must, in my opinion, be new, digital, innovative and intuitive or interactive formats.

We are in 2019! It should be possible to create something that goes beyond a podcast with different storytellers, storylines and Co.!

Criticism is not necessary

And before anyone feels “attacked” and wants to send me countless counterexamples: I do not bash podcasts, colleagues and their formats. Not at all! All these formats have their justification, their fans and enthusiastic makers in the background, who are there with a lot of passion and passion. And that’s good! I’m not unaware either of these podcasts and their approaches. But – to put it bluntly: This is not about here.


It’s about corporate podcasts

Why? Because I only use corporate podcastsspeak! So podcasts whose sender brands, products or companies.

This note should not really be necessary, after all, this column appears in a medium that deals with digital trends and marketing. But it does not seem to have arrived at all and: sure is for sure.

Voicetrend without podcasts?

In all activities at the corporate level, the customer is always the focus. Everything goes out of him. The goal must be to provide value-added relevance and, at best, problem-solving for him. It is therefore “thought of the customer”. This is not really new these days and should be known everywhere. And yet: podcasts are reminiscent of “the old days” – the radio.

In my view, this does not do justice to the medium in any way. We are currently experiencing a trend towards audio, smart speakers and the widest range of interaction options via voice. But all that is not taken into account Audio Format the hour: the podcast. How can that be?

The “generation headphones” consume audio as always and everywhere. As the name implies, i.a. via headphones. More and more often using Bluetooth headphones, which means the smartphone (the most popular podcasts player) does not even have to be taken out of the bag to interact with. Because it goes via voice!

So why should not you also be able to interact via voice with an audio medium, the podcast, in 2019?

Podcasts on Smart Speaker

Let’s stay with a concrete usage situation: listening to podcasts via Smart Speaker. Why do I have, when I’ve heard the podcast over, for example, the shoutotes, back to the smartphone and dig through my fingers and display through the show notes? Why is not that possible via Voice and Smart Speaker Skill – or more concretely: Why does not anyone (yet) offer it? Technically feasible, as experts have assured me.

My call for more courage and new formats expressly includes incorporating all the new, wonderful digital tools and capabilities we have at our disposal. We just have to think it through, adapt and reapply.

Podcasts and Voice Controlled Ads

Another exciting field of application for podcasts, in my opinion, is “Voice Controlled Ads”. But not in the context of advertising, but as added value for the listeners. Inspired by a guest post by Maximilian Simon in W & V Online I came up with the following ideas: Could not this technique also be used for podcasts? For example, by keyword, to provide information in the podcast? Or is there an option to personalize the podcast, to offer new storylines within the format? In short: Let the listener decide how to proceed?

That would be direct, immediate interaction with the format, the brand and / or the company. Real added value and real relevance could arise from the customer’s point of view. And the increasing desire to be personalized, personalized as well.

The possibilities are there

The good news is that basically everything can be realized. With a few technical limitations, but to solve them is, as so often, only a matter of time. Especially since it is not about to offer a final result at this point and above all it should not be about “why something is not working”!

But it’s all about possibilities and ideas on how listeners / listeners can be picked up in the respective usage situation and how they can be bound more strongly to the format and thus to the brand and the company. It is about adapting techniques and possibilities in order to generate new experiences.

This costs money and requires the courage to question and try things off the beaten path. But in my opinion, this effort is essential.

Because: An audio format without auditory interaction is in my eyes like a schnitzel without fries. It does not taste as good as it could!

Stephan Schreyer advises companies on the subject of audio and podcasts. For the audio apostle, strategy and concept are the measure of all things.

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