Hardly anyone knows the most successful brand on Instagram

No brand is currently as successful on Instagram as Fashion Nova from Los Angeles. With an army of influencers, celebrity support and clever Instagram strategies, it has become one of the most wanted brands on the planet. We show how Fashion Nova became a viral brand with over 13 million Instagram subscribers (as of 06.09.2018).

“Fashion Nova is the fastest growing women’s clothing company,” says founder Richard Saghian. In 2006, he opened his first clothing store in a mall near Los Angeles. But until 2013 Fashion Nova is simply a business of many. Then Saghian gets tired of online stores selling much more of the same products than he does in his stores. In order to get people on his planned e-commerce site, he decides even then to put completely on Instagram. “I had 60,000 followers before I put the online shop live,” says Saghian. “I kept pushing the start because I did not think it was going well.” Today, according to the founder, millions of site visitors visit Fashion Nova every month.

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The online-shop of Fashion Nova (Picture: Screenshot Fashion Nova)

The company sells cheap goods (most of them cost less than $ 50) all over the world. At the first glance at the website, the target group becomes clear: young women (16 to 35) with curves. Especially the jeans for $ 35 with a high stretch content are a bestseller, in the range Fashion Nova has everything from underwear to evening dress


Early stars on board

Richard Saghian calls Fashion Nova itself a viral brand. The huge Instagram successes he has due to thank viral stars. At the forefront is US rapper Cardi B. She now has nearly 30 million Instagram followers and is something of the fashion influencer of Fashion Nova. “She bought from us even before her music career,” says Saghian to Paper Magazine. “I worked with her in 2014 or 2015. Since she was just a social media personality with really good content. “The successful rapper has already mentioned several times Fashion Nova in her millions heard songs and is working on a separate collection for the brand, which is scheduled to launch in October

Cardi B claims to be getting $ 20,000 a month from Fashion Nova to point out the fire on their social channels. Other stars who use the company as an influencer, should still be significantly more expensive. The current superstar of the scene, Kylie Jenner (112 million Instagram fans), has already posted several posts in fashion nova clothing and mentioned the brand. A contribution of three months ago comes to more than 5.2 million likes and 150,000 comments. “A post from Kylie’s side is better than a Super Bowl spot,” says Saghian. A contribution from her, according to his estimate for $ 50,000 sales value, branding is added. How much Fashion Nova pays for influencers of this caliber is not known. According to the Instagram tool Hopper HQ, a post from Kylie Jenner costs a million dollars. Other well-known faces that promote the brand are Amber Rose, Kourtney Kardashian and Nicki Minaj

Turn every customer into an influencer

Founder Saghian speaks of a network of 3,000 influencers who sometimes have much smaller follower numbers than the largest fish in the portfolio. These are usually simply “paid” with free products in exchange for a post. In addition, Fashion Nova has managed to educate its own customers to become influencers. The company promises that customers who take photos in their clothes and mark the Instagram page of Fashion Nova in their own post, get the chance to appear on the Instagram page of the company. “Everyone wants to be a celebrity in social media,” says Saghian. “Every day we land around 1,000 direct messages in the mailbox. Most are from Nova Babes who ask, ‘Hey, can we work together?’ “” Nova Babes calls the brand its fans. The hashtag #NovaBabe currently has over 400,000 posts on Instagram

“For models and influencers, it can be extremely profitable to appear on our Instagram page,” says the founder of Fashion Nova. According to the InfluencerDB analysis tool alone, more than 12,000 Instagram users considered to be influencers have mentioned the brand in their posts since the beginning of the year. It is estimated that just 700 of them have been paid. These third-party posts alone would have generated nearly 612 million likes. Fashion Nova gets so unpaid mega-reach in exchange for the promise on the very large range for smaller influencers. From the point of view of the brand certainly not a bad deal

Every 30 minutes a post

Saghian and his team have focused all marketing and branding on Instagram. Every 30 minutes a new post lands on the platform. The garments are called “After The Sun Goes Down Dress”, “Bonnie High Rise Pants” or “Night Cap Set”. Under each post then appears the request: “Search:” and then the name of the clothes shown. On IGTV, Instagram’s new video format, Fashion Nova broadcasts commercials with its latest products and behind-the-scenes material from photo shoots. According to founder Saghian, his company achieves three to four billion impressions per month.

According to the analysis tool Similar Web comes the website of Fashion Nova on nearly 14 million visits per month. Sales in 2017 should have been at about 400 million US dollars, at the time already worked over 600 people for the company.

Ultra-fast fashion

But the brand is not only dependent on Instagram for marketing purposes. According to founder Saghian, his team watches every day on what stars wear on red carpets and in their free time to produce the styles cost-effectively. Instagram is no longer necessary for the new catwalk and fashion shows. His design and purchasing department works with over 1,000 manufacturers on the products. In summer, the company produces 80 percent of clothing in Los Angeles, 80 percent overseas in the colder months. He could get product examples from the local production within 24 hours, after 48 hours the parts were ready to be photographed on models. 600 new garments would put Fashion Nova on sale per week. How good the quality of such products is at the end, is an open question. Again and again there is criticism for the cheap style. Of course, the company is not alone in the competitive fast-fashion market.

“It’s important to have so many styles on offer because our users post so much and always need new clothes. We do not want the girls to appear in the club with the same outfit. So we need 50 different denim jackets and not just one, “says Saghian. Fashion Nova sends the products all over the world, who lives in a radius of 40 kilometers around Los Angeles, gets his shopping within a day. He does not sell on Amazon, because firstly, it is not necessary and second, because no customer wants to tell, she has the new pants from Amazon.

Now Fashion Nova wants to build up a worldwide sales network and open up additional target groups. The new “Fashion Nova Curve” brand with fashion for women with even more curves than the original target group and “Fashion Nova Menswear” for men was already obvious. The start seems to have succeeded. Fashion Nova Curve already has nearly two million Instagram subscribers, the men’s brand at least 766,000. According to founder Saghian, the Curve brand is the fastest growing oversize brand in the world.

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