Thank God, it’s Black Friday

The traders rub their hands, the cash registers ring: Thank God, it’s Black Friday. That’s how it was in 2017 and that’s how it will be on Friday, November 23, 2018. After all, customers buy as if they never make deals again.

Where does Black Friday come from?

Like so much: from the USA. The Friday after Thanksgiving, many Americans use for a day at the bridge, where they buy their first Christmas gifts.

The traders have made the so-called Black Friday, which runs from Friday to the following Monday and also begins days before. Last Monday, the “Cyber ​​Monday Week” started on Amazon.

Why are people so crazy about bargains?

“Bargain comes from snap. We used to pick up rabbits, today flat-screen TVs, “explained behavioral scientist Hans-Georg Häusel recently at Spiegel Online. “We think, dear, today is discount day. Then our hunting instinct begins. “Houses refer to the bargain hunt as” inner greed. Discounts turn off the cerebrum, and man becomes a beast “.


What are the sales on Black Friday?

Since 2005, searches on Google for the terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday” exploded. For the first time, the market researchers at RetailMeNot calculated that Black Friday revenues exceeded one billion US dollars in 2016.

The Black Friday is almost as important as the traditional Christmas business in December. As early as 2017, a study by Marktplatz-KIX, ECC Köln and eBay showed that 43 percent of retailers expect the highest sales in the first half of December, but already 38 percent (plus 7 percent) anticipated Cyber ​​Week the biggest turnover.

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When does Black Friday start?

Officially on Friday, November 23rd. But actually he is already started. For years, Amazon has traditionally been known for its early start. Already since last Monday runs on the sides of the on-line dealer the so-called “Cyber ​​Monday week”.

Every five minutes there are thousands of new supposed deals. The Amazon promotion runs until Monday, the day after the Black Friday weekend.

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Which dealers are still participating?

Actually, every known technology chain or every known accessory provider has offers in the program. Because there is always court dispute over the trademark rights on Black Friday, many traders trick and name their actions around the Black Friday slightly modified. Black Friday, Black Week, White Week, Red Friday – everything is Black Friday, no matter what the motto.

Which deals are there?

The red pencil is not only used for accessories, but also for many well-known gadgets. From Smart Home, for example, Philips Hue, Ring or Blink, to tablets, smartphones, laptops and monitors everything is supposedly “best price” in the displays of the online store shelves.

Can I really save on Black Friday?

Many offers are actually available at a special price. But not all. Dealers are happy to sell older generations of devices as a great deal, but there is already a new and improved version of the product.

Every year (and so this time) warn the consumer centers that providers like to quote the non-binding price recommendation of the provider as a comparison price. This EIA sounds particularly high, but in most cases is outdated. EIAs fall just a short time in the technology market, after a product has come on the market.

So do not be fooled by such a “sensational” price comparison. The consumer center NRW calculated namely: On Black Friday are promised on average discounts of 50 percent. In fact, the real discount is just under 20 percent.

How do I keep track of real bargains on the bulk of deals?

If you have discovered a deal, you should not close it immediately. Before, a countercheck should definitely be made. Prices can best be compared in free price search engines such as,, or

Only then do you see if a bargain is really delivered at the best price.

What are still popular tricks for me to buy quickly?

Do not be fooled by deal countdowns on supply pages. Even though it says the offer ends in a few minutes, it is usually just a trick by traders to generate even faster sales in the shortest possible time. A few hours later, the same deals reappear at the same “save” price.

Another trick: A supply page suggests a limited number of pieces (“Attention, there are only 100 pieces of this iPhone”). Mostly a feint. Another 100 iPhones will be sold in the afternoon – and another 100 in the evening …

Also on shipping costs you should pay attention. A great deal does not help, if the shipping costs are extremely high (or the delivery time into the new year is enough, because the provider does not have the deal in stock).

In general, buy with known traders rather than unknown, of which you have never heard.

And if I buy something on Black Friday, which I later regret, can I exchange it?

The experts of explain: “When shopping online, there is a fourteen-day right of withdrawal. Some dealers are even so accommodating and take back the goods up to 30 days after purchase. Such a lengthy right of return is particularly important on Black Friday, if the Christmas present does not arrive well. The legal deadline for return has expired by Christmas Eve. ”

Is it smart to go bargain hunting on Black Friday and Christmas?

Not really. If you do not give away Christmas anyway and do not even need anything right now, just wait until after Christmas.

You’ll be amazed at how low the prices are around January and February, when the holiday-free months come and dealers are forced to make as much revenue as possible.

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